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Editing Statistics:
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1st Edit: October 8, 2006

Type Count
Total edits 349
Distinct pages edited 124
Average edits per page 2.81

Editing summary:

Main namespace articles 170
Talk 41
User 52
User talk 47
Image (including images uploaded to Commons) 12
Wikipedia 25
Wikipedia talk 8
Portal talk 3

Wikipedia Interests[edit]

Many of my edits simply involve tinkering with articles to correct spelling mistakes, grammar, layouts etc. I also watch any article that I have edited previously and revert any vandalism or "accidental damage" as I find them.

As of 4th June 2007, I have 103 pages on my watchlist.

Most of my noticeable contributions have been in adding images I've created to articles on Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, as well as to some other articles. The images I've created and added to articles are available both here on my userpages on the English Wikipedia site and here on my userpage in the Wikimedia Commons.

Useful Wikipedia links[edit]

Links to pages I can never find when I need them:

Editing milestones[edit]

Event Date Article
1st edit October 8, 2006 Derry
100th edit December 27, 2006 Streetwear
1st new article created October 22, 2006 Omarion Nebula
1st significant article rewrite December 27,2006 Rules of Acquisition
1st image uploaded December 29, 2006 LuasWilliamDarganBridge.jpg to Luas


Gallery of images I've created and uploaded, here.


Articles I've created[edit]

Articles I've significantly amended[edit]

Articles I've edited[edit]

Articles to which I've added images I created[edit]

Gallery of images I've created and uploaded here

Minor admendments[edit]

Articles I've reverted[edit]

External links[edit]

My page on Wikimedia Commons, under the same username: