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note to self: test unicode editing in various versions of opera.

I thought it was time I introduced myself, so here goes:

I'm Peter Green, 21 years old, and about to start studying the third year of Electronic Systems Engineering.

When I joined the department was part of UMIST, however that has since merged with the Victoria University of Manchester to form the University of Manchester.

I am an admin of the small IRC network p10link.

I am maintainer of the IRC services bewareserv.

I have designed a usb pic programmer called the picsquirt

My personal homepage can be found at

On wikis where I haven't bothered to create a login (or where I have but am not logged in for some reason) you may see me from one of the following IPs:

  • IPs that are definitely me (within the times given)
    • My home ADSL. (sometime pre 2004 to aug-21-2005)
    • My home ADSL. (aug-21-2005 to present)
    • My university room (September 2004 to july 2005)

I forgot to record the IP i had in my university room between september 2005 and july 2006 sorry.

I also sometimes edit from university labs and through my isps proxies (which sometimes seem more reliable than direct connection go figure), but tracking down those edits would be a pain.

editing stuff[edit]

dual image callout

Europlug and a suitable non-earthed socket