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Hello my name is Deidra. I would like to tell everyone about myself.

Some things about me[edit]

I live in New Jersey and I enjoy the shore of New Jersey because I think that New Jersey has the best beaches and definitely the best boardwalks and amusment parks like Six Flags. Some of my interests include videogames such as Resident Evil, Mario, Metal Gear Solid, The legend of Zelda, Black Ops, and soooooo many others. I also like weapons. I don't like large knives though. Knives freak me out! It's kinda like a phobia. I do like daggers though. I like swords as well even though they make my stomach twist with fear. The first time I saw a real gun was when my cousin got his lisence for one because he's being a police officor. Ever since that moment I liked learning about guns and different types of guns. Now I'm practically an expert at identitifying them.I'm also German, Irish, French and Porto Rican

Cool dagger!

My career for the future[edit]

I would love to be an F.B.I agent or a videogame director. I think it's so awesome to be a videogame tester as well. I think the place that I went to that excited me the most was N. Y. C. C. (new york comic-con).

20 (21) things I want to do before I die[edit]

1. I want to go to Azores. Where my mom is from.

2. I want to swim in the beautiful, turquious waters of California.

3. I want to spend my New Years Eve in Time Square.

4. I want to say, "my back isn't crooked.

5. I want to say, "I have a college degree for directing and criminal justice."

6. I want to sing in front of a crowd at a karaoke place.

7. I want to learn how to play the amazing sounds from a violin.

8. I want to mix dubstep with classical music.

9. I want to see Linkin Park in concert.

10. I want to see Florence and the Machine in concert.

11. I want to say, "I survived Middle School".

12. I want to see my little cousin recover from her disorder.

13. I want to have my own booth at Comic-con for writing creepy and actiony novels.

14. I want to go paragliding off a small mountain.

15. I want to make 20 million dollars so I can donate part of it to charity and children's hospitals.

16. I want to go to see my friends after high school.

17. I want to make sure my family is okay.

18. I want to go on a videogaming rampage and host a Black Ops Zombies contest to see who knows the story best and who plays best. (I can already do this)

19. I want to stand up to the bully at school.

20. I want to make it to dance the night away at a club (already did this) but I want the food to be better.

21. I want to say, "I did all 20 of these things throughout my life."