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My favorite game is called Bots.


BOTS!! is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing game) created by Acclaim Games. It is a multi-player online fighting game with a lot of fast-paced action. Players get to choose from three basic BOTS and then upgrade their character however they wish. There are multi or single player story modes that include: Sector (Player vs Virus), PVP (Player vs Player) and Base (Player vs Player/Base). BOTS has been created for all players, regardless of age. It is currently in its beta version, with the Full Version to appear soon. There is currently one server, Cyberspace, and five channels, Open1, Open2, Newbies, Elite, and International1.BOTS are virtual workers that have been called to save Cyberspace from viruses. Players can choose from three different BOT types, each with its own personality and abilities. The player is a robot, living on the physical realm in a supercomputer. Suddenly, the computer the players call home has been infested with viruses! The BOTS can be retrofitted with customizable battle armors, items, and minibots and charge at the viruses to clear them from the system for good.

Also players have the chance to go head to head and battle it out against other people! This is called "PVP", you can either battle in a team, or fight and "indiv battle", in which there are no teams. Fighting in a PVP battle will supply you with Bot-Stract, which is used to start the battle in Transform mode. (Note: This feature has not been implemented yet) The last option is a base battle in which there are two teams (red and blue) and they battle it out to destroy the base of their opponents! You can also use Mercenaries, or Mercs, as they are commonly called, to help you. The available Mercenaries right now are : Boza, Wazzu, Nimba, Scalper, and five Acclaim coin Mercs: Aeron, Echo-Force, OpsTeam, Shuriken and Arsenal. Many players are recorded in a hall of fame for outstanding robots.

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