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I read, therefore i am; I contribute, therefore i conquer.

So say I, emperor of

Somehow, I suspect that we humans, at least the so-called creative ones wish to be unique and 'individualistically unattended to' (another phrase for leave me be and mind your own business). Well, been one of them, i thus often see conformity to any otherness or past history as a death blow to such innovative and mystical ooz. This explains my lack or rather absense of user boxes on the right side. I am impressed by those i seen on others' user pages, but to copy and paste is distastefully uncreative. So now i choose to put out a novel here instead.

I am tall for one, and enjoy the vantage point of looking down on people but i do get some hardknocks from low lying beams. Makes me wonder after reading somewhere that blows to the head can damage one's intellect at least in older age. But here i am still clicking away and it looks safe when u re in your own little box.

I have been contributing or attempt to do some writings in Wikipedia and i must say its a jungle out there, but highly challenging one. Something that will certainly make me stay ad infinitum.

One key word in my philosophy of life is Future Tense, the air of uncertainty, that abhors or has high disregard for the Past-Tense. Anything that has happened can only become a journalistic piece (telling you what happened yesterday) and does not befit knowledge or the need to know what you do not know of the important present around you. After all, is not there life within your very presence?

- Red1 D Oon 01:04, 20 June 2007 (UTC)

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