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I served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, 8 years enlisted and 12 years as an officer. I retired in 1978. Earned a B.S. In Electrical Engineering from Purdue University while in the Navy. My interests include archaeology, cosmology, physics (I'm a fan of Walter Ritz.), planetary science (mainly Venus) , and ancient history (including mythology, a la Velikovsky). My diggings into how things really work can be found on my website at

I note that Velikovsky's book, Worlds in Collision Macmillan (1950), along with his related other books, is considered by corporate Wikipedia to be pseudoscience. I respectfully disagree, and claim that the pseuoscience label in the case of Velikovsky is contrary to Wikipedia's Pillar Number 2 (neutrality). I plan, from time to time, to test the waters on specific issues for which we have new information which was not available in 1950. (The Magellan mission to Venus is one example which has produced more questions than answers, that is if one subscribes to the generally held view that Venus is a very old planet.)