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Hi, My name is Raghvendra Sharma (Raghav).

Currently I live and work in Bangalore (India). Have my roots from Mathura in India. I joined Wikipedia in May 2006 and fall in love with it immediately. An avid reader, I have tried to contribute whenever time has allowed me to.

I try to write more and more and some of the stuff is available at one of my blogs -

In my free time, I try to shuffle between things like photography, some freelance software development, and perhaps adding to wikipedia...

Update - May 2011 For my workplace environment, I have recently established a mediawiki instance. Its great fun and a huge value add to our team.

I want to enable something like SuggestBot for my local installation. Is that possible ? is that piece of code in public domain (open source) ? who do I contact ? where ??

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