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This is my user page. If you want to vandalize, at least do something original, like sending me an envelope full of Euros *innocent whistling*

I'm a 25 year old Spanish Telecommunications Engineer (called Electronics Engineer elsewhere around Europe). I have created my own 3D design company called Crazy Pixel S.L. (, which is non-notable and doesn't deserve a Wikipedia page.

My hobbies include computers, role playing games, history and science. I am also a quite skilled webmaster and a quite sloppy programmer. You can see my main brainchild at, a Spanish site about pen and paper RPGs. I'm also a resident of the virtual environment Second Life under the same user name, Sarg Bjornson, where I work in the amusement park industry, earning some real life money with my l33t 3D skills.

My works in Wikipedia have been (and I'm planning on keeping them) on the lines of expanding selected stubs, contributing to VfD and other minor stuff (aka janitorial work). I have also contributed extensively to a small list of articles, which you can see below.

Feel free to drop me a line at the talk page.

Articles I contributed to (beyond 1 or 2 lines :)