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Australian SF critic and editor, and have been for approximately 20 years.

Long Version, NPOV and perceived COI[edit]

I am Russell B. Farr and, among other things I am involved with, am involved with Ticonderoga Publications.

I'm here to contribute information that will improve the quality of Australian science/speculative fiction related pages, as well as other pages I feel I can contribute to.

I am aware of Wikipedia's policies and guidelines and I will abide by them.

Where perceived WP:COI occurs, I welcome discussion about this on both my talk page and on the article's talk page. I am fully aware of and abide by WP:LUC. I would also like to refer to WP:COI "Subject and culture sector professionals", and appreciate that whether I like it or not, I do possess professional and academic expertise in Australian SF.

(As an aside, I'd suggest to anyone thinking that I may "you expect to derive monetary or other benefits or considerations from editing Wikipedia" may not have the best understanding of what is involved in independent publishing. I believe that the late Charles N. Brown said that the best way to make a small fortune in independent press is to start with a large one.)

Wherever possible, my edits will reflect the pillar of Neutral Point of View. I am here to increase knowledge, in good faith, not promote any single POV or organisation.

I welcome other wikipedians reviewing any and all edits I make for NPOV and notability. While I may get enthusiastic about defending the notability of Australian SF writers, please assume good faith in this.

I am not here to control what is said about Australian SF, I am here to create and present what I and many others know in a Neutral POV. I believe that I can do this while abiding by the guidelines set forth under WP:COI.

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