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'Sup. I'm Pogs.

                      +|oo |+
                      +|oo |+
                    __  |_|
                    \ \ |_|
                     | \|_| __
                     |  | |/ /                         WIP
                     |  [ ]  |                     |          |
                    /   | | * \                    |          |
                   (    [~] *. )                   \          /
                    \_________/                     \________/

Basses are awesome. (so are banjos)

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Ms. xxxxxxxxxxx Response to theme of lord of the flies 4/10/07

Golding’s theme in lord of the flies is that you shouldn’t ever get caught. This is because when Jack was chasing Ralph to his death, Jack was caught by a naval officer and who knows what happened to him, but instantly the officer had assumed that people had died. This leads too many lawsuits, all of which I do not want to get into at the moment. Another good example of not wanting to get caught is when Jack is out hunting when he should have been watching the fire, and the fire goes out because no one is watching the fire. Unluckily enough for Jack, a ship came by at the same time, and Ralph found out about Jacks shenanigans. Ralph got very angry at jack, and this also led to stricter rules on the island, which leads to higher tensions between the hunters, and the homemakers (Ralph, Piggy, Samneric, and the rest of Ralph’s posse (at the moment Simon’s off doing his own thing)) which leads to Jack making his own tribe, which leads to 2 deaths and the capture of Samneric, which leads to complete chaos. This theme has taught me a lot in the fact that repercussions can and will happen if you get caught, and that it is just easier to not do it at all in the first place. You also do not want to get caught, because knowing society nowadays, there will be a lot of lawsuits, and it is not worth hiring a lawyer over.