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T. DeMon Spencer adapted the moniker “Frank Privlidge” as a way to reinvent himself. The word “privilege” was misspelled on purpose as a way to stand out whenever a potential fan does a Google search to find his music. That alone is a testament to his savvy marketing skills, and his clever creativity. Frank grew up in a very small town on the coast of North Carolina. He started to show an interest in music very early in life. He wrote his first song at the age of 6 with his cousin Terrell. They later formed their own hip hop group as a way to entertain themselves during the summer because there wasn't much to do in the small town they lived in. Although his cousin moved out of state at the age of 12, Frank never stopped writing. He did not let his young age hinder his ambition, and groups like Kris Cross and ABC only fueled his determination to break into the music biz. By the time he enrolled at East Carolina University, he finally became focused enough to record a whole album of original material. His father believed in his son's talent, so he gave Frank enough money to buy some home studio equipment. Writing and producing was a great distraction from the inner turmoil he was going through at the time. Music became his escape, and his therapy. Coming to grips with his sexuality added more depth to his lyrics. Frank felt that his ambition to become a hip hop artist would never work if he decided to “come out” and live his life openly as an African American gay male. The culture of hip hop is known for being misogynistic and extremely homophobic. He struggled with those conflicting worlds hoping to find an answer or an easy solution. He wanted to be known as a rapper who happens to be gay, instead of “a gay rapper”. How would the fans of hip hop react to having a gay rapper. Many people told him if he wants a career in music, then it would be wise for him to stay in the closet. Through that whole situation, he continued to write and record. He sough inspiration from the artist he grew up on, admired, and respected, like Biggie, 8 Ball & MJG, UGK, The Ghetto Boys, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Timbaland, Missy, Lil' Kim, Fabolous, Three Six Mafia, Juvenile, Gangsta Boo, Out Kast, just to name a few. It became less and less important to gain acceptance from a music genre that would never willfully give it to him. So he kept writing and kept recording strictly for the love of the music and the culture. If Frank was going to get respect from hip hop, he was going to have to take it by force, by any means necessary. His journey to change hip hop, has given him a voice. It remains to be seen weather fans can put their prejudice aside, and listen to his music without bias... but either way, Frank Privlidge will live and die for hip hop, and no one can stop him from doing what he loves. T. DeMon Spencer's Official Website T. DeMon Spencer's blog