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Jump to: navigation, search it seems has decided to remind me that I have an old association with wikipedia from my life back in the Old Country. User:RogerGLewis From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Just to introduce myself. My name is Roger Lewis, I live just outside of Bristol in the UK. I live with my partner and 3 year old daughter, I am 44 years old and have a degree in Estate Management from The Polytechnic of the South Bank and I am also a Chartered Surveyor. I run my Country Estate and study Music and Guitar as my hobby. I also keep horses and compete as an owner in the sport of Eventing. I collect Guitars and paintings and read mainly Biographies and Guitar/Music books both Theory and history on music.

Well if a week is a long time in politics then 7 years is an eternity in Roger World.

I emigrated to Sweden In 2010 since when I have pursued an AutoDidactic programme of study in , Music, Swedish Language, Philosophy and Political Economy. My Linkedin profile is the most concise potted history of the stages of my life that have lead me to the present , the journey that I have been on has taught me that being in the Present Moment is precious. (talk) 13:29, 20 August 2016 (UTC)