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Former maintainer of the Naval and Maritime page of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.
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Naval Aviator Badge.jpg
Gold star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Naval Aviator insignia
Navy Commendation Medal Navy Achievement Medal w/ 1 award star Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation w/ 1 service star Battle "E" Ribbon 5 awards National Defense Service Medal w/ 1 service star
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/ 4 service star Navy Rifle Marksman Navy Pistol Marksman

Currently working on: Fact-checking Badges of the United States Navy and Badges of the United States Marine Corps and linked articles; all article entries are being checked against applicable directives (especially Navy Uniform Regulations and Marine Corps Uniform Regulations as well as Marine Corps Order P1200.7Z - 2004 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Manual, NAVPERS 15839I, The Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classification and NAVPERS 18068F Navy Enlisted Occupational Standards. Getting these all up was a lot of great work, but much of the material was based on "personal knowledge", much of which is erroneous.

Remember, primary sources...your key to an accurate Wikipedia.

BTW, I am in no way related to "Young Trigg". Just wanted to make that clear.

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