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Front Matter[edit]

Jennifer Batten is an American solo guitarist, session musician, producer, filmmaker, and visual artist. She has released three solo CDs, has toured with Michael Jackson, and has both toured and recorded with Jeff Beck. In 2008, she began touring Jennifer Batten’s Sonic Cinema, a one-woman multimedia show featuring live music synced to film.[1] In 2011, she began a five-month engagement with Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity in Las Vegas, [2] and her glass art and steampunk sculptures were exhibited at both The Peculiarium [3] and The Mark Stewart Fine Art Gallery [4] in Portland, OR.

Early Life and Career[edit]

Jennifer Batten was born on November 29, 1957, in Upstate New York. She received her first guitar, "a killer red, blue, and black electric," as a gift from her father when she was eight years old and immediately began taking lessons.[5] Although Batten was inspired to learn to play by her father's love of music and his extensive record collection, she also often notes that sibling rivalry was a significant factor as well. "My sister got a guitar before I did," she told Guitar Player in 1989, "and I was jealous. I was determined to get one real quick."[6]

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