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Hello, I'm Richiau. I create pages when I notice that Wikipedia doesn't have a page for something I'm especially interested in. I'm not usually interested in things which are not notable, so this means creating pages for things like Tottenham cake (which has played a role in history, religion and sport) or the Independence Hotel in Cambodia (which has twice served as a beacon of hope for the locals, and once served as an hq for their greatest enemy). If you think I've created a page which is not notable and should not exist, it would be polite of you to mention this to me before deleting it. Usually I will have a reason that I think it is worthwhile. Thanks.

I also add information to pages where it appears that the original author has been lazy (for example, the user who copied out the text on the back of the DVD of Flashbacks of a Fool as a precis of the movie, ignoring that it is wholly inaccurate and serves only as marketing) or where corporations are just trying to push their world view(for example, Taco Bell's apparent yet misleading belief that its tacos are the main definition of a taco). Where I have added and increased knowledge, please do not take it badly that I've changed the original work. That is the point of a wiki. I will never delete something someone has written without explaining why I've done so in the notes or comments, and never without putting something more relevant in its place.