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Radec is Christopher Watson. Author of SkyGX, a next-generation all-sky atlas, and The International Variable Star Index, a Web-accessible database of variable star parameters.

Prior to his lengthy career involvement with computers, Christopher studied as a journalist and graphic designer, and ran a small design firm that produced corporate identities and various publications. As a radio personality in his home town, he produced several music magazine programs for air. He was also partner in an audio production facility in Northern California, where he engineered and produced recordings for pop music acts (including his own bands), radio and television. He has worked as a software engineer in the retail consumer software market (Aldus Corporation), computer gaming (Disney Interactive), direct-to-schools educational software (Lightspan), and as a independent consultant, designing on-line enterprise systems and Web sites.

Christopher currently resides in San Diego, California, and by day is a Sr. Web Applications Developer for Anderson Travel Group. He is formerly an officer of the San Diego Astronomy Association, and an American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) member, where he is active on the Chart Team and Comparison Star Database Working Group. He also recently joined The NGC/IC Project to produce new finder charts for all the objects in that project's database. He enjoys sharing views of the Moon and planets through his telescope with his wife of 12 years, Holly, and his two children, Heidi and Karl.