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I'm editing Wikipedia as part of this assignment and here's a link to my sandbox.

Here is a link to the sandbox for the project I'm working on with Emileemagnusen, improving the Wikipedia page about Werner syndrome. We have also added a small amount of information to the WRN gene page.

Assignment 2[edit]


Assignment 3[edit]

We are working on Assignment 3 in Emilee's sandbox.

Assignment 4[edit]

Diffs to WRN gene page [4] Diffs to Werner Syndrome page [5]

Assignment 6[edit]

Here is the overall difference between the first and second edits. The work wasn't done all in one sitting and the overall diff includes a few minor edits of citation formatting by bots and others. [6]

Assignment 8[edit]

We responded to peer review comments, tried to clean up and polish the articles. Werner Syndrome: [7] WRN: [8]