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Rob Roy, Coventry Connecticut.

Chess Tournament Director and Chess Journalist.


Host/Director: Monthly USCF tournaments at Rob Roy Chess Center

Editor: Connecticut Chess Magazine 136,000 PageViews since 2010.

Admin/Moderator: Connecticut Chess Magazine on Facebook 4,120+ Followers.

Admin/Moderator: Public Chess Group on Facebook 4,730+ Members.

Admin/Moderator: Five Other Pages and Groups. 11,850+ Members.

Chess Columnist, Waterbury Sunday Republican, 25 years
President, Conn State Chess Association, 1986 - 2000
Regional Vice-President, U.S. Chess Federation, 3 years
Chess Tournament Clearinghouse, New England Region 1 year
Asst Editor, Chess Horizons Magazine, 5 years
President, New England Chess Assoc. 1 year
Waterbury Chess Club, Salvation Army, Waterbury
Chess Teacher, Waterbury Community Schools
Director, Connecticut Scholastic Chess Program
Chess Club Director, Silas Bronson Library, Waterbury
Chess Club Director, Wolcott Recreation Dept.
Chess Coach and Teacher, Wolcott Adult Education
Chess Tournament Director, Hartford Library
Chess Tournament Director, Wesleyan University
Chess Club Director, Mattatuck Community College, Waterbury
Chess Club Director, Waterbury State Technical College
System Operator, Chess Horizons Bulletin Board System
Ratings Statistician and TD, Connecticut Speed-Chess League
Tournament Director, 1990 Bushnell Cup $5,000 Open
President and TD, Connecticut Backgammon Society, 1976-2015.