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Spelling and Pronunciation[edit]

qazwiz (note the non capitalized first letter) is pronounced KWAHZ-wiz (wiz is short for wizard)

Who is QAZWIZ?[edit]

qazwiz is the dominant nick name used by a computer "geek"/fan that has been a computer user since 1979 (TRS-80 aka Trash-Eighty) and thus longs for good OOPS implementations of CoBOL and ForTran (LOL)


qazwiz originally wanted to use qwerty as a nickname but found more and more people using it. Not liking the form of "QWERTY-changing number" for various locations, another nom-de-plume was desired. since qwerty ran hotizontally qazwiz tried the vertical, coming up with "qaz" (and no capitalization) but that was WAY too short so took friends and relatives comments of "computer wizard" to add "wiz" creating "qazwiz"


While he has made dozens of "hello World!" and Biorythm programs over the years to learn the basics of numerous computer languages and flavors of assembly language, his first useful programming project took the PR1ME library sub-calls that returned useful information back to the calling program and used ForTran to compile them into a Library so that CoBOL, which does not allow direct access to passed information, can access the information the sub-routines returned to their calling programs. While this did not eliminate using Black boxes in CoBOL programs, for the most part the black boxes became transparent via the procedures that could now replaced normal black box programs.

This was implemented by using ForTran to make a similar library of subroutines but each passed an extra variable which was of the type returned by the subroutines counter-part in both ForTran and ASM and thus contained the information desired by the calling program. The library used a unique but easily recognized prefix ("$$") so each of the subroutines which PR1ME prefixed with a single "$" could easily be paired with the function of the sub-call. While the extra information was useless if the subroutine function returned a success/fail notice (CoBOL never sees a result until the routine succeeds) all subroutines could then be used directly in CoBOL eliminating the need to use another language and compile a separate program with limited or even no commenting for some functions of the programs.

While this was less efficient than doing sub-calls to specialized modules (which often were without adequate comments) This did eliminate the spaghetti searches subsequent programmers would need to update the code as they no longer needed to look elsewhere to see what "black box" sub-calls were doing. Instead the procedures had all information present as the routine calls usually were self descriptive through both call-name and variables-names (although the ref-guides of the standard sub-routines, supplied by PR1ME, might need to be referenced, one didn't need to do so after first running around looking for the source code of the different "black box" routines using the info passed but accessible only though secondary languages)


In my leisure time you might find me on Gielinor Where i hunted penguins until a Time Warp sent me back in time about 7 years where i usually am stuck now days crafting and adventuring in a frozen year of time

also, an editor on the RS07 Wiki

qazwiz's shortcomings[edit]

heading describes a list too long for INTERNET access but one major one is procrastination and thus will likely be a long time before this short user page gets an update

Boy, was that an under statement :D --Qazwiz (talk) 08:11, 13 April 2014 (UTC) Less than a year to return, wow, that's lightning speed for me LOL qazwiz (talk) 01:12, 23 March 2015 (UTC) now about four months... wow at this rate, when i check back in a couple years I'll end up returning yesterday :P Qazwiz (talk) 00:24, 20 July 2015 (UTC)

finally did the editing tutorial[edit]