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About Poggs[edit]

Poggs is a purveyor of bad jokes, geek, commuter and icon of sensibility.

Joke skills[edit]


Geek skills[edit]


After ditching his old telephone provider, he fiddled with Asterisk, an Open Source PBX, and ended up buying serveral Cisco IP Phones. It is reported he can connect remotely to his home network and pick up his voicemail.


He started with Slackware Linux in the mid 1990s, briefly trying RedHat before settling on Debian in the early 21st century. He is known to run KDE and write his own monitoring scripts using rrdtool and PHP.


Primarily Cisco-related, he has set up far too many VPNs, firewalls, Internet connections, Local Area Networks and management systems than he can count. He is not certified but plans to back up his experience with courses at some time in the next fifty years.


Poggs has clocked up an obscene number of miles on various train routes around the United Kingdom, going as far as London to Wick by overnight sleeper train, stopping off for a cup of tea, then travelling back.

He is a sympathetic commuter, remaining calm in a crisis of any magnitude. "There will always be another train soon, and if there's not - what's the worst that could happen?"