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This user loves the Land Before Time, yep yep yep!
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RainbowWerewolf is a user from a remote wilderness region in the northern United States. He became a user in the summer of 2007, when he started editing and creating articles about lesser known fantasy and children's books, television shows and movies. He plans to continue such work as well as contributing to a wider range of articles and topics.

RainbowWerewolf accidently created a sock puppet when he created the his original account, the User:Slithe account. He created this second account, RainbowWerewolf, because he realized after he created the User:Slithe account that Slithe might be a bad user name because it might be copyrighted since Slithe is a character on the animated show Thundercats. This website said that it is easier to create a new account rather than delete or change a user name. RainbowWerewolf plans to never use the User:Slithe account for anything.

Peace and safe travelling to all, Rainbow Werewolf