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My name is Sam D. Wilbur and I am part of the Advanced Development Team for the I-PRESS & Automation control system from Sutherland Presses. I am strong in technical when it comes to all types of presses for the stamping, deep draw, forging, servo and servo hydraulic presses.

Sutherland is proud to introduce I-PRESS, the future of press control technology. With software based controls and touchscreen displays, I-PRESS represents our commitment to leading the industry with the latest in controls innovation. The metal forming industry is evolving to a new level of connectivity and automation, and I-PRESS has been designed to bring your press operations into the 21st century.

Our goal is to create the safest and most fully featured press controls available which is now known at the I-PRESS family of controls. We build them on two hardware and software platforms, Rockwell AB & Omron. With I PRESS you get Connected Enterprise that allows you to select users within your company that can access each press from remote servers or mobile devices. Imagine being able to assist your operators from mobile devices or get customized reports from your presses as you like.

Comment on I-PRESS from control integrator: “Sutherland Presses’ I-PRESS is the future of press control technology. Press control systems are no longer a black box on the shop floor with Sutherland. The I-PRESS is intuitive for operators, feature rich, uses industry standard safety features, and customizable to customers’ unique applications. More importantly, the I-Press control system is shipped ready to integrate with user facilities’ enterprise network. This gives customers access to valuable data from the shop floor, which enables them to log, analyze, and interpret information to make intelligent decisions. Ultimately, the I-PRESS will improve productivity and reduce unplanned downtime.”

~ Joe Carson, Control Systems Integrator

I am supported by a team at Sutherland Presses in sales, engineering and controls development. If you would like to know more you can visit: