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This guy not an expert. I am just a research consultant. That is a fancy way of saying I work for clients who send me queries. Answers require as little work as just going to a wiki or in-depth research on the internet, in person, at home or around the world. Because I often have to run down various sources of information I use wikipedia as a jump point. I find it in my best interest if the articles are neutral, up to date and include as much citation as possible. I used to only edit articles anonymously. Most of my edits are still in place with a few exceptions. After reading several articles that were obviously edited by someone with a great deal of bias, I presume working for a company that would benefit from these edits, I decided that I needed to be a bit more forthright in my editing and let people know who I am. I also decided to write this little blurb about myself because I know no one reads these. If you finish my blurb, email me, you win a prize.