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" but seriously folks, this next one's called The Aristocrats"
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For keeping an eye on all the heavy metal related articles I contributed to, but haven't checked them in quite a while. Many thanks. Retrohead (talk) 16:45, 23 January 2016 (UTC)
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Articles I've created...

Year Article Class Views Image Notes
2012 De Villiers Graaff High School C-class
Graaff Donation.jpg
De Villiers Graaff High School is an academic state secondary school in Villiersdorp, a small town approximately 150 km from Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded in 1872 and is also known by the acronym "DVG". Pictured is David Graaff and his bother Jacobus Graaff presenting a £100,000 donation to the De Villiers Graaff High School in 1907. David Graaff is making a speech, Jacobus Graaff is sitting to the right and Jan Smuts is seated in the extreme right.
2013 Deep Down & Dirty C-class
Foto-di-matti STEREO-MCs.jpg
Deep Down & Dirty is the fourth studio album by the British electronic band Stereo MCs (pictured), released on May 28 2001, nine years after the successful Connected. The album maintains a similar style to its predecessor with deep-groove, beatbox funk, nods to soul-jazz and gospel though music critics at the time noted its grittier, edgier approach. The title track was released as the album's first single. It was recorded at Frontline Studios, Brixton, London.
2013 Beast (South African band) c-class
BEAST playing live.jpg
Beast (often stylised as BEAST) is a garage rock supergroup from Cape Town. Formed in 2012, the band consists of Inge Beckmann (vocals) of Lark, Louis Nel (bass guitar) and Rian Zietsman (bass guitar) of Taxi Violence, and Werner von Waltsleben (drums) of Kobus!. BEAST's sound has been self-described as "psychological rock and roll" and a "four-nippled aberration". They have become known for their energetic live performances. Their self-released debut album, Smoke Swig Swear, was met with local critical acclaim.
2016 Foreshore Freeway Bridge C-class Foreshore Freeway Bridge.jpg The Foreshore Freeway Bridge, also known as Cape Town's Unfinished Bridge, is an incomplete section of what was intended to be the Eastern Boulevard Highway in the city bowl of Cape Town, South Africa. Conceptualised and designed in the late 1960s, work began in the early 1970s with the freeway aimed at alleviating future traffic congestion in the city expected in the years to come. However, due to budget constraints in city expenditure at the time, the project never came to completion and has stood in its unfinished state since construction officially ended in 1977.
2016 Van Breda murders B-class DeZalze Golf Estate.jpg The Van Breda murders was the notorious and brutal killing of three family members and the seriously injuring of another on January 27, 2015, at an exclusive golf estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. After a year and a half of investigations by the South African police, the chief suspect and youngest son Henri van Breda handed himself over to police in June 2016 and was released on bail the next day. The case has polarized the country's media and gained significant attention since Henri's surrender. Pictured is the DeZalze Golf Estate where the attack took place.
2017 Stoker c-class Davemurray.jpg Stoker or stylised as ⚡toker is a hard rock band from Cape Town consisting of 2 sets of brothers from two rural country towns in the Western Cape. The current line up was established in 2013 when Redge (lead guitar) and Morgan O'Kennedy (drums) joined Chris (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jurgen Bornman (bass), the latter two having originally started as a 3-piece with drummer Joe Theron. The band released their eponymous full length album in early 2017 to local critical acclaim. Pictured is Dave Murray, a big influence on the band.