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Unable.. to.. stay away.. from .. Wikipedia


I need to take more initiative in my life atm, and I must change as many habits in my life as possible. I've used to reading wikipedia and news sites and writing a lot of emails during the day, but all of those tie me into a lazy mindset that won't allow for personal change that I want so much.

I haven't developed style to do my hobbies on the computer in REASONABLE AMOUNT, rather I'm a wikipediholic (mostly reading, little editing) and addicted to email. So as a part of my rehab, I'll stop coming here as an editor for the forseeable future.

Hello, welcome to my user page. I'm a statistical interviewer among other things (being entrepreneur, studying computer science, etc), and my first attempt on an article was about methods in consumer surveys. I was not nearly bold enough to start editing the article, once I realized the article already existed :)

News, most recent on the top:

  • Update: Re-starting my business.
  • Update: probably continuing to do telephone interviews next.
  • Update: job changed, working in computer helpdesk at the moment
  • Update: haven't been active entrepeneur for about a year now, changing jobs again (day job). Will continue with my studies this semester.

note: as of 2006, I'm strongly (yet I feel, doomed to fail) resisting the urge to tell everything about myself in here. So far, so good.

Great news! I found the most interesting collection of articles to date! See the Category:Wikipedia_controversial_topics

fi Tämä käyttäjä puhuu suomea äidinkielenään.
en-4 This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.

I am also unsure of whether I should describe my level of english as en-4 or en-5, so perhaps en-4 is more accurate description.

Oh, and just for the record:Finnish, 29, Male. See ASL, mix and match.

My views on how-to content[edit]


My contributions[edit]

I wrote the article on Projection screens, and I plan to continue writing new articles in the future. I tend to fix links a lot, and I also actively participate to discussions on various talk pages to resolve any disagreement on content. I don't like to limit my participation to talks only, so I'm often keen to implement changes suggested in the talk pages.

I wouldn't wish to label myself, but I often agree to the views of inclusionist wikipedians.

Silly, unverifiable personal POV stuff about MBTI and original research.[edit]

Urge to tell rising.. rising.. The kind of stuff I'm trying to avoid is on par with comments like "I'm an ENFP". (See: MBTI) Well, I'll get back to that later.

Quotes from the article on MBTI:

"The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test designed to assist a person in identifying their personality preferences."
"The test is frequently used in the areas of pedagogy, group dynamics, employee training, leadership training, marriage counseling, and personal development, although scientific skeptics and academic psychologists have subjected it to considerable criticism in research literature."

Results of the said test are often reported with a 4-letter code, of which there are 16 combinations, such as INTJ. Additionally the tests may reveal the respondent's scores on each of the 4 scales, allegely increasing the accuracy and the insight gained from the evaluation.

There's something useful with the concept of temperaments as an attempt to clarify the workings of different personalities. I was really interested about the ideas of temperaments, Jungian functions, etc. some 2-4 years ago, as written in a book[1] and I was trying to find out whether that kind of psychological explanation offered anything worthwhile to a layman like me. Now I'm just curious to see, whether there is any redeeming value in all that after much scrutiny. I'm unqualified to study such a concept, but I would be really interested to see a controlled study, checks for the validity of the scale, etc.

Ok, just for the kicks of it, in the case that the study of temperament ever becomes an accepted science, I'll tell that I recognize parts of ENFP in me, and the self-scored "tests" or whaddya-call-them almost invariably qualify me as such. I also recognize big parts of ENTP as fitting to my persona. Altho in other times, I dive in to pursuits more likely for a type of INTP and feel quite happy about it. This (sadly) brings me to the main point of failure with the MBTI instrument: No kind of behaviour can be used to verify a result within it, and no kind of behaviour can be used to falsify it.

Another point of complaint is the fact, that personal preferences exist on a continuum in each scales, whereas personality types are described in a polarized fashion: You're either this or that. The descriptions have understandably been written in a fashion that fits for a range of "scores" in attempt to make them appicable to a larger population.

This problem manifests itself as unpredictable and unstable test results, if only the resultant type is considered. Individual scales, when measured on a continuum, are measured more reliably. This is of less use, however, as most of the value of the test comes from detailed descriptions, which do not take such slight variations into account.

I still love the whole concept for the thrill ride it gave me into studying interactions of people with different kinds of temperaments and views on the world.

If this kind of material is unwanted even in a user page under a warning, my most sincere apologies. [2]

  1. ^ Please Understand Me II, David Keirsey, Prometheus Nemesis Book Company 1998. ISBN 1-885705-02-6
  2. ^ We Finnish people are famous for being sorry about ourselves in every possible situation. [3]
  3. ^ It goes without saying, that I'm a fan of a form of comedy known as deadpan. [4]
  4. ^ Note: this list of notes is becoming increasingly self-referential[5].


Anyways, my first article is about projection screens. Feel free to comment it on my talk page, make improvements, add links, etc.

Funniest edit so far: Talkoot. Two finns wrote ~100 words over adding a single letter to a word.

Notes to myself: Remember to do these[edit]

Wikify Peak_flow_meter. Contains a how-to-do section.

Cleanliness. Article about major (altho seemingly mundane) topic, given very little attention.

Consider writing an article on wizzing, perhaps on a more appropriate name. The term refers to a process in a MUD where a player becomes an administrator in the game, or wizard.

remort. THat needs an explanation. Also thinking about explaining the MUD terms reincarnation, resurrection and remorting, according to various uses of the words.

botting. The act of using a scripted client program for the purpose of automated gameplay.

contrast ratio. The article should be arranged better, perhaps like this: -Contrast ratio as a measure of highest and lowest luminosity in an image. This can be measured for a display device in an ideal situation, or for a device used in a real room. The former are most often used in marketing literature, whereas the latter by people who study the actual systems as implemented in a real environment.

Projection screen. Add info on this: grey screen is not used just because it's grey. Some screens appear grey in ambient light because of they reflect less light from all other directions, except from the direction of the projector.

My temporary editing space[edit]

  • Make an article: contrast sensitivity Reasons: contrast sensitivity measures the smallest difference of image luminosity that the eye can see, an important concept in studying vision.
  • Make an article: fog screen Reasons: first-of-the-kind non-solid projection screen.
  • Make an article: screen goo Reasons: screen coating for the purposes of projection screen construction, popular among DIY home cinema enthusiasts.



Contrast sensitivity[edit]

Contrast sensitivity The importance of any contrast ratio measurements should be considered in relation to the conrast ratio sensitivity of the viewer(s). While the eye can adjust to extreme luminosity levels over time, human vision is limited to about 300:1 of perceived static contrast ratio, perception being dependent on the spatial frequency of the bright and the dark gaps. This maxes out at approximately 2 cycles/degree and at young age. [6]

Reason for removal: I seemed to have confused contrast ratio and contrast sensitivity. Some of this info might be useful, but maybe in a different article.


Max Skladanowsky and his brother Emil were the first to display a moving picture show to a paying audience on November 1, 1895, some two months before the public debut of the Lumière Brothers' technically superior Cinématographe.

Non-solid screens[edit]

temp edit space FogScreen is a non-solid screen created with water and ultrasound. It is mostly used for special effect reasons only in places like exhibitions and concerts, as the image quality is substancially lower than with the traditional projection screens. The projection surface consists of vertical layer of tiny water droplets that are sprayed from above and prevented from spreading by two layers of dry air, and the viewer will see a reflection of the image onto the water.

isn't a really high quility image. It is good enought to satisfy as a great effect, but isn't used for any other purpose, but for a cool looking effect. [1] [2]

Nerd's prayer[edit]

Oh, top-level admin, yours is the root access and yours only.
Shall your processes run uninterrupted, and your system free of root kits.
Yours solely is the decision to edit my access level, and to allow me read and write.
I humbly present the output of my processes for you only.
You truly are the inspector of my source. Shall you find no bugs!
Please do not kill the threads of my processes, as I have not killed those of others.
Their start and their end have been seen by you.
Authenticate my files and validate my drivers, as I have done unto others.
You have calculated my file signatures before they have been even made.
You have such watermarks in my files that I do not even know of.
Protect me from viruses and system instability. You know what I'm made of.
My processes will not consume too many system recources, for I am wary of you.
Please back-up me and restore me, should there be a system crash.
Even my least significant bit has been saved by you. Not even smallest of them should flip.
I will adhere to EULA even in the slightest. You shall not find me guilty of a breach.
You shall hold the root access to time eternal, and I shall have an user account in your system.