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As the time of writing (Oct 2009) I (and any company I work for) don't have any work arrangements with MicroSoft.

Old news[edit]

Microsoft kindly sponsored me for total four days in early to mid 2007 to edit articles relating to ISO, OOXML, ODF and standards. See my blog.

This turned out to be quite controversial, and utterly misleading articles were circulated in the world press. These give the idea that there was some scandal, whereas all the information came from my blog. MS wanted no editorial control or approval, just a less bad article. Various Wikipedians gave me great assistance in the correct way to do things: in my case to make comments in the talk page for OOXML rather than editing directly (at that time); most were accepted.

In mid 2007, Microsoft hired a training/systems/conferences company, Allette Systems (whom I have worked for on and off since the early 1990s, including several years as Senior SGML Consultant) to provide seminars in Asia/Pacific on the subject of Open XML, for which I was usually be the main trainer. (I have frequently taught courses in standards such as SGML, XML, XSLT, XML Schemas and Schematron over the years, as well as publishing technologies such as the OmniMark document programming language and the FrameMaker SGML/XML publishing environment, including in Asia.) This slightly changed in scope to also include addressing some standards committees too; this is not surprising because of my long and sporadic involvement with SC34. This ended up being about 2 to 3 weeks work, excluding travel: MS is not a major customer of Allette Systems or Topologi Pty. Ltd.