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If I have adopted you through Adopt a user, here are some tasks I would like for you to complete in order to graduate. There are 6 required task, and a few optional ones. You don't have to do any of the optional tasks, but required ones are required for graduation. I have categorized the optional ones so that you can know whether you wish to look at them. After you have completed all the required tasks, I will monitor your contributions for a while and drop in to give you tips and suggestions. Even after you have completed the course, you can always ask me questions. Please tell me when you complete each task

Required tasks[edit]

Optional tasks[edit]

  • Igloo (vandalism, tools)


  1. For completing your fist task, you will receive an award of first success.
  2. For completing all the required tasks, you will receive the The Exemplary Adoptee Barnstar.
  3. For completing the entire program, you will receive the The Adoptee Graduation Barnstar.