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I'm primarily creating this page so I can create a sandbox to experiment and practice editing. Created a second sandbox so I can test things without disturbing an article draft in progress in primary sandbox.

"Otaku is a Japanese word for someone with a hobby that has become an unhealthy obsession generally characterized by exhaustive artifact collecting and fanatically detailed knowledge of some subject. The Otaku's social life and livelihood may be organized around his obsession, he reads magazines about it, attends conventions, belongs to clubs, etc, so much so that it becomes his way of life." --- Steve McGraw

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File:Orbit Science Fiction no.4 Sept-Oct 1954 (Table Of Contents and Copyright Notice page) 300dpi.jpg

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Check for Librivox recordings of Public Domain stories or books and provide external links where appropriate. E.g., Link to Librivox recordings of Second Variety.

Reminder: Correct "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965) utilizes an array of science fiction concepts and features several layers of reality and unreality. It is also one of Dick’s first works to explore religious themes." with citations to exploration/use of religious/theological themes from beginning of writing carreer.



The Builder might be the proper name for the article when it goes "live". Italicized Double Bracketted The Builder (short story)|The Builder

If not certain from reading Help stuff when time comes, ask someone knowledgeable. Think there's someplace with name like FEEDBACK to ask such things.

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