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Hello and welcome. You have reached the Wikipedia user page of Ryn78.

Example Timeline
-550 —
-540 —
-530 —
-520 —
-510 —
-500 —
Base of the Cambrian
Cambrian explosion
An approximate time-scale of events
at the base of the Cambrian Period.
Axis scale is in millions of years ago.

No, this is not a timeline of my life. I'm not quite old enough to have lived through the Cambrian Era. I'm experimenting with timelines, which would be immensely useful for a great many articles. They are difficult to use, however.

Time for a rant: timelines are almost impossible to position correctly so that the text from one entry doesn't spill over into the next. It isn't noticeable if each entry uses the same background color, but that also makes it difficult to see the dividing line between entries and is less visually appealing.

There must be a better way to design a timeline template, but I haven't been able to figure out a method yet. Coding templates is not an easy or joyous task. But it needs to be done before I rip out any more of my hair trying to format historical timelines. Here's the problem. If you need to have even a brief sentence describing a given entry - say, "1945 - End of World War II" - the text usually doesn't fit inside the tab for that entry unless you spend a lot of time fiddling with all the adjacent entries, adjusting the "dates" for the starting and ending positions for each entry until all the text fits. But this means that you often need to change the date ranges beyond the actual date for that entry, which is a huge problem.

Recent Activity[edit]


As of 2015, I haven't done anything recently with templates. I'm now more of a Recent Changes Patroller (notice my shiny badge?) and a WikiGnome, puttering around fixing typos and bad grammar, as well as trying to argue in favor of the NPOV principle.

Interesting Links[edit]

Some interesting things I've been looking at lately.

  • Syria and Iraq Military Map - Detailed map of the military situation in Iraq and Syria, updated constantly and showing all factions (albeit without distinction for subgroups within each faction like the YPG/YPJ, PKK, Peshmerga, YBŞ, Qasim Shesho's group, etc, all of which are lumped under "Kurds"; but including all the subgroups and private militia would make the make unreadable).
  • King Abdullah II flying combat missions? - News article questioning whether Jordan's King Abdullah II is personally flying combat missions against Islamic State forces in Iraq, in retaliation for IS' burning of a captured Jordanian pilot. So here we have a king personally going into battle like a medieval king? Good stuff, if it's true. Some sources say it isn't true, however.
  • Aeronautica ... Upcoming airship game in development. Evidently based (loosely) on Victorian / early 20th century England but fantasized, with ornate airships and a wacky cast of Woodhousian nobles with nutty personalities.