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South China Seas ~ Oil Search, Survey, Drilling Ships and proposals for intrusive developments.

Some few years ago an American Company apparently started searching the disputed area of the South China Sea, or Vietnam's East Sea as the two main claimants, The PRC "Peoples Republic of China" and The SRV "Socialist Republic of Vietnam" variously prefer to name this "disputed Sovereignty area" ~ Wikipedia have Articles on the ongoing disputes of these--Robbygay (talk) 03:19, 24 May 2010 (UTC) two main contenders and 3 articles on the subject open sea and numerous islands, atols and reefs therein encompassed.

Unfortunately there appears to be no pages devoted to the oil hungry world corporate, or Government attempts to search that territory for petrochemical sources. In view of the ongoing and likely never ending negotiations over sovereignty in an area where PRC, ROC, SRV, Malaysia, Philippines and possibly others claims or even some existing Borders may tend to overlap.

Recently there have again been rumours of conflicting interests attempting to negotiate with 'China' (non-specifiic which one) for search rights, or joint ventures to survey, map, drill or otherwise interfere in the area without the consent of the other claimants.

If this be true and in anycase for encyclopedic referencing in the future even that one earlier attempted drilling study deserves to be here debated and recorded for posterity if at all verifyable.

Please help add credence to the currently rumoured negotiation attempts, or otherwise, to end the subject before the rumors cause disquiet to the peaseful resolution of these Border Negotiations which are far from final at this stage.

I received suggestiona and comments that some deals are signed and hopefully solid, but a year and a half later all I see is rhetorical talk and PR, no real progress, China still claiming, still has appointed forces that claim even the sea surface and arrest Vietnamese and others including Japanese fishermen,

On oil and gas zero agreement progress, now they won't sell electricity to Vietn am causing severe drought caused balckouts of severa days a weeks for these hot months. China has the Bauxite mines they wanted in Vietnam, they have the labor working here, they have stopped selling Power to needy Vietnam and they still claim all the sea fishing rights etc. I do hope they are beginning to sort this out in a fair way. Thanks --Robbygay (talk) 05:35, 30 January 2009 (UTC)

The last reliable news I heard waas as extract Pasted below:-

PetroChina, CNOOC ink Vietnam deals Two Chinese firms, CNOOC and PetroChina, have signed deals to ramp up investment in Vietnam as the leaders in Hanoi and Beijing set aside a long-running maritime border dispute to forge closer energy ties.

China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) signed an agreement with Vietnam Oil & Gas Corp., or PetroVietnam, on Nov. 17 to begin exploring for oil in the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea on a 50-50 basis, state media reported Tuesday.

The exploration period is expected to last between three and five years, China Oil News said on its Web site without specifying when it would begin or the size of the investment involved.

Expectations of oil and gas finds are high, as the area is ringed by proven natural gas finds, including Vietnam's Nam Con Son gas project to the west, and oil-rich ones being pumped by Malaysia and Brunei to the south.

Steven Knell of London-based consultancy Global Insight said the joint venture had been in the cards since August when China and Vietnam issued a joint communiqu� paving the way for a resolution of the dispute over the maritime border.

"A final settlement on the matter of the boundary is expected in 2008, but that will not stand in the way of exploration and production work in the meantime," Knell said.

Separately, PetroChina Co. Ltd. (PTR) signed a $432 million deal to become the contractor for a fertilizer plant in Vietnam, representing the largest individual project in terms of investment by a Chinese company in the country, according to China Oil News.

This project will produce 320,000 metric tons of synthetic ammonia and 560,000 tons of urea annually as well as involve the construction of a 36 megawatt power station. It is expected to begin operation in 42 months' time.

The deals were concluded during Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to Vietnam last week for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

Source: Dow Jones Earlier Thanh Nien reported:- China, Philippines, Vietnam gulf survey advances

A Chinese oil company announced Thursday the completion of the first phase of a joint oil and gas survey with Vietnam and the Philippines in the Gulf of Tonkin. The state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) said in a statement that together with the Philippine National Oil Co. (PIL.YY) and Vietnam Oil & Gas Co., it collected seismic data from 11,020 square kilometers in the gulf under an agreement signed in March. Vietnam, China, Philippines begin oil research in East Sea

Three companies from Vietnam, China and the Philippines launched Friday a joint marine seismic exploration venture in the East Sea area. Vietnam Oil and Gas Corp., also known as PetroVietnam, China Oilfield Services Ltd. (COS), a subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), and Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC), agreed in March to conduct seismic work programs � setting off explosions to monitor the shock waves for pockets of oil and gas over three years over an area of about 143,000 square kilometers (55,000 square miles).

The launch ceremony, held in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, marks a new era in the cooperation among Vietnam, China and the Philippines in the area, the CNOOC said.

Under the bid, COS would handle a two-dimensional seismic exploration project, Xinhua said.

The three national oil companies also agreed to a more detailed three-dimensional project. (Reported by Xuan Danh Translated by The Vinh)

China Oilfield Services Ltd., a major subsidiary of CNOOC, was the contractor for the survey, the statement, posted on CNOOC's website, said.

China, Vietnam, and the Philippines have agreed to jointly gather two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic data from 140,000 square kilometers in the Tonkin Gulf over the next three years. (Source: Dow Jones) 03:12, 26 June 2011 (UTC)

Wikipedia does have a page dealing with these disputed South China Seas and Islands claims, but it is rather incomplete.

Hence in Wikinews, I have 24th June 2011 offered a proposed News Article I hope summarizing the case enough for Wikipedia Editors to develop that for inclusion in a suitable main article of Wikipedia to reflect an up to date War Risk (one that could easily escalate into a WW III scenario we all would despise)

(See my Talk Discussion page to follow these matters and sourcing further and to comment or recommend changes you wish me to consider on this my talk page.) --Robbygay (talk) 09:42, 8 July 2011 (UTC)