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Salad Spoon[edit]

Salad Spoon Is a thing, you know, a real thing, those big plastic pincer-type spoons with which you excavate the salad bowl. But don't think of me in those terms. I am speaking to a fictional and useless object, a regular dining spoon used in a salad. [1][2] Which since you ask is yes, both annoying and time consuming, which is likely the reason they don't actually make salad spoons in that particular context.

I joined because I keep running into stubs, and thought, as much as I read Wiki I could afford to spend some time helping with the project. That being said, it's not worth drama, and I will probably surrender any edit wars without firing a shot.

What? No spoon?

Salad Spoon[edit]

Salad Spoon is a fictional utensil, whereas I am a verifiable tool, useful if you need a T-shirt printed, a fire put out, or a wedge formation. I can answer okay on Jeopardy but won't go home with the money probably; I've eaten a lot of bugs and have been blown up or nearly so twice. I can dig a hole if you've got time to wait around, and if we get lost in the woods you'll be glad it was me. Because Jimbo, let's face it, is going to stay lost once he gets there.[3]


  1. ^ I ate a salad once.
  2. ^ I used a spoon on lettuce.
  3. ^ Successful business folk can't navigate. It's science.