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This user has left the once great WP due to the mob rule mentality and the pervasive and unassailable bias that permeates the site generally, and on liberal talking points and pet subjects specifically. The rampant paranoia and self-destructive attitudes of the admins and their pet editors have ruined WP to the point the entire colleges and universities are declaring cites to WP to be invalid research. On the other hand, I would imagine that a doctoral essay in sociology studying the group mentality here at WP would probably be well received.

That said, this is the second time I have blanked this page and resigned from WP. This time, however, I am keeping a running record of my actions as a flash movie and some screen shots to prove that the admins cannot even keep their bias and paranoia out of the user pages, much less their long noses and meddlesome, micro-controlling methods. It is disheartening to see that this once great project has come to this. It is quite the same as watching a promising and intelligent child succumb to peer pressure and waste away in the drug culture. The potential for success was high and seemingly irrepressible, yet watching said potential self-destruct due to behavior usually reserved for dictators and third world despots nearly brings the dedicated to tears.

I hope those responsible for the (seemingly) impending implosion of WP can get the help they need to resolve their issues. However, given their current level of paranoia and recent slide down the slope of power consolidation, and the fact that treating pathological behavior of this nature usually requires self-acknowledgment of the existence of said problem, this is an unlikely outcome.

Maybe someday, someone can raise a phoenix from the ashes, but, for now at least, it seems that the conflagration must continue to consume.

Remember, those of you determined to hang on to the bitter end: the truth has NEVER, at any time, been produced by consensus. The truth is. A is A. A is A because it is, not because a group of people got together and decided that A was A based on their own collective (and glaringly arrogant) intelligence(or lack thereof). A was A before their "consensus" was ever considered much less reached.

Now let us see if the admins are going to revert this as well. Why not?... after all, they reverted my page back the last time I blanked it out and put up a resignation. But this time I captured the entire typing process and will show the page after I save it. When it changes again I will get a screen shot of that too and include it in the video, and then I will post it to youtube, liveleak, and vimeo titled "blatant bias and egregious abuse by wikipedia admins". Go ahead admins, I look forward to watching you make fools of yourselves, not that one would have to wait long on any particular day for said foolishness to occur.