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My username is programming gecko because, first, I am a programming student (soon to be a professional programmer) and, second, because I think geckos are cool (although if I actually encountered one in real life I might think differently; I am not big on reptiles). This page is just a random collection of information gathered mostly for my own amusement.

Who am I?[edit]

The userboxen know!

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St. Thomas Aquinas.
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John Gower world Vox Clamantis detail.jpg This user realizes that educated people from the Middle Ages already thought that the Earth was spherical.
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Programming skills[edit]

I am most familiar with Java and C, but am also fairly familiar with various assembly languages, C++, JavaScript, Python and Scheme; there are various other languages which I have had occasion to use, and could probably pick up reasonably quickly if the need arises.

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