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"I have always thought that publishing should be like taking your clothes to the laundromat."
Pati Hill

About me[edit]

Hi! My 2023 new year's resolution is to do more creative projects for fun. In 2022 I resolved to listen to more classical music; in 2021 to read more books, and in 2020 to get into Women's Basketball. But my 2019 new year's resolution was to edit wikipedia. I also resolved to listen to more jazz and learn some new recipes... Right now I'm interested in graphic design history... Hope you enjoy my edits and posts.

Articles written[edit]

  1. Caroline Goe - self-taught New York artist
  2. Monica Flaherty Frassetto - filmmaker and archaeologist
  3. Olive Cowell - patron of the arts and music, and a professor of International Relations, mother of composer Henry Cowell
  4. Eliza Douglas - American painter
  5. Beau Geste Press - independent publisher run by Felipe Ehrenberg, Martha Hellion and David Mayor, active 1970- 1976
  6. Tony Cokes - American visual artist
  7. Michael Gibbs - British poet and visual artist
  8. Jason Hirata - American artist
  9. Paul Kagan - American photographer, graphic artist, and author known for his psychedelic posters and book about California utopian communities
  10. Hessian Hills School - a progressive school in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Croton-on-Hudson, New York
  11. Carlton Livingston - Jamaican reggae vocalist, known for his 1984 hit "100 Weight of Collie Weed"
  12. Fred Lonidier - American photographer
  13. Roberta Bayley - American photographer known for her photographs of New York punk scene
  14. George Corrin - known for creating the sets for presidential debates between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.
  15. Joe Leseur - American poet and screenwriter
  16. Shelby Jacobs - American engineer, known for designing the camera equiment that filmed the Saturn V rocket separation.
  17. Rosmarie Tissi - Swiss graphic designer, known for her posters.
  18. Gracie Mansion Gallery - LES art gallery known for being one of the first in the 80s.
  19. LeRoy Winbush - Chicago graphic designer known for his window displays
  20. Nye Ffarrabas - Fluxus artist
  21. Rosemary Butcher - British choreographer
  22. Diamond Johnson - second-year point guard for the North Carolina State University Wolfpack
  23. Cinzia Ruggeri - Italian fashion designer + artist
  24. Jamillah James - American curator
  25. Judith Schiff - Archivist at Yale University who co-edited Charles Lindbergh's autobiography
  26. Karmele Leizaola - Venezuelan graphic designer (I only translated this article. Credit goes to Spanish-language editors)
  27. Richard Long (sound designer) - legendary NYC sound engineer known for designing club systems in the 1970s and 80s, including Paradise Garage.
  28. Otis Houston Jr. - New York based artist, known for installing and performing his work in public along FDR Drive in Manhattan.
  29. Alex Rosner - sound designer known for designing system at the Loft
  30. Constance Lewellen - former curator at BAMPFA, specialized in California Conceptual Art
  31. Thomas Bayrle - German visual artist
  32. Lou Lopez Sénéchal - American basketball player for the Connecticut Huskies
  33. Cotie McMahon - American basketball player for the Ohio State Buckeyes
  34. Alexis Morris - basketball player for the Connecticut Sun
  35. Em Weinstein - American film and theater director
  36. Houseboats in New York City - living aboard in the big apple
  37. Citi Bike Boyz - an instagram account known for posting daredevil tricks on Citi Bikes
  38. Lin May Saeed - German-Iraqi sculptor and activist known for her styrofoam sculptures and protest against animal cruelty

Articles I'm working on[edit]

To work on[edit]

Women in design/printing

  • Alicia Cheng
  • Erica Horn
  • Mary Faulconer
  • Audrey Meyer - graphic designer
  • Grace Kao - Chinese graphic designer and teacher who facilitated the creation and accreditation of new design schools in Hong Kong
  • Hazel Dreis

Some article ideas related to BIPOC Design History

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