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"I have always thought that publishing should be like taking your clothes to the laundromat."
Pati Hill

Hi! My 2021 new year's resolution is to read more books, and my 2020 new year's resolution was to get into Women's Basketball. But my 2019 new year's resolution was to edit wikipedia. I also resolved to listen to more jazz and learn some new recipes... Right now I'm interested in graphic design history... Hope you enjoy my edits and posts.

Articles I've written:

Articles I'm working on:

To work on:

  • Patsy Southgate
  • Alicia Cheng
  • Suzanne Langille
  • Hanna Nagel
  • Joyce McKinley (sister or Ray McKinley); first music phD according to milford graves
  • Cynthia Schloss
  • Huang Hua Cheng - Taiwanese designer
  • Erica Horn
  • Mary Faulconer
  • Carmin Karasic - multimedia net artist and IT professional, co-founder of EDT
  • Audrey Meyer - graphic designer
  • Olivia Plender - cool artist, needs work
  • Angel Bat Dawid - cool person, needs work
  • Grace Kao - Chinese graphic designer and teacher who facilitated the creation and accreditation of new design schools in Hong Kong

Some article ideas related to BIPOC Design History

Last updated: 2021-08-15