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  • Noam Cohen (February 9, 2014). "Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen". The New York Times. Retrieved 10 February 2014. One frequent mobile contributor, Sajjad Altaf, an information technology consultant in Findlay, Ohio, says he edits wherever it is more convenient for him, noting that “it is difficult to edit from the phone, but I guess not that difficult to deter me from doing it.”

Mr. Altaf has written entire Wikipedia articles on his phone, including one about Noor Pur Baghan, his hometown in Pakistan, and disputes the idea that smartphones are passive devices. “If you are using your phone, you cannot just listen but not talk,” he said. “You cannot just receive an email but not reply to it.”  line feed character in |quote= at position 272 (help) (details)

This user has been mentioned by a media organization:


Welcome to my user page. My name is Sajjad Altaf and as you can see that I like to contribute to Wikipedia.

For a long time, I have benefited from Wikipedia as a knowledge resource and always wanted to contribute, I believe I had every thing what was needed to be a successful editor. I was a late starter. Had I listened to my heart's intuitions and started this in 2001, I would have been a veteran editor.

Then I would have been the one who was slamming warnings on newcomers than the one who is being slammed with warnings by others.

Joke aside, I really regret for starting late, I would have contributed much more than this.

You are welcome to leave me a message on my talk page.

Mobile Wikipedian[edit]

I do not have complete statistics but I believe over 95% of edits done by me were done by a mobile device, although hard to prove but I firmly believe that no other Wikipedian has this distinction.

Keeping these facts in sight, I will like to claim title of Mobile Wikipedian for myself.

I was also recently featured in The New York Times article "Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen"[1]


I call myself pro-information which means that you will hardly find me removing information from Wikipedia and you will mostly find me adding information. You would also probably find me resisting removal of information from articles in my watch-list and trying my best to preserve as much information as possible. After all our goal is to improve Wikipedia and not to destroy it.


You would also find me playing a mediator role when there are two editors reverting each other's edits. I try my best to address the root cause and see why edits are being reverted. For example if an editor is reverting an edit citing WP:RS then i will try my best to find sources for that information and add sources to the article instead of letting them fight or instead of letting that information be removed. After all our goal is to improve Wikipedia and not to destroy it.

My Hobbies[edit]

My other hobbies besides Wikipedia editing are map making on Google Maps and I am also the admin of forty seven Facebook pages ranging all sorts of topics.

Yes, I started a little earlier there :)

Pages I Started[edit]

My Other Contributions[edit]

I have made edits in following pages, pages are listed in alphabetical order:

Improvement Suggestions For Wikipedia Mobile Editor[edit]

It would be better if Wikipedia can develop a mobile app where watchlist notifications can be configured so that when an edit is made inside the pages which an editor has in his/her watchlist, he/she immediately would get a notification.

This will increase and enhance the response from editors and it will make life easier for editors like me who use mobile editing more frequently.

It will also help to streamline vandalism detection.

Editors will not have to wait to manually go into their watchlist to see whether there were any changes made in pages of their interest.

I would also like to suggest that support be provided for "undo" tag in Wikipedia Mobile Editor. Currently mobile editor does not support "undo" tag. You have to jump to desktop version to perform an "undo" which is a hassle.

Hello, any body listening?


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