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Attention! There is no RPOTD for today!!

Please [[create one!]]

Welcome to the Random Picture of the Day. The reason this exists, is to have non-featured images be recognized. All of the images are put up voluntarily.

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How to contribute[edit]

Anybody can put a picture here. All you have to do is pick a day for your picture and create a subpage using the box below. When you click "Create a new day", the edit box will be automatically filled out for you. For all the templates available so far, see Category:RPOTD templates. All you have to do is fill in the parameters. (Note that the only mandatory parameters are the "image", "user", and "subject" ones). But DO NOT USE FAIR USE (NON-FREE, COPYRIGHTED) IMAGES, e.g. TV & movie screeshots, corporate logos, etc. Be sure to add the day you create here or else someone may try to use it for their picture.

Ex: User:Presidentman/potd/16 March 2018

How to use[edit]

If you want to put the potd on your page, all you have to do is put {{User:Presidentman/potd/template}} or {{RPOTD}} on there, and it will automatically make the picture for the day. If you want to have it show your picture forever, put {{User:Presidentman/potd/DD Month YYYY}}. Replace "DD Month YYYY" with the day your picture will be on.


This is a list of people who just want to help out. You don't have to be a participant to add pictures. The "voluntary job" is a job chosen by the user to do various maintenance tasks. Currently, the "jobs" are: none.

name notes
Master of Puppets (talk)
Linuxerist (talk)
Srikeit (talk)
FellowWikipedian (talk)
ILovePlankton (talk)
the_ed17 (talk)
Airforceguy (talk)
Osbus (talk)
Gangsta-Easter-Bunny (talk)
Go for it! (talk)
Sceptre (talk)
KeybladeSephi (talk)
Presidentman (talk) Former Patricknoddy
Dtbohrer (talk)
Blacksmith2 (talk)
Unisouth (talk)
odhfan_01 (talk)
Secret Saturdays (talk)
Mdann52 (talk)
Willy Weazley (talk)




Rpotdlogo.png This user is a member of the Random picture of the day.

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  • Stats: Today is 16 March 2018. There is not a RPOTD for today but not for tomorrow, but not for the day after.

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What the {{User:Presidentman/potd/template}} template looks like[edit]