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Richard Elen has been writing professionally for over a quarter of a century, and has launched, edited and contributed to major entertainment and recording industry journals on both sides of the Atlantic. He is also a recording engineer and producer, has been a partner in an advertising agency and a marketing executive, and was one of the first to begin to develop spaces for environmental organisations and music-related businesses on the Web.

Richard was involved in the development of the UK-designed surround-sound system Ambisonics, and has recorded and mixed over fifty albums with the system, as well as writing numerous articles on the topic. He is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster specialising in digital and internet audio and video, recording technology and techniques and related fields. He contributes to a number of print and on-line magazines on music, consumer and professional audio, and environmental issues. ==

Richard is a consultant to MQA Ltd in Huntingdon, UK; Focusrite plc in High Wycombe, UK; and EMI Production Music in London, UK, and declares his involvement with these organisations as far as Wikipedia contributions are concerned.

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