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mitochondria shake flasks trucking semiotics of drama UTI (urinary tract infections in humans aka bladder infections or cystitis)

COI Statement by Richard Katz --- A statement of known conflict(s) of interest Biochemist Richard Katz = richard8081 is the sole patentholder on US Patent Number 8,063,026. Richard Katz, Clair Brown, and Michael McCulloch are the three shareholders in Belvedere Environmentals LLC, a California corporation whose sole product is SuperMannan(TM). This COI statement is relevant to the last named Interest, supra, under Interests, "UTI (urinary tract et seq) While richard8081 does not foresee any COI with "mitochondria" and "shake flasks" as Interests, Patent 8,063,026 makes use of dried dead autolyzed yeast; and Richard Katz has a professional nonpecuniary interest in yeast mitochondria; and in the culturing of yeast in shake flasks. Similarly to "does not foresee" supra, Richard has a non-professional interest in semiotics of drama wherein the synecdochic use of uncomplicated cystitis in any staged production of his play Modern Biology (alternative title PostModern Biology) could measurably reflect on Contribution(s) to Wikipedia.