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PlayBike - a term which can be applied in a variety of contexts, that can apply for instance to the recent explosion of the Track Day phenomena, as well as a broader term for the fun and excitement value of Motorcycling in general.

PlayBike emphasises and highlights the fun and 'play' aspect of Motorcycling, showing that primarily motorcycles are an exciting and vibrant form of recreation. Latterly, as leisure motorcycling and the 'Track Day' have increased in popularity, the term has evolved among road and track riders to describe a particular type of machine and the manor in which it is used, combined with the attitudes of the riders, to represent the enjoyment of the motorcycling experience as a whole.

In recent years, the term playbike has also been in use, mainly in North America, to describe smaller off-road type motorcycles (usually sub 250cc). The bikes are primarily for recreational use, but they are also raced in various forms in the USA. The term is used in a similar context to that of PlayBike, evoking the idea of fun and recreation, though the term's use is more strictly confined to relating specifically to the machine rather than encompassing any wider meaning described earlier.

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