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William B. Draper ancestry[edit]

Daniel F. Draper[edit]

Mary Ann Collins[edit]


JOHN DRAPER (born c.1690)[edit]

MARIAH HALL (1701-1766)[edit]

JOHN CHENEY (1676-c.1728)[edit]

ELIZABETH BURRAGE (born 1691)[edit]

JOSEPH DEAN (1711-1779)[edit]

HANNAH BAKER (born 1714)[edit]

EZEKIEL FISHER (1712-1793)[edit]

SUSANNA WADSWORTH (1721-1774)[edit]

ELIJAH BAKER (1720-1802)[edit]

HANNAH PUFFER (1726-1806) & SARAH PUFFER (born 1733)[edit]

JOHN FADDEN (1729-1755)[edit]

GRACE LISCOM (1732-1823)[edit]

SAMUEL WENTWORTH (1728-1783)[edit]

JOSIAH MARTIN (say 1706-1745)[edit]

MARY HIDDEN (1708-1800)[edit]

TIMOTHY STILES (1678-1751)[edit]

HANNAH FOSTER (born 1684)[edit]

NATHAN BOWEN (1698-1776)[edit]

SARAH ASHLEY (1698-1740)[edit]

Family narratives[edit]

(8g) James Draper[edit]

James, the son of Thomas Draper of Heptonstall, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, was b. there 1618, d. Roxbury, Mass. July 1694, and m. Heptonstall 21 April 1646 Miriam Stansfield, b. Hepstonstall 27 Nov 1625, d. Roxbury Jan 1697, the daughter of Gideon Stansfield and Grace Eastwood of Heptonstall. James was one of the original proprietors of Lancaster, Mass., but there is no evidence that he ever lived there. His first known residence in New England was Roxbury, Mass. where three of his children were born, but he then moved to Dedham, Mass. where the next three children were born. He returned to Roxbury where his final two children were born, and where he and Miriam died and were buried. James may have also lived in Charlestown, Mass. where he sold land in 1672 and where he was "notified" in 1676. Following James's death, his widow was offered administration of his estate on 19 Aug 1697, but she declined, desiring her oldest son James and youngest son Jonathan to be administrators. James and Mirian share an old slate gravestone in the Westerly Burying Ground, West Roxbury, Mass. Children: [58]

  • Miriam, b. Heptonstall 7 Feb 1646/7, d. young in England
  • Susanna, b. Roxbury c. 1648, d. Charlestown, Mass. 20 March 1677/8, of smallpox, m. Charlestown 2 Sep 1668 John BACON, b. c. 1644, bapt. Boston 18 Oct 1657, aged 13, d. 7 April 1678, from smallpox. Susanna and John had four children born in Charlestown from 1670 to c. 1677, the youngest dying of smallpox on 18 March 1677/8.
  • Sarah, b. Roxbury c. 1652, d. there 23 July 1675, and m. there 19 May 1669 James HADLOCK, b. c. 1650, the son of Nathaniel and Mary Hadlock. Sarah and James had a daughter Sarah, born Roxbury 16 Dec 1670, who m. by 1685 John Marcy. James served in King Philip's War in 1676 under Capt Samuel Wadsworth and Capt John Holbrook. His daughter Sarah Mercy was granted land in 1733 for this military service.
  • James, b. Roxbury 1654, d. Roxbury 30 April 1698, m. Dedham 18 Feb 1681 Abigail WHITING, b. Roxbury 7 June 1663, d. there 25 Oct 1721, daughter of Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight. In 1675 James was a soldier during King Phillips War. In an anecdote related by a granddaughter, James is said to have died from injuries sustanined in a May Day (1 May) wrestling match, but this doesn't quite fit the death date given here. The inventory of the estate of James was dated 30 May 1698. James and Abigail both have extant gravestones in the Westerly Burying Ground, West Roxbury, Mass. They had seven children b. Roxbury 1681 to 1698. [59]
  • John, b. Dedham 24:4 mo:1659 (24 June 1659), m. (1) Abigail MASON; (2) Judith Rogers; (3) Elizabeth (DANIEL) Mason (Gen:145).
  • Moses, b. Dedham 26 Sep 1663, d. Boston 14 Aug 1693, m. (1) 7 July 1684 Hannah CHANDLER, b. 9 Sep 1669, d. 9 July 1692, daughter of John Chandler. Moses m. (2) 3 Nov 1692 Mary Thacher of Boston. Moses was baptized as an adult on 17:12mo:1683 (17 Feb 1683/4) and his wife Hannah on 30:1mo:1684 (30 March 1684) at the First Church, Roxbury. Moses received a grant by the town of Dedham for a blacksmith shop. Moses had three children with his first wife, born Roxbury 1686 to 1688, and one more with second wife born in 1693. Hannah is buried in the Eustis Street, or Eliot Burial Ground in Roxbury. (Gen:165) Moses has an extant gravestone in the Copps Hill Burying Ground in Boston, and his wife has an extant stone in the Eliot Burying Ground in Roxbury. [60]
  • Daniel, b. Dedham 30 May 1665, d. in Dedham, m. (1) Dedham, Mass. 16 Nov 1691 Elizabeth BRACKETT, b. say 1670, d. Dedham 12 Sep 1692 three days after the birth of their daughter Elizabeth. Daniel m. (2) by 1695 Elizabeth (ASPINWALL) Stevens, daughter of Peter Aspinwall. Daniel had the one child with his first wife, born 1692, and had seven more children with his second wife, born 1695 to c. 1713. (Gen:167)
  • Patience, b. Roxbury 17 Aug 1668, m. 13 March 1689/90 Ebenezer CASS, b. Hampton (NH) 17 July 1671, the son of immigrant John Cass and Martha Philbrick. They lived in Roxbury, Mass. for a short time, but on 11 Jan 1702/3 Ebenezer was living in New Roxbury (Woodstock), CT when he deeded his mansion house and barn and some acreage. About 1708 he moved to Lebanon, CT, and also lived in Hebron, CT. He was living on 7 Sep 1730 when he deeded 45 acres to Ebenezer Smith of Norwich for 450 pounds. Numerous online accounts give Ebenezer's death date as 1763, but I have found no evidence for this. One account says that Patience was dead by 1742, but again, no reference. It is possible that she was called deceased in the settlement of the estate of her son Moses, about 1742. Patience and Ebenezer had three children born from 1691 to 1695.
  • Jonathan, b. Roxbury 10 March 1670, d. Roxbury 28 Feb 1746/7, m. c. 1702 Sarah JACKSON, b. Newton, Mass. 10 (or 8) Nov 1680, the daughter of Sebas Jackson and Sarah Baker of Newton. Jonathan inherited his father's homestead in Roxbury and was a Captain in the Train Band. He and Sarah had six children born from 1703 to 1721. (Gen:179) Jonathan has an extant gravestone in the Westerly Burying Ground in West Roxbury, Mass. [61]

(7g) John Draper, Sr.[edit]

John Draper, the son of James Draper and Miriam Stansfield, was b. Dedham 24 June 1659, d. Dedham 5 April 1749, and m. (1) Dedham 3 Sep 1686 Abigail MASON, b. Dedham 6 Jan 1659/60 (6th of 11th month 1659), d. Dedham 23 Jan 170_ (probably 1705 or 1706), the daughter of John and Mary Mason. He m. (2) Dedham 12 June 1711 Judith Rogers, d. 30 Mar 1730, and m. (3) Dedham 26 Nov 1730 Elizabeth (DANIEL) Mason of Medfield, b. 1679, daughter of Joseph Daniel and Mary Fairbanks, and widow of Joseph Mason. John left Roxbury for Dedham, where he was a farmer for most of his life. Children, all b. Dedham: (Link to Draper Gen:146: [62] Link to F.A.G.: [63])

  • Susanna, b. 10 Aug 1687, d. Medfield 27 Dec 1769, m. (1) Medfield, MA 13 Nov 1707 John PLIMPTON, b. Medfield 17 March 1679/80, d. Medfield 19 Jan 1729/30, the son of John Plimpton and Elizabeth Fisher; they had four children born 1708 to 1726; m. (2) Medfield 31 May 1731, as his second wife, Stephen SABIN, b. c. 1690, d. c. 1737, the son of Benjamin Sabin and Sarah Parker; he was town treasurer and schoolmaster at Medfield, who had m. (1) in Boston 3 June 1718 Elizabeth Mason. Susanna m. (3) Medway, MA 15 April 1739 Joseph PLIMPTON, b. c. 1690, d. Medfield 21 Oct 1740, brother of her first husband. He was a selectman of Medfield for six years, and representative to the General Court in 1720 and 1731. Concerning Susanna's birth date, the Draper Gen says b. 1 Aug, but the original hand-written record looks more like 10 Aug. Also, the year is not specifically given in the original record, but other births recorded on the same part of the page were from 1687. While Susanna and her first husband have no grave markers, they are almost certainly buried in the Vine Lake Cemetery in Medfield where her husband's parents and grandparents are buried. [64]
  • Abigail, b. Dec 1688? (Draper Gen says Dec 1686, but this is HIGHLY improbable based on b. date of Susanna, and unlikely based on marriage date), m. Dedham 19 Jan 1710/1 John BATTELLE, b. Dedham 17 April 1687, d. Dedham 14 Feb 1729/30, the son of John Battelle and Hannah Holbrook of Dedham. They had four known children, born 1713 to 1728. It is possible that Abigail remained John's widow, and was the Abigail Battelle taxed in Dedham on 13 Dec 1748.
  • John, b. 20 Feb 1690, m. Mariah HALL (see below).
  • Mary, b. 22 Oct 1693, d. Dedham, 25 Aug 1700
  • Hannah, b. 7 Aug 1695, d. Dedham, 24 Aug 1700.
  • Joseph, b. 3 June 1699, m. Boston 27 Jan 1725 [/6] Deborah ELLIS, b. Medfield 1 July 1700, daughter of Samuel Ellis and Deborah Lovell of Medfield. Joseph and Deborah had six known children born 1727 to 1735 (per Draper Gen.). Nothing more has been learned about them, but their son Joseph, Jr. was a Rev. War soldier, and lived in the part of Dedham that became Dover, and it is not unlikely that this is where Joseph and Deborah lived and died as well.
  • James, b. 29 Jan 1701, d. Dedham Nov 1719.

(6g) John Draper, Jr.[edit]

John Draper, the son of John Draper and Abigail Mason, was born in Dedham, Mass. on 20 Feb 1690, died in Dedham, MA in 1768 (though the death was recorded in Dover), and married in Boston, MA on 10 Sep 1724 Mariah (or Moriah) HALL, b. Dedham 6 May 1701, her obituary appearing in Dedham on 13 April 1766, the daughter of Thomas Hall and Abigail Martin. NOTE: John's birth is given as 20 Feb with no year in the vital record. He was not shown as a resident of Dedham until August 1714, suggesting he could have been born as late as 1693, and still be 21 in 1714. This birth year conflicts with the birth of his next sibling, but he could have easily been born in Feb 1692, and not conflict with the Oct 1693 birth of this next sibling. I include this, because we don't know where the 1690 year came from, as found in the Draper genealogy. [65] [66], Children, all births recorded in Dedham: [67]

  • John, b. Dedham 8 Aug 1725, d. Dover 3 Feb 1805, m. Newton, MA 3 Oct 1751 Abigail CHENEY, the daughter of John Cheney and Elizabeth Burrage. He served during the Revolutionary War, and has a veteran's marker in the Dover Highland Cemetery.
  • Mary, b. 7 July 1727, m. Dedham 15 May 1752 (per VR, but John Whiting's diary says 14 May--NEHGR 1909, p 187) Samuel FAIRBANKS, b. Dedham 14 Sep 1728, d. Dedham 28 March 1812, son of Joseph-4 Fairbanks (Joseph-3, John-2, Jonathan-1) and Abigail Deane. Samuel served as a Minuteman from Dedham, during the American Revolutionary War. Some sources say Mary died in 1831, but the Mary Fairbanks who died in Wrentham in 1831 is certainly not this Mary who was born in 1727. Mary and Samuel had five children: Capt Samuel, Laban, Jason, Mary, and Abigail. [68]
  • daughter, b. and d. in Dedham, 6 Mar 1730
  • Thomas, b. 26 June 1732, d. Roxbury, MA 10 Aug 1775 m. Dedham 14 May 1766 Lydia CHENEY, b. Newbury, MA Dec 1731, the daughter of John Cheney and Lydia Burrage. Thomas lived at his family's homestead on Farm Street. He was a private in Captain Daniel Whiting's Company in Brewer's Regiment in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and served two moths and 27 days. He died while in the service. He and Lydia had one daughter, Esther. Thomas has a veteran's grave marker at Dover Highland Cemetery, on a hill with a dozen other veterans, including his brother John and nephew Josiah. [69] [70]
  • Moses, b. 29 June 1734, d. Dedham 1 Feb 1740/1
  • Jonathan, b. 18 April 1737
  • Moriah, b. 27 Aug 1739
  • Susanna, b. 12 Mar 1747/8

(5g) John Draper III[edit]

John, born in Dedham, Mass. 8 Aug 1725, d. in Dover, Mass. 3 Feb 1805, was the son of John Draper and Mariah Hall of Dedham. He was married in Newton, Mass. on 3 October 1751 to Abigail Cheney, b. Newton, Mass. 20 Aug 1727, d. Dover 6 Oct 1809, the daughter of John Cheney and Elizabeth Burrage. John and Abigail had nine known children together, and after most of the children were grown, and John was in his early 50s, he enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War. He served from Dedham as a private, Capt Ebenezer Battle's company of the 4th Parish in Dedham, with service between 19 Apr 1775 and 20 Dec 1775, for one day. It appears that two of his older sons also served in the same company. He also performed guard duty in 1777 and 1778 in Cambridge and other places. He and his family lived on the farm where he was born, on Springdale Avenue in Dedham (later Dover?) In 1800 John was enumerated on the census in Dover with wife and six younger people. John and Abigail are buried in the Dover Highland Cemetery; John has a veteran's marker, but Abigail has no marker. Children, births of first seven recorded in Dedham: [71]

  • Elizabeth, b. 15 Feb 1752.
  • Moses, b. 9 Feb 1754, "left for parts unknown," per the Draper genealogy.
  • Lydia, the daughter of John Draper and Abigail Cheney of Dover, Mass. was b. Dedham, Mass 22 May 1756, d. Medfield, Mass. 5 Jan 1815, and married in Dedham, Mass. (Int 11 Oct 1776) to the much older Benjamin WIGHT, b. Medfield 5 June 1720, d. Medfield 10 Feb 1800, the son of Jonathan Wight and Margaret Fairbanks of Medfield. They had no children. Benjamin's death record called him "town pauper." No burial record has been found for Lydia, but she is likely buried in an unmarked grave in this cemetery, in or near the plot of her husband's parents. [72]
  • Josiah, the son of John Draper and Abigail Cheney of the part of Dedham, Mass. that became the town of Dover, was b. Dedham 2 Aug 1758, d. Dover 4 Oct 1839. He served as a drummer throughout the Revolutionary War from both Dedham and Medfield. He was married in Dover on 28 May 1787 to Keziah KNOWLTON, b. Medway, Mass. 15 March 1765, d. Dover 13 Oct 1843, the daughter of William Knowlton and Rachel Anderson. Josiah appears on each federal census from 1790 to 1830, in Dover, Mass., and it appears he had as many as five daughters and a son. He received a pension for his war service, and following his death, his widow also received a pension. Josiah and 12 other Revolutionary War veterans had veteran's grave markers installed on a hill in the Dover Highland Cemetery which were dedicated during a 1911 ceremony. [73]
  • Aaron, b. 13 Jan 1761, living in 1830, is almost certainly the Aaron Draper who was a private, Capt Ebenezer Battle's Co., Lt Col Samuel Pierce's regiment, who enlisted on 19 May 1779 and was discharged on 1 July 1779 during the Revolutionary War. His total service was 1 month and 16 days, with travel included, spending time in Tiverton, Rhode Island. He m. (1) Dedham, MA 30 Dec 1784 Martha LITTLE of Dedham. A Martha Little, daughter of Robert and Abigail Little, was b. Wrentham, Mass. 19 Nov 1763. This wife appears to be still living in 1810, per the census, and with them was a boy under 10 years old. Aaron m. (2) c. 1814 Betsey CHILDS, b. Westminster, Mass. 8 Feb 1784, d. Dover 11 May 1871, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Childs. Aaron and Betsey had five children born in Dover from 1815 to 1824, but only one appears to have survived. Aaron is not found in the 1820 census, but in 1830 he was aged 60-69 with a female aged 40-49, and apparently his youngest daughter, aged less than 5. This suggests his other children had died. No death record has been found for Aaron, his first wife, or any of his children.
  • Daniel, b. 20 Feb 1763, m. Naomah DEAN. They are buried in the large town cemetery in Westwood, Mass. [74]
  • Abigail, b. 2 May 1765.
  • Mary, b. 12 Jun 1767.
  • Miriam, b. 1769, d. Dover, Mass. 21 Feb 1809, m. 13 Oct 1797 Josiah KNOWLTON, b. Medway, Mass. 10 April 1771, d. Dover, MA 6 Aug 1830, aged 59, the son of William Knowlton and Rachel Anderson of Medway. Josiah was called "of Sherburne" in his marriage record. Following Miriam's death, her husband likely remarried, as he appears on both the 1820 and 1830 censuses for Dover with a like-aged female (in fact with two like-aged females in 1830), but no children. Miriam and Josiah apparently had three children, but the birth of only one, William b. 1805, is found in the Dover vital records. [75]

John and 12 other Revolutionary War veterans had veteran's grave markers installed on a hill in this cemetery and dedicated during a 1911 ceremony.

(4g) Daniel Draper[edit]

(3g) Martin Draper[edit]

(2g) Daniel F. Draper[edit]

(7g) Thomas Hall[edit]

Thomas Hall, b. say 1665, d. Dedham, Mass. 29 April 1727, and m. there 25 Feb 1690 [/1] Abigail MARTIN, b. c. 1670. Thomas may be the one of his name born in Rehoboth, Mass. 31 March 1661, the son of Edward Hall and Hester [Esther Gove?]. Abigail might be the Abigail Martin, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Martin, b. Boston 14 Nov 1669. Children, b. Dedham: [76]

  • Abigail, b. 5 May 1695
  • Jeremiah, b. 10 Dec 1697, is likely the one of his name who married Margaret _______, and had a daughter, Anna Hall, who died in Dedham 10 Dec 1725. He is also likely the one of his name who appears on various tax and town records in Dedham in 1722, 1723, 1724, 1725, 1726, and 1728. It should be noted that a contemporary Jeremiah Hall was born in Wrentham, also in 1697.
  • Mariah, b. 6 May 1701, d. 13 April 1766, m. Boston 10 Sep 1724 John DRAPER
  • Daniel, b. 25 Jan 1702/3, m. Rehoboth, Mass. 18 Sep 1729 Margaret ROBINSON of Rehoboth. It is not known if this is the Daniel Hall who later married Ruth Peters of Wrentham, had four children with her born in Wrentham, then died in Wrentham on 8 Dec 1755. I'm uncomfortable with this arrangement, knowing that there were two separate jeremiah Halls--one in Dedham and one in Wrentham--and am thinking there are two different Daniels in these two towns as well.
  • Esther, b. 20 Sep 1705, m. Dedham 27 Jan 1729/30 Daniel COBURN. I find virtually no records on this couple. This is likely the Daniel Coburn who appears on a Dedham tax or town record in 1731. I can't find either the birth or marriage record for Esther in Ancestry.

(8g) John Cheney[edit]

(7g) Daniel Cheney[edit]

Daniel, the son of John Cheney and Martha Parrat, was born c. 1633, d. Newbury, Mass. 10 Sep 1694, and m. Newburyport, Mass. 8 Oct 1665 Sarah BAILEY, b. Newbury 17 Aug 1644, d. Ipswich, Mass. 26 Oct 1714, the daughter of John Bailey and Elenor Emery. Sarah has an extant grave marker in the old cemetery in Ipswich. Children, b. Newbury: [77]

  • Sarah, b. 11 Sep 1666, living in 1743 but dead by 1755, m. 16 July 1696 John RICHARDS, b. Boston 1 April 1669, living in 1741, but dead by 1755, the son of Humphrey Richards and Mahitabel Ruggles. The marriage of Sarah and John is recorded in both Newbury and Newburyport, and earlier dates than given here are likely for intentions of marriage. Sarah and John had nine known children, born 1697 to 1711.
  • Judith, b. 6 Sep 1668, living in 1710, m. c. 1689 John EMERSON, b. Haverhill, Mass. 18 March 1661/2, d. Newbury 6 March 1745, the son of Michael Emerson and Hannah Webster. They had seven children born in Newbury from 1690 to 1704.
  • Daniel, b. 31 Dec 1670, d. Newbury 1755, m. c. 1698 Hannah DUSTIN, b. Haverhill 22 Aug 1678, living 2 March 1754 (date of husband's will?), daughter of Thomas Dustin and Hannah Emerson (the famed Indian fighter). One account gives the death date for Hannah as 27 Nov 1768 in Newbury. They had eight children born 1699 to 1719. Their burial locations are not known, but FAG memorials have been created for them. [78]
  • Hannah, b. 3 Sep 1673, d. Rehoboth, Mass. 29 Jan 1731, m. (1) Newbury 17 Dec 1696 Lt. Thomas WISWALL, b. Newton, Mass. 29 April 1666, d. there 31 July 1709, the son of Noah Wiswall and Theodocia Jackson; m. (2) June 1719 Dea. David NEWMAN, b. Rehoboth 1 Nov 1664, d. there 17 Sep 1748, son of Samuel Newman and Bathsheba Chickering. Hannah had seven children with her first husband, b. 1697 to c. 1709. Hannah's burial location has not been determined, but her first husband has an extant marker in the East Parish Burial Ground in Newton, and her second husband is likely buried in the Newman Cemetery, now in East Providence, RI. [79]
  • John, b. 10 July 1676, m. (1) Elizabeth SEAGER; m. (2) Elizabeth BURRAGE
  • Eleanor, b. 29 March 1679, d. Ipswich 22 Dec 1724, m. (1) Newbury (rec in Ipswich) 17 Dec 1696 Richard SHATSWELL, b. say 1670, d. 1698, son of Richard and Rebecca Shatswell; m. (2) Ipswich 7 Oct 1698 Thomas SAFFORD, b. Ipswich 16 Oct 1672, d. Ipswich 30 April 1754, the son of John Safford and Sarah Lowe. Eleanor's second marriage record in the Ipswich records had some interesting spellings: "Elinor Setchwell and Thomas Sawford, October 7, 1698." Eleanor had one child with her first husband: Richard, Jr., 1698-1772. She had nine additional children with her second husband, b. 1701 to 1722. Following Eleanor's death, Thomas m. Rowley 29 June 1725 Sarah Scott (intention recorded Ipswich 12 June).
  • Joseph, bapt. 9 April 1682, d. Newton 2 May 1749, m. (1) (int Newbury and Newburyport 14 Nov 1702) Sarah WISWALL, b. Newton 5 Jan 1679/80, d. Newton 27 June 1718, daughter of Capt Noah Wiswall and Theodocia Jackson. Following Sarah's death, Joseph m. (2) Newton 12 Oct 1721 Abigail (TROWBRIDGE) Greenwood, b. 11 April 1687, d. Newton 12 April 1771, the widow of James Greenwood and daughter of James Trowbridge and Margaret Atherton. Joseph had five children with his first wife, born 1704 to 1716. Abigail has an extant grave marker in the East Parish Burial Ground in Newton. [80] [81]
  • James, b. 16 April 1685, d. Newton 3 Feb 1746, m. Newton 31 Aug 1732 Lydia MIRICK, b. 7 July 1704, d. Newton 23 Nov 1766, the daughter of John Mirick/Merrick and Elizabeth Trowbridge. They had five children born 1734 to 1742. James and Lydia both have extant grave markers in the East Parish Burial Ground in Newton. [82]

(6g) John Cheney[edit]

John Cheney, b. Newbury, MA 10 July 1676, d. Newton, MA 1728, was the son of Daniel Cheney and Sarah Bailey. He m. (1) c. 1702 Elizabeth SEAGER, b. Newton 28 Jan 1682 (from vital record, but another VR entry gives 18 Jan), d. 10 Jan 1715/6, the daughter of Henry Seager and Sarah Bishop. John m. (2) Newton, MA 22 Oct 1717 Elizabeth BURRAGE, b. Boston, MA 10 June 1691, daughter of William and Sarah Burrage. Administration of the estate of John Cheney, late of Newton, was granted on 4 Nov 1728 to widow Elizabeth Cheney and John Burrig (Burrage), both of Newton. Following John's death, his widow m. 23 Oct 1729 Benjamin Whitmore of Newton, b. Lexington, MA c.1696 (and baptized there 28 Nov 1698 with two of his siblings), d. Newton 13 April 1754, the son of Samuel and Rebecca Whitmore of Lexington. [83] [84] Children of John Cheney with first wife; Elizabeth Seager, all b. Newton: [85]

  • John, b. Newton 10 Jan 1703[/4?], m. in Newton 24 April 1729 Lydia BURRAGE, b. say 1710, the daughter of William and Sarah Burrage. Some online accounts give John's death date as 19 Jan 1789. They had a daughter, Lydia, b. 1731, and perhaps a son John. [86]
  • Sarah, b. Newton 7 Oct 1706, d. New Marlboro, Bershire Co., MA 9 May 1791 (NOT 19 May as has been incorrectly published), m. Newton 3 Sep 1729 (this is the predominant date, but other vital records show 8, 13, and 23 Sep) Isaac Shepard, the son of Isaac Shepard and Elizabeth Fuller, b. Watertown, MA 19 Jan 1703/4, d. New Marlboro, 6 Jan 1778. They had ten children. [87] [88]
  • Daniel, b. Newton 28 Dec 1710, d. Newton 3 April 1743, apparently did not marry. He may be the Daniel Cheney who appears on some undated tax lists in Newton.
  • Timothy, b. Newton 18 Apr 1713, d. Newton 30 March 1772, m. Newton 21 July 1737 Sarah PRENTICE, daughter of Thomas Prentice and Elizabeth Jackson, b. Newton 3 Nov 1709, (d. 1787?). Their marriage record dated 27 March 1737 is likely an intention. An online source says Sarah m. (2) 6 Jan 1793 Daniel Mason of Lexington, and another says she died in Newton 3 April 1787, but I can confirm neither of these. Timothy learned the trade of turner, and was a manufacturer of chairs. He sold a saw-mill and lot of land close by the line of Brookline and Newton to John Dwight of Dedham, Sept. 29, 1738. He owned other lands, some of which had belonged to his wife's father. He removed to Needham for a short time and there residing sold land in Newton, Aug. 14, 1765. He was in town office several times, was "ensign" of a military company, no empty honor in troublous Indian times and was a man of efficiency. Timothy and Sarah had ten known children.
  • Moses, b. Newton 20 Oct 1715. On 14 August 1738 in Newton, Moses married first Abigail WHITMORE, daughter of Nathaniel Whitmore and Abigail _______. Moses was appointed in 1748 in Newton as a Tithingman. He served again in 1760. On 3 April 1755 in Newton, Moses married second Hannah WOODWARD, daughter of Jonathan Woodward and Thankful Myrick. During the Revolutionary War, on 22 September 1777, Moses enlisted as a private in Capt. Reuben Patty’s Company, Phineas Wright’s Regiment. He did later service in the Northern Department in the 6th Regiment under Col. William Williams. Children of Moses Cheney and Abigail Whitmore: Moses Cheney (3 Mar 1739 - 17 Oct 1758) and John Cheney (26 Aug 1740 - ). Children of Moses Cheney and Hannah Woodward: Submit Cheney (2 Jun 1755 - ) and Moses Cheney (28 Feb 1764 - 7 Apr 1833)

Children of John Cheney with second wife, Elizabeth Burrage, all b. Newton:

  • William, b. Newton 8 July 1719, m. in Newton 29 Dec 1745 Lydia FLAGG. They had five children. An online account says he died in Needham, MA 29 June 1766, but the Needham vital record contains no such entry. [89]
  • Elizabeth, b. Newton 2 Nov 1721, d. Needham, MA 23 May 1756, m. Newton 13 March 1749/50 Stephen HUNTING, Jr., b. Needham 6 March 1719, d. Hubbardston, Worcester, MA 1 Dec 1815, the son of Stephen Hunting (1688-1740) and Rebecca Woodward (b 1683). Following Elizabeth's death, Stephen m. in Needham on 14 Feb 1758 Hannah Converse "late of Newton", b. 12 Mar 1732, d. Hubbardston 19 Nov 1812. Stephen is buried in the Parish Cemetery in Hubbardston with his second wife. [90]
  • Eleanor, b. Newton 6 Feb 1724, d. Needham, MA 9 Oct 1759, m. Needham 26 Dec 1751 Daniel HUNTING, b. Needham 3 April 1721, the brother of Stephen Hunting above. Following Eleanor's death, Daniel married in Needham on 7 Jan 1762 the widow Hannah Fullam. Eleanor and Daniel had three children.
  • Samuel, b. Newton 31 Jan 1726, d. Newton June 1761 (no day given).
  • Abigail, b. Newton 20 Aug 1727, m. John DRAPER (see Draper line)

Children of Elizabeth (Burrage) Cheney with her second husband, Benjamin Whitmore, surname WHITMORE:

  • John, b. Newton 28 June 1730, m. c. 1757 Beulah GREGORY, the daughter of John Gregory (1701-1736) and Frances Allen (1704-1753) of Weston, MA. Beulah was bapt. in Watertown on 22 July 1733. Beulah apparently had a child earlier, who died in Needham because in the towns vital records, 28 Nov 1754 "a child belonging to Beulah Gregory died." John and Beulah had six known children.
  • Joseph, b. Newton 13 Oct 1732, d. Newton 25 June 1766, m. Newton 1 May 1755 (intention in Boston, MA 7 Mar 1755) Susanna CHICK, daughter of John and Susanna Chick. Their son, Joseph, died shortly after his father, on 29 Aug 1766. Following Joseph's death, Susanna married in Newton on 5 Nov 1767 Jeremiah Woodcock, Jr.
  • Sarah, b. Newton 29 Apr 1735, m. Newton 30 Jan 1760 (intention 18 Nov 1759) Jonathan HAGER.

(8g) John Burrage[edit]

(7g) William Burrage[edit]

William, the son of John Burrage and Joanna Stowers, was b. Charlestown, Mass. 10 June 1657, d. Newton, Mass. 1720, and m. c. 1690 Sarah _______, b. c. 1670, d. Newton 30 Aug 1745. William's inventory, approved 15 Aug 1720, showed an insolvent estate valued at about 38 pounds, with debts of 150 pounds. The large gap between the three older children and three younger children has not been explained. Children: [91]

  • Elizabeth, b. Boston 10 June 1691, m. (1) John CHENEY, Sr.; m. (2) Benjamin WHITMORE
  • John, b. Boston 11 Feb 1693 [/4?], d. Newton 24 Jan 1765, m. (1) Newton 9 Oct 1718 Lydia WARD, b. Newton 16 Aug 1692, d. c. 1724, the daughter of Dea. Richard Ward and Thankful Trowbridge. They had three children, born c. 1719 to c. 1724. John m. (2) Newton 17 Jan 1724/5 Sarah SMITH, who may be the Sarah Burrage who d. Newton 17 June 1775. John and Sarah had seven children born in Newton, but their birth dates were either lost, or not recorded in the first place; six of them are included in the Burrage genealogy.
  • Sarah, b. Boston 21 Sep 1695. She is not the Sarah Burrage who married Benjamin Adams; that Sarah was a generation younger, and it appears that Benjamin Adams was born about 1723, was married in 1755, and had several children thereafter.
  • Lydia, b. c. 1705, m. Newton 24 April 1729 John CHENEY, Jr., b. Newton 10 Jan 1703[/4?], the son of John Cheney, Sr. and Elizabeth Seager. They had a daughter, Lydia, born in 1731, and possibly a son John.
  • Abigail, b. c. 1707, m. Newton 8 January 1729 Edward PRENTICE, b. Newton 19 Nov 1706, the son of Edward Prentice and Sarah Osland. Abigail and Edward had eight children, born 1729 to 1744. Edward was certainly still living on 28 May 1760, when his son was called Edward Jr. in his marriage record.
  • Ruth, b. c. 1711, m. Newton 20 Oct 1731 Ebenezer SEGER (or Segor/Segur/Seager), b. Newton 21 Feb 1710, d. Newton 17 Nov 1785, son of Job and Mary/Mercy Seger. They had ten children born 1732 to 1751. Ebenezer's will, dated 14 July 1785 names several children, but no wife, so she likely predeceased him by a short amount of time, but not early enough for him to remarry. His will was proved 7 Dec 1785.

(8g) John Dean[edit]

Dean genealogy [92]

John Dean, b. 1650, d. Dedham, Mass. 13 Dec 1727, and m. c. 1676 Sarah _______, b. c. 1655, d. Dedham 20 May 1727, seven months before her husband. John's birth year comes from a deposition he made in 1685, calling himself aged 35. The maiden name of Sarah has been given as Farrington in a number of reports, but there is no documentary evidence confirming that this is so. John was a carpenter and husbandman whose provenance remains unknown. He first appears in the public record in Dedham, Mass. on 3 Dec 1672 as a "yonge man" preparing for settlement. He received swamp meadow in 1675, and timber to make a cider press in 1677. He was appointed as a fence viewer in 1682 and as constable in 1685, and thereafter was appointed as a surveyor on many occasions. His will was dated 30 Sep 1727, and names his children, but no wife, as she died less than a year earlier. Children: [93]

  • John, b. 25 April 1677, d. Dedham 28 March 1770, aged 93 years lacking a month, m. 23 Dec 1703 Hannah SAVIL, b. c. 1676, d. Dedham 27 May 1766, aged about 90, daughter of Dea Benjamin Savil and Lydia Barnes of Braintree. John was frequently referred to as surveyor and constable in the Dedham town records. On 18 July 1736, John was selected as one of the first deacons of the South Parish Church, upon the church's formation. They had eight children, born in Dedham 1705 to 1719.
  • Sarah, b. 13 Dec 1678, m. _______ HARDEN (Harding?). Sarah was living in Sep 1727 when named "Sary Harden" in her father's will
  • Ebenezer, b. 17 May 1681, d. 30 Oct 1766, aged 86, m. (1) 25 Nov 1706 Mary WHITE, b. c. 1685, d. 19 Jan 1711/2; no known children. He m. (2) c. 1713 Judith LEWIS, b. 6 July 1693, d. 2 Feb 1787, daughter of Barachiah Lewis and Judith Whiting. Ebenezer was a carpenter; he and Judith had eight known children, born 1714 to 1736.
  • Joseph, b. 14 March 1683, m. (1) Mary FAXON; m. (2) Prudence SAUNDERS (see below)
  • Jeremiah, b. 14 March 1683, d. 1756, m. Dedham 26 Jan 1710/1 Mary FISHER. b. 24 July 1687, d. 1770, the daughter of Capt. Joshua Fisher and Esther Wiswall. Jeremiah's name in the Dedham town records is found in connection with surveys and appraisals. His will, dated 25 March 1747, was probated 20 Feb 1756. Mary's will was dated 9 July 1770 and probated 7 Sep 1770. They had nine children born from 1711 to 1725.
  • Elizabeth b. 23 Oct 1689, m. Dedham 27 Dec 1718 John MACNAB, b. Dedham 23 Oct 1678, d. there 8 Dec 1751, the son of James McNabb and Sarah Roper. They had three daughters, born in Dedham 1722 to 1727. The small number of children leads to the possibility that Elizabeth died at an early age, but no remarriage for John has been found in the records.
  • Abigail, b. 12 June 1694, d. 31 Dec 1750 (Fairbanks gen), m. Dedham 3 May 1716 Joseph FAIRBANKS, Jr., b. Dedham 26 April 1687, d. there c. 1754, the son of Joseph and Dorcas Fairbanks of Dedham. Joseph inherited a part of the original homestead of his great grandfather, Jonathan Fairbanks, which had been divided between his father and uncle Benjamin. The Fairbanks House (Dedham, Massachusetts) was declared a National Historic Site in 1960. Jonathan was living on 9 March 1752 when he conveyed this homestead and other property to his son Joseph, Jr. He was likely dead by 22 April 1755 when the younger Joseph conveyed the property to his brothers, but his name in the deed did not include "Jr.". The Dover, Mass. vital record giving Joseph's death year as 1764 appears to be an error. Abigail and Joseph had eight children born in Dedham from 1717 to 1739.

(7g) Joseph Dean, Sr.[edit]

Joseph, the son of John Dean and Sarah [Furrington?], was b. Dedham, Mass. 14 March 1682/3, d. there 20 Dec 1721, and m. (1) Braintree, Mass. 7 May 1707 Mary FAXON, b. Braintree 1689, d. Dedham 12 Oct 1720, the daughter of Thomas Faxon and Mary Blanchard. Joseph m. (2) Boston 25 May 1721 Prudence SAUNDERS, who died in Dedham 4 Dec 1721, with Joseph dying two weeks later, leaving his children, aged 3 to 13, as orphans. Joseph held the title of Ensign, and was called a clothier in his administration papers. Though the family lived in Dedham, Joseph was baptized and joined the church at Milton on 16 Feb 1706/7 just prior to his first marriage. Also in one account of his marriage he was called of Dorchester. Children, b. Dedham: [94]

  • Mary, b. 18 June 1708, m. Dedham 22 Dec 1726 Israel SMITH, b. Dedham 19 June 1697, d. there 24 Aug 1745, the son of Asahel Smith and Elizabeth (Brewer?). A web source gives Mary's death as being Dec 1766 in Dedham, but I have found no record supporting this. Mary and Israel had two sons, born 1731 and 1734.
  • Thomas, b. 28 Oct 1709, d. Dedham 8 Dec 1745, m. Milton, Mass. 7 Oct 1731 Grace WADSWORTH, b. Milton 9 Feb 1709/10, d. Dedham 26 March 1789, the daughter of John Wadsworth and Elizabeth Vose. They had a daughter, Abigail. Grace m. (2) Isaac Bullard, as his second wife, b. Dedham 15 April 1709, d. there on his birthday, 15 April 1770, the son of William Bullard and Elizabeth Avery. Isaac had married first c. 1732 Mary Dean, b. Dedham 1711, d. there 1745, daughter of Jeremiah Dean and Mary Fisher. Grace shares a grave stone with her second husband, Isaac Bullard, in the Old Village Cemetery in Dedham. [95]
  • Joseph, b. Dedham 11 Feb 1710/1, m. Hannah BAKER
  • Sarah, b. 28 July 1713, m. 8 March 1731/2 John B________ per the Dean genealogy. The Faxon genealogy erroneously suggests that this Sarah also married Jonathan Starr. The Sarah Dean who married Jonathan Starr was a daughter of Jeremiah-2 Dean (husband of Mary Fisher and son of John and Sarah Dean).
  • Elizabeth, b. 28 Nov 1717, m. Dedham 16 May 1744 Eleazer STODDARD, b. Newton 11 March 1719/20, d. Mansfield, CT 1772, the son of Eleazer Stoddard and Susannah Hall. They had seven known children born 1745 to 1760, with the first five born in Dedham and the remaining two in Connecticut. FAG memorials have been created for them, though their burial locations are not known. [96]
  • Faxon, b. 27 Jan 1718/9, d. Martinsburgh, NY April 1807, m. Canterbury, CT 15 Oct 1746 Mehetable CLEVELAND, b. Canterbury 16 Feb 1727/8, the daughter of Samuel Cleveland and Sarah Boswell. Faxon and Mehetable had nine known children born 1747 to 1767. The family appears to have been constantly on the move, and online sources indicate that children were born in Canterbury, CT, "Mansfield, Canada" (Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Quebec?), Westfield, Mass., South Brimfield, Mass., and Berkshire, Mass. The following comes from the published history of Lewis County, NY: Faxon Dean (1718-1807) In the month of April, 1807, an unusual fall of snow followed by warm sunny weather, occasioned a flood in all the streams of this region, more destructive than ever before or since witnessed. The mill of General Martin, which stood a few yards above the present one, was undermined and launched into the stream when it floated down and finally lodged and partly went to pieces at the State Road Bridge. Mr. Faxon Dean, father of Samuel Dean, the miller, lodged in a small room in the upper part of the mill, and although advised of possible danger from the flood, remained there on the night that the mill was swept away. He had been a miller in his younger days, and loved the mill and its surroundings. When urged to leave his lodgings on that occasion, he said he liked to hear the dashing of the water, and slept the sounder for it. His cries were heard by the people on the bank, who followed with lanterns the floating building and its inmate but were entirely unable to render the slightest aid. These cries continued until the mill struck the bridge and went to pieces. His body was found among flood-wood some weeks after and was the first one buried in the old graveyard a mile south of the village. Faxon is buried in the Hogsback Cemetery, which is the first burial ground established in Martinsburgh, Lewis Co., NY. [97]

(6g) Joseph Dean, Jr.[edit]

Joseph Dean, the son of Joseph Dean and Mary Faxon, was born Dedham, MA 11 Feb 1710/1, d. Dedham 1779, and married (1) Dedham 11 Dec 1734 Hannah BAKER, b. Dedham 13 Jan 1713/4, d. c. 1753, daughter of John Baker and Sarah Whiting. Following Hannah's death, Joseph married Mary BAKER. The date of this second marriage is a source of confusion. The Dedham vital record gives the date of marriage as 2 Jan 1753, but also gives the date of intention to marry as 12 Dec 1753. John Whiting's Diary gives the marriage date as 17 Jan 1754 (see NEHGR, 1909, p.187). It appears therefore that the intention took place in Dec 1753, and that the marriage took place in Jan 1754, but which day in January requires a coin toss--is it the 2nd or the 17th? [98] [99] Children, b. Dedham:

  • Joseph, b. 17 July 1735, m. 6 April 1757 Sarah BAKER
  • Caroline, b. 19 March 1737, living in Dedham in 1810, m. Dedham 9 Jan 1763 John CARBEE/CARBY, b. c. 1735, d. c. 1795. John was almost certainly the Revolutionary War soldier of his name from Dedham who was a private in Capt Joseph Guild's company of Minute-men, in Col. Greaton's regiment. He marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, and served for 12 days. He enlisted for several other campaigns as well. John appears with two females in the 1790 census for Dedham, but likely died within the next ten years, as "Carolina Carby" appears on the 1800 Dedham census in a household with one female 45 and over, and one female 26-44. Caroline also appears on the 1810 census in Dedham as "Caroline Carbee" again over 45 with a female 26-44. Online accounts that indicate John Carbee died in 1834 in Vermont likely refer to his son. Caroline and John had six known children, born in Dedham 1763 to1680, some of whom appear to have moved to Newbury, Vermont. [100]
  • Sarah, b. 24 Oct 1740, m. Dedham 9 Nov 1763 Jeremiah FISHER, b. Dedham 10 Nov 1735, d. Dedham 20 Nov 1776, son of Jeremiah-6 Fisher (Jeremiah-5, Daniel-4-3, Anthony-2-1) and Elizabeth Cooke, as his second wife. Jeremiah had married first Esther _______. He died of smallpox after housing a deserted British soldier at his home, and Sarah was left to raise her children. They had seven known children, six of whom survived childhood. [101]
  • Namah, b. 24 May 1744; nothing more known of her. The Dean genealogy, citing the records of Frank Smith, says she died 1 Sep 1833, but this death date belongs to her niece, Naamah (Dean) Draper, which brings its validity into question.
  • Luke, b. 29 May 1750, d. Dover, MA 18 Mar 1825, m. (int Dedham 16 Aug 1771) Rebecca RUSSELL, b. 1 Oct 1754 (per online account), probably the daughter of John Russell, Jr. and Elizabeth Colburn. Luke and Rebecca named one of their eleven children Colburn Dean. Luke was a Revolutionary War soldier, and involved in several engagements. The declaration of independence written by the town of Dedham says that Luke Dean was one of several soldiers who did guard duty around Dedham for 28 days. Dean appears as a resident of Dover, MA in 1779, and is there on the 1800 and 1810 censuses, and it appears his wife is with him during both enumerations. He is buried in Dover. [102] [103] [104]

(5g) Joseph Dean, III[edit]

Joseph Dean, the son of Joseph Dean and Hannah Baker, was born in Dedham, Mass. 17 July 1735, d. there 1829, and m. Dedham 6 April 1757 Sarah BAKER, b. 1742, d. Dedham 14 July 1818, aged 75. The Dean genealogy gives three different service records for a Joseph Dean of Dedham, but which, if any of these, applies to the subject has not been determined. There are two Joseph Deans in Dedham in 1800, and there are three in 1810. Only the one without a senior couple (m & f 45+) can be ruled out. This may be the only Joseph Dean in Dedham in 1820, with male and female aged 45+ and female aged 26-44. If this is the correct Joseph, then the older female may be his widowed daughter, Sarah, since his wife had died. Administration of Joseph's estate was dated 5 May 1829 giving the heirs as "no widow, Molly French, deceased [Mary], Sarah Holmes and Naamah Draper." [105]

Children. b. Dedham, Mass.:

  • Mary (Molly), b. 24 March 1758, d. c. 1785, m. 16 Sep 1775 Benjamin FRENCH, b. 23 March 1750, living in 1820, the son of Ebenezer French and Mary Fuller. Mary and Benjamin had four known children, born 1776 to 1783. Following Mary's death, Benjamin m. (2) Dedham 29 March 1786 Hannah Glover, b. Dedham 15 Aug 1756, the daughter of Henry and Hannah Glover of Dedham. Hannah likely died by 1795, because it appears that Benjamin m. (3) Dedham 23 July 1796 Jemima Glover, b. Dedham 16 May 1765, sister of Hannah.
  • Eleanor, b. 25 Feb 1761, d. Dedham 9 June 1785
  • Sarah (Sally), b. 8 Jan 1764, m. Dedham 18 Jan 1797 the widower John HOLMES, b. Sharon, Mass 20 May 1753, d. Sharon 12 Feb 1802, the son of John Holmes and Mehitable Hewing. John had married first in Dedham 28 April 1774 Esther Rhodes, daughter of Eleazer Rhodes, Jr. and Mary Woolcot. John Holmes appears on the 1790 census in Sharon, and it appears he is enumerated in both Sharon and Dedham in 1800, with similar households except for one person. Sarah and John had six children born in Sharon from 1785 to 1795. The fate of Sarah has not been learned.
  • Naamah, b. 24 May 1771, m. 14 May 1793 Daniel DRAPER. They are buried in the large town cemetery in Westwood, Mass. [106]

(8g) John Baker, Sr.[edit]

(7g) John Baker, Jr. (1)[edit]

John, the son of John Baker and Abigail Fisher of Dedham, Mass., was b. Dedham 24 June 1677, d. there 8 April 1768, and m. there 22 Oct 1701 Sarah WHITING, b. Dedham 15 Nov 1682, d. there 1 Jan 1769, the daughter of Timothy Whiting and Sarah Bullard. John and Sarah share a tall monument with his parents and others, perhaps a cenotaph, in the Westwood Cemetery, Westwood (formerly a part of Dedham), Mass. Children, b. Dedham: [107]

  • John, b. 31 Jan 1703/4, d. Dedham 12 Aug 1790, m. Boston 27 March 1729 Patience MORSE, b. Sherborn 19 Nov 1707, obituary in Dedham 14 Sep 1775, daughter of Daniel Morse and Susanna Holbrook. They had six known children born 1730 to 1747.
  • Nathaniel, b. 4 April 1706, died Dedham April 1734 when thrown from a horse and killed.
  • Timothy, b. 24 Dec 1708, d.Dedham 24 Sep 1786, m. (1) Dedham 26 Jan 1736/7 Abigail POND, b. 1716, d. Dedham 10 Nov 1778, the daughter of Jabez and Mary Pond. Timothy m. (2) (recorded in Waltham and Dedham, Mass.) 21 June 1780 Lois BROWN, b. Newton 15 Sep 1734, d. Needham 16 Feb 1812 (per VR; 11 Feb on g.s.), daughter of Robert and Mercy Brown. Timothy and Abigail share a tall monument in the Westwood Cemetery, Westwood, Mass., while Lois has a slate marker in the Wellesley Congregational Church Cemetery in Wellesley. [108]
  • Eliphalet, 8 May 1711, d. Dedham 25 Jan 1801, m. Dedham 19 May 1756 Elizabeth FISHER, b. Dedham 10 Feb 1733/4, d. there 22 July 1816, the daughter of Jeremiah Fisher and Elizabeth Cook. Eliphalet and Elizabeth share one face of a tall Baker monument with some of their children in the village cemetery in Westwood, Mass. [109]
  • Hannah, b. 13 Jan 1713/4, m. Dedham 11 Dec 1734 Joseph DEAN, Jr.
  • Jeremiah, b. 16 Aug 1716, d. Dedham 11 June 1798, and m. Thompson, CT 22 Nov 1742 Elizabeth DWIGHT, b. 7 July 1716, d. Dedham 17 Dec 1794 per the Dwight genealogy, but I cannot find this in the vital records, the daughter of Rev. Josiah Dwight and Mary Partridge. Jeremiah shares a tomb with Abijah Parker and their families in the village cemetery in Westwood, Mass. Inexplicably, Elizabeth's name does not appear on the list of names. Perhaps she died much earlier than the date here indicates. [110]
  • Seth, found in some family compilations, b. c. 1719, d. Dedham 21 June 1720, but I find no record of him in the vital records.

(8g) Anthony Fisher[edit]

(7g) Eleazer Fisher[edit]

The Fisher genealogy: [111]

Eleazer, the son of Anthony Fisher and Joanna Faxon, was b. Dedham, Mass. 18 Sep 1669, d. there 6 Feb 1722, and m. Dedham 13 Oct 1698 Mary AVERY, b. Dedham 21 Aug 1674, d. Stoughton, Mass. 2_ March 1749, daughter of William Avery and Mary Lane. Though there is no burial record for this couple, FAG memorials have been set up for them. Children, b. Dedham: [112]

  • Eleazer, b. 29 Sep 1699, d. Boston 4 Nov 1745, m. Braintree, Mass. 19 Nov 1724 Mary PENNIMAN, b. Braintree 20 June 1699, d. Dedham 13 March 1758, the daughter of Moses Penniman and Mary Veazie. Eleazer was a captain in the tenth company, Col. John Choate's 8th Mass. Regiment, in the expedition against Louisbourg. He was there for 16 months, and died in Boston shortly after his return. His will, dated 12 Aug 1740, was presented for probate on 15 Nov 1745. He and Mary had ten children, born 1725 to 1739.
  • William, b. 28 June 1701, m. Medway 21 May 1729 Elizabeth DANIELL, b. Medway 19 Jan 1703, daughter of Ebenezer Daniell and Elizabeth Partridge. They had 12 children born in Walpole 1730 to 1744.
  • Jemima, b. 28 Sep 1703, d. Stoughton 28 Oct 1780, m. Boston 16 April 1724 Hezekiah GAY, b. Dedham 30 Oct 1700, d. Stoughton 5 Sep 1774, the son of Timothy Gay and Patience Lewis. Jemima and Hezekiah both have extant grave markers in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. [113]
  • David, b. 21 June 1705, d. 30 July 1779, m. (1) Walpole 16 Feb 1732 Deborah BOYDEN, b. Wrentham 23 June 1711, d. Dedham 18 July 1770, aged 59, the daughter of Thomas Boyden and Deborah Wight. He m. (2) Stoughton 27 Dec 1770 Elizabeth TALBOT, b. 1726 (an online source gives 1 Oct 1725), d. 2 July 1802, aged 76, perhaps the daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Talbot, per the Fisher genealogy. I find the death dates for David and Elizabeth only in secondary sources, and no location is given. I believe they lived in the part of Stoughton, however, that later became the town of Sharon. Several different dates for David's second marriage appear in the vital records, and my assumption is that any dates earlier than the one given here are likely for intentions. David had ten children with his first wife, born 1733 to 1755.
  • Ezra, b. 8 Feb 1707, d. Stoughton 12 March 1786, m. Braintree 2 Jan 1738 Mary FENTON, b. 1714, d. Stoughton 27 March 1807, aged 92. The provenance of Mary is uncertain. A Mary Fenton, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Fenton, was born in Bristol, RI 23 June 1715. Another Mary Fenton, daughter of William and Mary Fenton, was b. Charlestown, Mass. 13 June 1715. Neither of these may be the correct person. Ezra joined the Dedham church in 1732 and was dismissed to the church in Stoughton in 1744. However, he was taxed in Stoughtonham (later Sharon) in 1742. Ezra and Mary had eight children born in Stoughton from 1739 to 1758. They both have extant grave markers in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. [114]
  • Nathaniel, b. c. 1708, d. in Dedham either 4, 9, or 19 January 1734/5, per the Dedham records, which are very difficult to read. in 1734 (1734/5?), Nathaniel's brother, Ezekiel, was appointed as the administrator of his estate.
  • Mary, b. 27 Oct 1710, m. Dedham 26 Jan 1732/3 William ALEXANDER of Stoughton. I find no records for this couple other than the marriage. An online account says William was born in Scotland in 1705, and died in York Co., South Carolina 3 March 1769, and had one known daughter.
  • Ezekiel, b. 12 Oct 1712, m. (1) Susanna WADSWORTH; m. (2) Experience (FULLER) Blackman (see below).
  • Timothy, b. 28 Aug 1714, was married in Medway on 11 Dec 1739 to Thankful DANIEL, b. Medway 3 July 1715, the daughter of Ebenezer Daniel and Mary Partridge or Harding. Timothy was taxed in Stoughton in 1742. In May 1756 he joined Capt. Nathaniel Blake's company in Jonathan Bayley's regiment during the French and Indian War. He "died in His Majts Service in ye Intend Expedition against Crown Point Nov'br ye 29th 1[756]." Coincidently, his son Reuben died in Stoughton on the very same date two years earlier, 29 Nov 1754. Following his death, his widow m. (2) Stoughton 30 Oct 1758 David Stone, cordwainer, b. Dorchester 11 Nov 1709, d. Stoughton 25 Sep 1794 in 86th year, who had married first Mindwell Priest. David Stone has an extant grave marker in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. Timothy and Thankful had seven children born 1740 to 1754. [115]
  • Stephen, b. 11 July 1716, apparently died young. In the original hand-written Dedham vital record, Stephen's birth year is written 1715, but every other birth on that page has the date of 1716 or (towards the end) 1717. The 1716 year is much more plausible, because the 1715 year would put his birth at only 10 1/2 months after his previous sibling--not impossible, but improbable.
  • Benjamin, b. May, likely 1720, d. 18 Jan 1777, and m. Dedham 11 Aug 1742 Sarah EVERETT, b. Dedham 7 June 1718, d. 2 Aug 1795, the daughter of William Everett and Rachel Newcomb. Benjamin's birth record is at the bottom edge of a page of old Dedham records, and has been partially destroyed. The author of the Fisher genealogy interpreted his birth year as 1721, but all the other birth years immediately preceding Benjamin's give the year 1720. Claims have been made that Benjamin served during the American Revolutionary War, but the service records pertaining to a Benjamin Fisher of Dedham almost certainly all pertain to his son, Benjamin Jr., who died of Camp Fever in 1776 while at Ticonderoga. The death dates for Benjamin and Sarah come from the Fisher genealogy; they were not found in any public records. Benjamin's will, dated 23 Dec 1776, was proved 7 Feb 1777. They had nine children, born 1743 to 1760.

(6g) Ezekiel Fisher[edit]

Ezekiel Fisher, the son of Eleazer Fisher and Mary Avery, was born in Dedham, Mass. on 12 Oct 1712, d. Stoughton, MA 12 July 1793, and m. (1) in Stoughton 17 Oct 1739 Susanna WADSWORTH, b. Stoughton 26 March 1721, d. Stoughton 26 Feb 1774, the daughter of Ensign George and Sarah Wadsworth; he m. (2) Sharon, MA 8 July 1778 Experience (Fuller) Blackman, b. Sharon June 1739, d. Gardiner, Maine 14 June 1823, the widow of Josiah Blackman of Stoughton, and daughter of Jeremiah Fuller and Hannah Newell. When Ezekiel was about 11, his father died, and John Wight was appointed his guardian. In 1734 he was appointed administrator of the estate of his brother Nathaniel, of Dedham. By 1736 he had settled on Spring Lane in Stoughton, now in Canton, where he was taxed. By the time of his death, his homestead consisted of 66 acres in Stoughton, with dwelling house, stable and corn barn. Ezekiel and Susanna are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery in Canton; Experience is buried in the Sampson Cemetery, Gardiner, Maine. [116] [117] [118] Children, all b. Stoughton:

  • Nathaniel, b. 29 Sep 1740, d. 6 Dec 1796, m. 22 Apr 1763 Hannah BAKER. They are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [119]
  • Sarah, b. 16 Feb 1742, d. 19 Aug 1744
  • Susanna, b. 26 Dec 1744, d. Augusta, ME 31 (or 3) Aug 1831, m. 4 May 1775 Henry BAILEY, b. Stoughton 18 April 1737, d. Canton, MA 24 Oct 1819, the son of Richard and Esther Bailey. Following the death of her husband, Susanna moved to Augusta, Maine, where she lived with her daughter, Persis Hovey. Henry is buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery with a grave marker, while Susanna is buried in the Brackett Cemetery, near her daughter Persis, Augusta, Maine. Susanna and Henry had three children. [120] [121] [122]
  • Ruth, b. 15 Sep 1746, d. Canton 26 Oct 1819, m. 12 Apr 1770 Israel BAILEY, b. Stoughton 18 Nov 1747, d. Canton 17 June 1843, the son of Richard Bailey and Anna Mosman. They had five children. [123]
  • Ezekiel, b. 5 Aug 1748, d. 22 Aug 1802, m. (1) 20 (or 10) Jan 1771 Sarah MAY, b. Stoughton 25 Oct 1751, d. Stoughton 16 Jan 1778, the daughter of Nathaniel May and Hannah Stearns. He m. (2) 10 Feb 1791 (or 18 Oct 1787) Anna HORTON, b. Stoughton 11 Feb 1763, d. Canton 1 Mar 1841, the daughter of Levi Horton and Ann Kenny. Ezekiel was a sergeant in Captain James Endicott's company, Colonel Robinson's regiment, at the alarm of 19 April 1775, serving eight days. He also had later service during the Revolutionary War. He signed the petition for the incorporation of Canton, dated 17 April 1795. He had nine children. [124]
  • Mary, b. 8 July 1750, d. 20 Oct 1767
  • Abigail, b. 18 Aug 1752, d. Canton 26 Aug 1842, m. (pub) 1 Apr 1775 Deacon Elijah GILL, b. Stoughton 25 Oct 1752, d. Canton 26 Oct 1826, the son of Col. Benjamin Gill and Bethia Wentworth. They had seven children. Abigail and Elijah are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery with grave markers. [125]
  • Lemuel, b. 8 Dec 1754, d. Canton 23 Aug 1810, m. Stoughton 1 June 1780 Anna BILLINGS, b. Stoughton 20 Oct 1757, d. Canton 7 Feb 1827, daughter of Samuel Billings, Jr. and Reliance Hudson. Lemuel was a very powerful man and a famous wrestler. The story has been told that he dug an entire cellar hole in one day, thus winning a fifty dollar bet. He was a Revolutionary War soldier, first serving in Captain James Endicott's company, Lemuel Robinson's regiment, and marching on the alarm of 19 April 1775, with service for 13 days. He also served many times subsequently. Hi signed the 1795 petition for the incorporation of Canton. They had nine children. Both Lemuel and Anna have grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [126] [127] [128]
  • Hannah, b. 30 Jan 1757, m. 21 Sep 1780 Joseph SMITH, b. Stoughton 7 Aug 1759. They moved to Pompey, NY
  • Sarah, b. 24 Mar 1759, d. Augusta, ME 18 Aug 1818, m. Stoughton 31 Oct 1780 Beriah INGRAHAM, b. Stoughton 8 Mar 1756, d. Augusta, ME 6 Mar 1814, the son of Jeremiah Ingraham, Jr. and Abigail Hartwell. Sarah and Beriah had six children. Sarah and Beriah are buried in the King Cemetery in Augusta, Maine. [129]
  • Eunice, b. 3 Feb 1764, d. Augusta, ME 6 June 1832, m. Stoughton, MA 16 Sep 1784 Asa WILLIAMS, b. Easton, MA 8 June 1758, d. Augusta, ME 20 July 1820, the son of Seth Williams and Susanna Fobes. Asa moved in 1779 with his brother Seth, from Easton, Mass. to Hallowell (now Augusta), Maine. Eunice and Asa had nine children. Eunice and Asa are buried in the King Cemetery, Augusta, Maine, with a grave markers. [130]

With second wife:

  • Rebecca, b. 29 March 1783, d. W. Gardiner, ME 18 Feb 1857, m. Canton (pub) 16 Mar 1806 Jesse TUCKER, b. Stoughton 14 July 1780, d. Gardiner, ME 7 Mar 1846, son of Deacon Benjamin Tucker and Jane Babcock. Jesse, Rebecca, and her mother, Experience, traveled for three weeks aboard a packet from Boston to Hallowell, arriving in May 1806. Rebecca and Jesse had eleven children. Rebecca and Jesse are buried on their family farm in West Gardiner, Maine. [131]

(5g) Nathaniel Fisher[edit]

Nathaniel, b. Stoughton, Mass. 29 Sep 1740, d. there 6 Dec 1796, was the oldest son of Ezekiel Fisher and Susanna Wadsworth of Stoughton. He was married in Stoughton on 22 April 1763 to Hannah BAKER, the daughter of Elijah Baker and Hannah Puffer of Sharon, Mass. As early as 1757 he was a private in Major Stephen Miller's company of militia. During the Revolutionary War he was in Captain James Endicott's company which marched from Stoughton upon the Lexington Alarm, and in March 1776 he was a corporal when he marched to Dorchester Heights to help reinforce the Continental Army. During the war he was on a committee to consider the Constitution proposed at the State Convention, this being in February 1778. He was also charged with purchasing supplies for families of Continental soldiers. In December 1787, after the war, he was a delegate chosen by the town to consider the Federal Constitution. Also, from 1783-1792 he was one of the guardians of the Ponkapog Indians. In April 1795 he was on a committee to petition the General Court to incorporate the First Parish of Stoughton as the separate town of Canton. A year earlier he had been a surveyor, and created maps in order to effect this proposed change. In 1794 he operated a "great forge" and "corne mill" on the east branch of the Neponset River, and in 1797 scythes were crafted at the forge. Upon his death, the inventory of his estate included more than $10,000 in real estate and almost $2500 in personal property. He and Hannah had seven known children, all of them born in the part of Stoughton that in 1797 became Canton; they were: [132]

  • Jabin, b. 15 Mar 1764, d. Washintgon, NH 13 Jun 1842, m. Stoughton 10 Feb 1791 Mary Tucker, b. Stoughton 15 Apr 1770, d. Washington, NH 21 Mar 1853, the daughter of James Tucker and Rebecca Swift. Jabin and Mary have surviving gravestones in the Old Cemetery, Washington, NH. [133]
  • Elijah, b. 30 Jul 1765, m. (1) Susanna Hixon and (2) Mehitabel Fadden. Both of Elijah's wives have grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery, and there is little doubt he is buried there also, but without a marker. [134]
  • Abel, b. 26 Apr 1767, d. Newbury, OH 1 Oct 1831, m. (1) Stoughton 1 Oct 1789 Deborah White, b. Dedham 16 Jun 1772, d. Canton 26 Aug 1802, the dau of Ebenezer and Deborah White. He m. (2) Canton 24 Apr 1803 Ruth Tilden, b. Stoughton 6 Dec 1774, d. Newbury, OH 13 Feb 1833, dau of Ezra Tilden (1751-1819) and Sarah White (1747-1839). See Fisher genealogy for his business enterprises, and migration. Abel and his second wife have grave markers in the South Newbury Cem., Geauga Co., Ohio. Deborah has a marker in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [135]
  • Nathaniel, b. 24 Aug 1769, d. 25 Feb 1802, unmarried. He was a graduate of Harvard College, class of 1789. He has a grave marker in the Canton Corner Cemeter. [136]
  • Hannah, b. 14 Mar 1773, d. Canton 5 Jan 1833, m. Stoughton 25 Apr 1793 Benjamin Lewis, b. Stoughton 13 Nov 1766, d. Waltham, MA 20 May 1869, son of James Hawkes Lewis (1740-1795) and Lydia Pratt. Hannah has a surviving (though toppled) gravestone in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [137]
  • Samuel, b. 14 Nov 1776, d. Canton 22 Jul 1830, m. Canton 31 May 1798 Susanna Tucker, b. Stoughton 6 May 1778, d. Randolph, MA 11 Mar 1864, the dau of Benjamin Tucker (1744-1832) and Jane Babcock (b. 1744). Samuel and Susanna both have grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery, in Canton, Mass. [138]
  • Elizabeth, b. 17 Jul 1782, d. Lowell, MA 8 Jul 1859, m. Boston 5 Oct 1800 Henry Bass Curtis, b. Boston 17 Dec 1775, d. Boston 15 Mar 1828, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Curtis. They are buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. [139]

(4g) Elijah Fisher[edit]

(8g) Ebenezer Wadsworth[edit]

(7g) George Wadsworth[edit]

George, the son of Ebenezer and Mary Wadsworth, was born Milton, Mass. 16 March 1699, and d. Stoughton, Mass. Feb 1778. The Boston vital record clearly states that George Wadsworth and Hannah Pitcher were married there on 17 June 1720 by Samuel Checkley, Esq. Though the vital record appears unambiguous that the name of George's wife was Hannah, this conflicts with the Stoughton vital records, that give the parents of the nine children as "George and Sarah Wadsworth." If George married Hannah in June 1720, there is insufficient time for him to remarry and have a child with Sarah in March 1721. Therefore, there appears no alternative other than to accept that the marriage record for George incorrectly names his wife, and that she was actually Sarah Pitcher. The most plausible explanation appears to be that Mr. Checkley recorded her name incorrectly when he submitted the marriage to the city clerk. Sarah Pitcher was b. Milton 1 Nov 1693, d. Stoughton 5 April 1768, the daughter of Nathaniel Pitcher and Mary Clapp. George and Sarah lived in the part of Stoughton that became Canton in 1797. George was a miller by occupation, and served as an ensign in Capt Daniel Goffe's company during a 1740 expedition. Children, b. Stoughton: [140]

  • Susanna, b. 26 March 1721, m. Ezekiel FISHER
  • Esther, b. 6 Feb 1722/3, m. Stoughton 30 March 1743 Eleazer MAY, Jr., b. Dedham 31 May 1715, the son of Eleazer and Mary May of Dedham.
  • Ruth, b. 12 Dec 1724, d. Stoughton 18 March 1761, m. Stoughton 11 Jan 1743/4 Elijah TILDEN, b. Scituate, Mass. 18 March 1719, d. Canton, Mass. 7 March 1799, the son of David Tilden and Abigail Pitcher of Scituate. They lived in the part of Stoughton that became Canton in 1797. Ruth and Elijah had seven known children, born 1744 to 1756/7. A flag has been placed on the assumed grave of their son, Elijah, Jr. (b. 1746) in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. [141]
  • Lydia, b. 23 March 1726, d. Stoughton 15 Nov 1797, m. c. 1742 Henry STONE, bapt 19 Feb 1720/1, d. Stoughton 7 Jan 1784, the son of David Stone and Thankful Withington. Henry was a sergeant in Capt Nathaniel Blake's company, Col Jonathan Bayley's regiment during the expedition against Crown Point during the French and Indian War. His dates of service were 22 April to 5 October 1756. Lydia and Henry had 13 children, born 1743 to 1770.
  • Recompense, b. 12 Feb 1729/30, d. Stoughton 8 Nov 1798, m. (1) Braintree, Mass. 24 Oct 1754 Hannah PAIN, b. Braintree 17 Oct 1734, d. Stoughton 1759. The intention of marriage, dated Stoughton 11 May 1754, called both the bride and groom of Stoughton, though the marriage took place in Braintree where Hannah was born. Recompense and Hannah had two children, born 1755 and 1757. He m. (2) Stoughton 21 Feb 1760 Abigail LYON, b. 29 May 1741, daughter of Elnathan Lyon and Hannah Tilden. Recompense was a private in Capt Peter Talbot's company, Col Lemuel Robinson's regiment that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, during the American Revolutionary War. His two brothers were also in the same unit. He had subsequent service during the war in 1776. Recompense and Abigail had eleven children, born 1760 to 1784.
  • Abigail, b. c. Jan 1730/1, d. 23 Jan 1730/1
  • Phebe, b. 30 June 1732, d. 12 May 1733
  • Christopher, b. 14 June 1733, d. Stoughton 4 Oct 1793, and m. (1) Stoughton 26 April 1753 Ann PAUL, b. 1737, d. 26 July 1759, aged 22, perhaps the daughter of Samuel Paul and Abigail Withington of Dorchester. Christopher and Ann had three children, born 1754 to 1758. He m. (2) Stoughton 15 Jan 1760 Abigail WITHINGTON, b. Dorchester 27 July 1740, d. Stoughton 15 Aug 1794 in her 55th year, daughter of William Withington and Deborah Damon. Christopher and Abigail had nine children, born 1762 to 1783. Christopher was a sergeant in Capt Peter Talbot's company, Col Lemuel Robinson's regiment, that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775 during the American Revolutionary War. His two brothers were also in the same unit. He also had subsequent service in 1776. Christopher and both of his wives all have extant grave markers in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. [142]
  • John, b. 12 Dec 1735, d. c. 1776, m. Stoughton 18 Oct 1759 Jerusha WHITE, b. Dedham 3 Dec 1740, the daughter of Benjamin white and Sarah Talbot of Stoughton. John was a Revolutionary War soldier, serving as a private in Capt Peter Talbot's company, Col Lemuel Robinson's regiment, marching on the alarm of 19 April 1775, with six days service. His two brothers also served in the same unit. He also served for two short periods in March 1776, being with the Stoughton unit that marched on Dorchester Heights and Braintree. Because of his 1776 military service, he could not have been the John Wadsworth who died in Milton, Mass. 11 Dec 1775. A published book about the Wadsworth family says that John died of disease during the Revolutionary War, and many unpublished accounts give the year as 1776. [143]

(8g) John Baker, Sr.[edit]

(7g) John Baker, Jr. (2)[edit]

Genealogy of family [144]

John, the son of John Baker and Preserved Trott, was born Dorchester, Mass. 25 Nov 1671, d. Dorchester 9 Oct 1746, and m. 16 May 1708 Hannah WITHINGTON, b. Dorchester 19 Dec 1686, d. Dorchester 30 April 1768, the daughter of John Withington and Elizabeth Preston. Their dwelling house was located on the "Great Country Road", later Washington Street in Dorchester. The house was standing as late as 1889. John and Hannah are buried in the Dorchester North Burying Ground, now a part of Boston, Mass., but their grave markers may not have survived. Children, all b. Dorchester, Mass.: [145]

  • Hannah, b. 10 May 1709, d. Stoughton 4 Feb 1790, m. Dorchester 29 Dec 1730 Benjamin CLAP, b. Dorchester 17 Oct 1707, d. Stoughton 10 Oct 1793, the son of Samuel Clapp and Mary Paul. Benjamin was given the title of Lieutenant on his grave marker. He and Hannah both have surviving grave markers in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. They had five children born 1732/3 to 1740. [146]
  • John, b. 15 April 1711, d. young
  • James, b. 24 May 1713, d. Dorchester 18 Nov 1776, m. Dorchester 14 Dec 1738 Priscilla PAUL, b. Dorchester 17 May 1718, d. Dorchester 26 Nov 1750, aged 32, daughter of Ebenezer Paul and Hannah Atherton. James and Priscilla are both buried in the Dorchester North Burial Ground, now in Boston, Mass., but their markers may not have survived. They had four children, born 1739 to 1750. [147]
  • John, b. 28 Jan 1715, d. Dorchester 11 Nov 1798, m. (1) Dorchester 7 Feb 1738 Sarah WISWALL, b. Dorchester 29 July 1718, d. Dorchester 4 April 1788, aged 69, daughter of Thomas Wiswall and Elizabeth Jones. He m. (2) Dorchester 2 Feb 1790 Jane WHEELER. John and Sarah are buried in the Dorchester North Burial Ground. John and Sarah had only three known children, born 1740 to 1744. [148]
  • Thomas, b. 30 May 1717, d. 29 Dec 1745 in his 29th year, m. Dorchester 26 July 1739 Ann MATTOCK or MATTOX who d. 5 Oct 1758 according to the short Baker genealogy published in the NEHGR. Ann may be the daughter of Samuel Mattock and Admonition Tooker, b. Boxton 12 April 1721. Thomas died at a very young age from a disease that he caught from his brother George, following the latter's return from a military operation at Cape Breton (Nova Scotia). Thomas is buried in the Dorchester North Burial Ground, but it is not known whether his tombstone has survived. Thomas and Ann had three children, born 1739 to 1744. [149]
  • Elijah, b. 14 May 1720, m. Hannah PUFFER.
  • George, b. 13 Aug 1724, d. Dorchester 4 March 1810, m. (1) Dorchester 23 Feb 1747 Ruth WILLIAMS, b. 1717, d. Dorchester 30 June 1751, in her 35th year. He and Ruth had one child, George Jr., b. 1748. He m. (2) 11 April 1753 Mary (WISWALL) Jones, b. 1722, d. Dorchester 9 Dec 1776, aged 54, and together they had four children born 1754 to 1760. He m. (3) 2 Oct 1777 Susan VILES, who d. 26 Sep 1810. She may have been the daughter of Joseph Viles and Sarah Wales, b. Boston 20 March 1729. George enlisted in the Cape Breton expedition, sailing from Boston on 24 March 1745. He was ill when he returned, with "ship fever." His brother Thomas contracted the illness, and soon died from it. George and his first two wives are known to be buried in the Dorchester North Burying Ground, but it is not known if their grave markers have survived. [150]

(6g) Elijah Baker[edit]

Elijah Baker, the son of John Baker and Hannah Withington of Dorchester, Mass., was born in Dorchester 14 May 1720, d. Sharon, Mass. 8 Nov 1802, "in 83rd year" and m. Stoughton, MA 29 Nov 1744 Hannah PUFFER, b. Stoughton 15 Oct 1726, d. Sharon 6 Apr 1806, "in 80th year", the daughter of Lt. John Puffer and Abigail Vose. Elijah was a fairly old man when he served as a private in Capt James Endicott's company, Col William McIntosh's regiment during the Rev. War. He enlisted on 20 Mar 1778 and was discharged 5 April, 18 days of service; marched to Roxbury; roll dated Stoughton 12 Mar 1782. He has not been found on the 1790 census, but he appears in Sharon in 1800 with wife and what appears to be a younger couple with two small boys. [151] [152] Children, all born in Stoughton, but births and baptisms recorded in Sharon: [153]

  • Hannah, b. 25 Dec 1745, baptized 2 Feb 1756, d. 5 Feb 1803, m. 22 Apr 1763 Nathaniel FISHER. They are buried Canton Corner Cemetery, Canton, Mass. [154]
  • Sarah, b. 16 Dec 1747, baptized 27 Dec 1747.
  • Thomas, b. Stoughton, MA 28 Sep 1749, baptized 15 Oct 1749, d. Milton, MA 28 Dec 1796, m. Sharon, MA 14 Jan 1772 Elizabeth CONEY, b. 3 Feb 1751, the daughter of Nathaniel Coney and Sarah Morse. [155]
  • Abigail, b. 21 May 1751, baptized 26 May 1751, d. Milton, MA 18 June 1827, m. Milton 9 Aug 1774 John Box BRONSDON, b. Boston 21 May 1751, d. Milton 22 Feb 1823, the son of Bant Bronsdon (1721-1774) and Elizabeth Box (1734-1790). John was a solider of the Revolutionary War, first serving as a private in Captain John Bradley's (Milton) company in Colonel Robinson's regiment, and then also having subsequent service. He appears on the 1820 federal census for Milton, Mass, as a male 45+ with a female 45+ and two younger males. Abigail and John are buried in the old section of the Milton Cemetery, as is their son Benjamin and his wife, but no grave markers were found for any of them where other members of the Bronsdon family are buried. [156] [157]
  • Elijah, b. Stoughton, MA 12 April 1753, , baptized 20 May 1753, d. Stockbridge, VT 16 Oct 1837, m. Sharon, MA 24 Feb 1779 Olive ROGERS, b. c. 1757, d. Stockbridge, VT 30 July 1826, daughter of William Rogers and Abigail-5 Shepard (John-4, Jacob-3, Thomas-2, Ralph-1). Elijah, Jr. was a Revolutionary War soldier, serving as a private in Capt Edward Bridge Savel's (1st) company, Col. Robinson's regiment, that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775; seven days service. He also served several more times later. Elijah, called Elijah Jr., is found on the 1800 census in Sharon, Mass. with large family, and in the 1820 census in Stockbridge, Windsor Co., VT, being the one male 45 and over, with only his presumed wife, the female 45 and over. I do not find him on the 1830 census, likely because he is living with a daughter or another family. [158]
  • Mary, b. Stoughton 26 Dec 1754, baptized 13 Jan 1755, d. Canton 26 Feb 1839, m. Stoughton 21 Nov 1775 Joseph BELCHER, b. Stoughtoo 13 May 1749, d. Farmington, Franklin Co., ME 27 May 1814, son of Clifford Belcher and Mehitable Bird. .Joseph was a private in Capt. Peter Talbot's Co., Col Samuel Robin's Regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775: service 3 days. Also Capt. Simon Leach's Co., Col. Benj. Giles' Reg. marched to fortify Dorchester Heights, March 4, 1776. Service 5 days. Also Capt Theophilus Crane's Co., Col. Giles's Regt.marched from Stoughton and Braintree March 22, 1776. Service 2 days. Also Capt. Robert Lewis's Co., Col. Giles' Regt., marched to Squantum (the Moore) June 3, 1776 when the British Fleet had left Boston Harbor, service 3 days. Also Capt. Theophilus Wilder's Co., Dikes Regt. return of men in service from Dec 1776 to March 1777. The following was written by one of Joseph's grandsons, "I wanted to join the Sons of the Revolution, and I wanted very much to get it under the records of my good old grandpa Belcher. You never saw him and so did not know of his kindness, his love for the family and all those about him. To know him personally was to know perhaps the most popular man in Scott's woods, a fine singer and handsome man, and the most honorable man I ever knew." (This is extracted from a letter from Cephas Belcher Hunt to Mrs. M. Eleanor Clark, dated Oklahoma City, May 3, 1913. Joseph and his wife Mary Baker had 10 children. They both have grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery, Canton. [159]
  • Susanna, baptized 13 Mar 1757, d. before 1840, m. Sharon, MA 24 July 1796 Oliver SHEPARD, b. Stoughton 16 Oct 1768, d. Canton 19 Jan 1854, the son of Jacob-5 Shepard (Thomas-4, Ralph-3, Thomas-2, Ralph-1) and Bathsheba Puffer. Oliver appears on the 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses for Canton, Mass. He has an apparent wife his age in 1830 (aged 60-69), but also an older man, aged 80-89, and several younger people. In 1840 he is living in Canton, alone, aged 70-79. [160]
  • Mehitabel, baptized 8 March 1759, m. Foxboro, MA 6 Dec 1784 Neil McCOY, b. Scotland c. 1760, d. Utica, NY c. 1827. Neil was a soldier of the Revolution. [161]
  • Anna, baptized 15 August 1762. She may be the child of E. Baker who was buried 15 October 1764. The Mary Baker, daughter of Elijah, that was baptized on the same date as Anna was likely a clerical error, as Mary had been baptized seven years earlier.
  • John, b. Stoughton 7 March 1765, d. Sharon 22 May 1834, aged 69, m. in Canton (per Sharon VR) 15 Dec 1796 Abigail BLAKE, b. 1770, d. 15 May 1840, aged 70. John is buried in Sharon ("GR" per vital record of Sharon), and has been placed in the West Cemetery in find-a-grave. [162]
  • James, b. 21 April 1768, baptized 27 May 1768, m. Martha BIRD? The James Baker who married Martha Bird was called James Baker III, married her in Dorchester, and died in Dorchester in 1820. It seems improbable that this was the son of Elijah.
  • Bathsheba, baptized 22 Apr 1770, d. Lincoln, ME 21 Feb 1850, m. Sharon, MA 1 Oct 1789 Nehemiah Bradford SAMPSON, b. Plympton, Mass. 17 July 1764, d. Rochester, Strafford, NH 26 April 1818, the son of Jonathan Sampson and Deborah Bradford. The family appears in the 1790 census in Stoughton, Mass. under the name Nehe Sampson. In 1810 they are in Knox, Hancock Co., Maine, listed under the name Nehemiah Samson, with ten total people. Bathsheba and Nehemiah had at least seven children.

(10g) George Pougher/Puffer[edit]

see NEHGR 171:315-317 (Fall 2017)

George Pougher (Puffer) was born say 1600, d. Braintree, Mass. c. 1639 and m. Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England 15 Nov 1624 Martha HOARE, b. say 1604, d. Braintree, Mass. 18 Feb 1676/7 as "Widow Poffer." A "Georgius filius Georij Pougher" was baptized in Earl Shilton 15 March 1580/1, but this seems too old to be the George Puffer who came to New England. George, his wife, and his three children, were in New England by 1639. A record of death for George "Pocher" is given at Braintree as 27 Sep 1639, but this date conflicts with a land grant given him on 24 Feb 1639/40, unless the grant was made without knowledge of his earlier death. No New England record gives the name of George's wife, and it has only been found in her English marriage record. The three known children of George and Martha were all baptized at Earl Shilton, and all came to New England:

  • James, bapt 17 Aug 1625, d. Braintree 25 July 1692, m. there 14 Feb 1655[/6?] Mary "Swalden" who was probably the Mary LUDDEN b. Weymouth, Mass. 17 Dec 1636, daughter of James Ludden of Weymouth.
  • Mathias, bapt. 25 Feb 1626/7
  • Rachel, bapt 12 Sep 1630, m. c. 1649 (child b. Feb 1649/50) Jonathan BLISS, bapt Daventry, Northampton 2 April 1626, bur. Rehoboth, Mass. June 1687, the son of Thomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatly of Rehoboth.

(9g) Mathias Puffer[edit]

Puffer genealogy: [163]

Mathias, the son of George Puffer and Martha Hoare, was bapt. Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, England 25 Feb 1626/7, d. Dorchester, Mass. 9 May 1717, and m. (1) Rachel FARNSWORTH, killed in the Indian raid on Mendon, Mass. 10 July 1675, daughter of Joseph Farnsworth of Dorchester; (2) Dedham, Mass. 11 April 1677 Abigail EVERETT, b. Dedham Dec 1647, d. there 27 Dec 1685, daughter of Richard and Mary Everett; and (3) Milton, Mass. 14 May 1697 Mary (SPURR) Crehore, daughter of Robert Spurr of Dorchester and widow of Teague Crehore of Dedham. In 1662 Mathias received land in Mendon where he lived from 1666 to 1675, and was selectman 1671-1672. He later lived in Dedham, and then finally in Dorchester, though he was admitted to the church in Milton in 1693. He was highway surveyor in Dorchester, 1702 and Tythingman there in 1705. He presumably lived in the part of Dorchester that later became Stoughton. Children with first wife, Rachel:

  • Joseph, b. Braintree Mary 1663, killed by Indians at Mendon 10 July 1675
  • John, b. Braintree 10 Oct 1665, m. Mary HOLBROOK
  • James, b. Mendon 4 June 1668, d. 1718, m. Dorchester 17 Dec 1695 Abigail NEWTON, daughter of Ephraim Newton of Milton. They had four known children, born 1696 to 1709.
  • Esther, b. c. 1674, d. 27 June 1748, m. 2 June 1697 William SUMNER of Milton who d. 22 Dec 1738

Children with second wife, Abigail:

  • Benjamin, b. Braintree 1678, probably d. young
  • Jonathan, b. Dedham 28 Sep 1679, m. Roxbury 18 July 1717 Abiel BEACON
  • Samuel, b. Dedham 22 Feb 1681, d. 26 Dec 1685
  • Eleazer, b. Dedham 30 Jan 1684, d. 14 Jan 1747, m. Dorchester 27 Nov 1713 Elizabeth TALBOT and lived in the part of Dorchester that became Stoughton in 1726. They had eight children born Dorchester/Stoughton 1714 to 1729.
  • Abigail, b. Dedham 18 May 1685, m. 25 March 1708 William CRANE of Dorchester who d. Stoughton 20 July 1742.

(8g) John Puffer, Sr.[edit]

John, the son of Mathias Puffer and Rachel Farnsworth, was b. Braintree 10 Oct 1665, d. Stoughton 16 Jan 1750/1, and m. Dorchester 17 Dec 1695 Mary HOLBROOK of Roxbury b. c. 1673, d. Newport, RI 16 April 1736, aged 62. John lived in the part of Dorchester which became Stoughton in 1726, and was called "old Lieut. Puffer" upon his death. John at one time had a gravestone, in poor condition, in the "Proprietor's Burial Ground" in Canton, which is undoubtedly what is known as Canton's Oldest Cemetery. Children, b. Dorchester: [164]

  • John, b. 5 Oct 1698, m. Abigail VOSE
  • Miriam, b. 14 Aug 1702, m. 11 Jan 1720 Benjamin WIATE of Dorchester
  • Mary, b. 3 Nov 1706, m. Boston 26 Jan 1726 Samuel BELCHER

(7g) John Puffer, Jr.[edit]

John, the son of John Puffer and Mary Holbrook, was b. Dorchester, Mass. 3 Oct 1698, d. Stoughton, Mass. 21 Feb 1765, and m. Boston, Mass. 14 Dec 1725 Abigail VOSE, b. Milton, Mass. 24 Dec 1701, d. Stoughton 8 Feb 1774, the daughter of John Vose and Sarah Clapp of Milton. All four of John's sons and two of his sons-in-law not only served in Major Stephen Miller's company of militia in 1757, but they all served during the American Revolutionary War as well. A Find-a-grave memorial has been created for John in Canton's Oldest Cemetery, and the Vose genealogy confirms that he is buried there, as is his wife. Children, all b. Dorchester: [165]

  • Hannah, b. 15 Oct 1726, m. Elijah BAKER (see above).
  • Mary, b. 20 Nov 1728, living Sep 1816, m. Stoughton 15 April 1756, as his second wife, Jonathan FARRINGTON, b. Dedham 29 April 1728, d. Canton 25 Feb 1807, son of Jonathan Farrington and Prudence Childs. Jonathan had m. (1) Dedham 7 March 1750 Mary Fales, b. 1 Nov 1729, d. Dedham 13 March 1752. Jonathan was a Revolutionary War soldier, and a member of the Second Company that marched from Stoughton on the alarm of 19 April 1775. Mary and Jonathan had six known children. [166]
  • Seth, b. 11 March 1730/1, d. 1786, m. Stoughton 5 June 1755 Patience TOLMAN, b. Stoughton 23 Dec 1734, d. 22 Dec 1790, daughter of Bliss Tolman and Mary Beal of Braintree. Seth was in Capt James Endicott's Stoughton company following the Lexington Alarm of 1775, and also served in 1777 and 1782. An administrator for the estate of Seth Puffer was assigned on 14 Feb 1786. Patience has/had a grave stone in the Tisdale Cemetery in Sharon. Seth and Patience had six known children born in Stoughton. [167]
  • Sarah, b. 30 May 1733, m. Stoughton 1 Feb 1753 Samuel WENTWORTH (see below).
  • John, b. 13 April 1735, d. Canton 24 Oct 1815, apparently did not marry. He was a member of Major Miller's company of militia in 1757, and on 23 June 1760 his name appears on a company roll whose mission was the "total destruction of Canada." He was a corporal in the company of Capt Lemuel Bent on 8 April 1762. During the American Revolutionary War, he was a sergeant in Capt Thomas Endicott's company upon the alarm of 19 April 1775. He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 23 March 1776, and served as lieutenant under Capt Robert Shaw in the Rhode Island expedition in 1777. John has a surviving grave marker in the Canton Oldest Burying Ground (Ponkapoag), and apparently beside him is an Abigail Puffer, aged 85, who could be his wife, but his will mentions neither wife nor children. [168]
  • Abel, b. 27 March 1737, d. Canton 20 May 1813. He had the title of "Dr.", and served in 1777 on a secret expedition to Rhode Island. He is buried in the Ponkapoag Cemetery. [169]
  • Abigail, b. 26 April 1739, d. Canton 26 May 1833, m. Stoughton 5 March 1761 James ENDICOTT, b. Stoughton 17 Aug 1738, d. Canton 4 April 1799, son of James Endicott and Esther Clapp. James was Captain of a company of Stoughton militia that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775. He received his commission on 23 March 1776. His company assisted in fortifying Dorchester Heights, went to Moon Island when the British fleet was driven out of Boston Harbor, and was at Ticonderoga from 11 Sep to 17 Nov 1776. Abigail and James are buried in the Canton Cemetery. They had five known children. [170]
  • Joseph, b. 29 May 1741, d. Canton 8 June 1818. He was in Major Miller's company of militia in 1757. He enlisted 16 April 1759 in Col Miller's regiment for the invasion of Canada, and served until 6 May 1760. He was later a member of Capt Lemuel Bent's company and served from 27 June 1761 to 6 Jan 1762. During the American Revolutionary War he was in Capt James Endicott's company (this being his brother-in-law) during the Lexington alarm, and served in each year from 1776 to 1781. He is buried in Ponkapoag Cemetery (Canton Oldest Burying Ground). [171]
  • Bathsheba, b. 15 Nov 1745, d. 23 Feb 1809, married Stoughton 5 Dec 1765 Jacob SHEPARD, b. Stoughton 17 April 1739, d. Canton 21 June 1798, the son of Thomas Shepard and Amity Morse. Jacob was in Major Miller's company of militia in 1757. During the American Revolutionary War he was in Capt James Endicott's company in the march on the 19 April 1775 alarm, in fortifying Dorchester Heights, and in driving the British fleet out of Boston Harbor. He served in Capt Lyon's company at Castle Island in 1778. Bathsheba and Jacob had five known children. They are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery with extant grave markers. [172]

(8g) Andrew McFadden[edit]

(7g) James McFadden[edit]

James McFadden was the son of Andrew McFadden and Marsy Mallory. He was born in Gano, Somerset, Ireland c. 1701, died Georgetown, ME 6 Jan 1754, and married c. 1728 Rebecca PIERCE, b. c. 1708, (d. 1796 per one account). Children, all born in Georgetown, ME, apparently from a family Bible, but I pulled the births from the web: [173]

  • John, b. 31 May 1729, m. Grace LISCOM (see below).
  • Mary, b. 9 July 1731, d. Herman, ME 1 March 1824, m. Georgetown 13 Nov 1756 Nathaniel MAYHEW, b. Chilmark, Dukes, MA 1720, d. Bangor, ME 28 Oct 1808, the son of Zaccheus Mayhew and Susanna Wade. They had eight children born c. 1758 to c. 1775. Nathaniel is buried in the Kenduskeag Village Cemetery, Penobscot Co., Maine, but there is no photo of the monument in Find a grave. [174]
  • James, b. 2 Nov 1733, d. 1753; no record of this person found.
  • Hannah, b. 22 Feb 1736, d. Georgetown 20 Aug 1810; no record of this person found.
  • Thomas, b. 10 Oct 1740, d. Embden, ME 18 Nov 1840, aged 100y 1m 8d, m. (1) Woolwich, Maine 31 Dec 1767 Hannah SAVAGE, b. Woolwich 28 Oct 1746, d. New Portland, ME or Embden, ME 5 June 1807, the daughter of James Savage and Mary Hilton. He m. (2) 20 Dec 1807 Ruth Spinney, b. Georgetown 1765, d. Embden 15 Jan 1825. Thomas and Hannah had 13 children born 1768 to 1791. Thomas and both wives are buried in the Sunset Cemetery, North Anson, Somerset Co., Maine. [175]
  • Andrew, b. 3 Jan 1743, d. 1834. I find no record, census or otherwise, that this person exists.
  • Jane, b. 13 Oct 1748, d. 1794; no record of this person found.

(6g) John McFadden[edit]

John, the son of James McFadden and Rebecca Pierce, was b. Georgetown, ME 31 May 1729, d. at sea off of Cape Cod 5 March 1755, and married in Stoughton, Mass. on 12 April 1751 Grace LISCOM, b. Stoughton 14 Aug 1732, d. 1823, the daughter of John Liscom and Joanna Leonard. John Fadden was a mariner. Following his death, Grace married in Stoughton (recorded in Sharon, Mass.) 24 Aug 1758 Comfort WHYTON/WHITING, b. Hingham, Mass. 15 Sep 1736, d. 25 Jan 1823, a mariner, and the son of Solomon Whiting and Jael Dunbar. Grace had eleven children with her second husband. While hard evidence is lacking to establish that the John McFadden of Georgetown, ME is the same as the one who married Grace Liscom of Stoughton, the circumstantial evidence is strong. The John of Stoughton had only two children before his wife remarried in 1758, meaning he died within a few years prior to then. This fits perfectly with the death date of the John McFadden of Georgetown, who died at sea in 1755. A compilation of newspaper extractions from the Noetheast, 1704-1930, pulled the following item from the Boston Gazette: "McFadden, John, master of a wood sloop from the Eastward, wrecked and frozen to death on Cape Cod. issue Mar. 25, 1755. Gaz." As for Grace, she appears to be living in 1800 and 1810 in Canton, when Comfort Whiting appears on the census, aged 45+ both years, and with a like-aged female both years. Neither Comfort nor Grace is found in the 1820 census, so they likely either died or were living with relatives. Comfort is NOT the one of his name who died 4 Jan 1830 and buried with a grave marker at Canton Corner Cemetery. That person was only 23 when he died. During his short life, John McFadden had the following children with his wife Grace: [176] [177]

  • James, b. c. 1752, m. Stoughton 13 Aug 1772 Mehetible WENTWORTH. The relationship between James and his father was expressed in the Boston Transcript, perhaps the work of the noted genealogist, G. Andrews Moriarty? [178]
  • John, likely the one baptized at Milton, Mass 18 March 1753, where the Milton Church baptismal record reads "John, son of John McFadden by virtue of his wife's owning the Cov't at Dorchester" (NEHGR 24:43 [1870]). He is likely the one of his name whose marriage intention appeared in Stoughton, Mass. on 11 Feb 1775 to Mary BILLINGS. Very soon after this date, John Fadden became heavily involved as a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, and his service was extensive. What happened concerning his marriage is not certain, but his wife appears to have either died, or else they were divorced. Supporting the latter theory is the record of the marriage of a Mary Fadden of Stoughton who married 4 March 1787 Ozias Whiting. As for John, it appears that he remarried during the war, In Albany, NY on 4 December 1778 to Catharine Amanda Van Der WERKEN, b. c. 1759, d. Noyan, Quebec 19 Feb 1849, of a Dutch family. Did he just abandon his first wife, with no intention of returning to Massachusetts? John had many children with Catharine, and lived in both New York and Vermont. In 1790 he is enumerated on the federal census in Albany, New York, under the name "John Fadon", apparently living with wife, four sons and one daughter. John applied for a pension on 28 March 1818, based on his war service, and in a 12 June 1820 document he called himself a resident of Franklin County, Vermont, aged 66. He died in Albany, New York on 29 July 1825, and on 18 July 1837 his widow, Catherine, applied for a pension in Grand Isle County, Vermont, she being 78 years old at the time. Also on that date, a son of John, James Fadden, of Caldwells Manor in the Province of Lower Canada, made an affidavit and provided significant information about himself and his siblings. The pension file for John Fadden is 39 pages in length, and available on the Fold-3 website. John Fadden had a child with his first wife, Mary: John, b. Stoughton (birth found in Canton records) 18 Nov 1776. The children of John and Catherine were: (1) Margaret "Peggy", b. c. 1780, d. 1817; (2) James, b. Albany, NY 15 Mar 1782, living 18 July 1837 when he made an affidavit; (3) Comfort William, b. Albany, NY 2 Aug 1784, d. Clinton Co., NY 25 Apr 1874; (4) child whose name is illegible in brother's affidavit, b. 25 April 1789; (5) child, name illegible, b. 9 Sep 1792; (6) Joseph, b. 13 March 1795; and (7) Caty, b. 16 March 1798.

Grace had eleven children with her husband Comfort Whiting, all born in Stoughton, but only four of them are known to have reached maturity. The first five children are found by searching on the surname Whyton, and the remainder are found under the surname Whiting, though I find no birth records for the last three: [179]

  • Joanna, b. 27 April 1759, d. Milton, Mass. 3 Oct 1813, aged 55, m. Stoughton 17 Dec 1778 Joseph MAY, b. Brimfield, Mass. 1755, son of John May and Hannah Martin. They had six known children, born 1779 to 1794.
  • Nathaniel (twin), b. 28 Jan 1761, (d. Stougton Oct 1761--no VR found)
  • Philip (twin), b. 28 Jan 1761
  • Mary, b. 1 Dec 1762
  • Ruth, b. 6 Nov 1764
  • Rebecca, b. 6 March 1767, d. Canton 3 Jan 1861, aged 93y 9m 29d, m. Stoughton 2 Dec 1784 Peter BILLINGS, b. Stoughton 18 May 1767, d. c. 1805. The federal census records portray an interesting story about this family. Peter's name appears on the 1790 and 1800 censuses in Canton, but thereafter it is Rebecca's name that appears: 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860. However, there is a like-aged man living with her in 1810, and perhaps 1820. Is this a brother or father? The assumption is that Peter was living in 1800, but dead by 1810. In 1850 Rebecca was living with Rachel Hewitt, 58, and two Hewitt children; in 1860 she was living only with Rebecca Hewitt, aged 68. I assume this was her daughter. [180]
  • Nathaniel, b. 24 Dec 1768, d. Canton 6 May 1844, m. c. 1813 Polly (HOLBROOK) Tower, b. Braintree 1779, d. Canton 10 Jan 1861, aged 81 (d. rec) or 82 (tombstone), daughter of Nehemiah Holbrook and Elizabeth Hubbard (or Hobart). Polly had married first in Braintree on 9 April 1800 John Tower, b. 1778, d. 1812, and with him had three children born 1800 to 1804. Nathaniel and Polly both have grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [181]
  • Abigail, b. 1 March 1771, supposedly died the same day. The birth is found in the Stoughton vital record, but the death is not.
  • Lemuel, b. 8 Nov 1773, but not found in vital record. There are several contemporaries of this name whose dates are similar. The best match for this person, if he survived childhood, is the Lemuel Whiting who died 14 March 1826, aged 53, buried in Ashby First Parish Burial Ground. There are no other Whitings in that cemetery. Did he die 20 Dec 1824 and m. Rebecca _______, b. 21 Dec 1775? If so, they are buried in Abington in Plymouth County, Mass. and both have grave markers. This doesn't make sense, though.
  • Grace, b. July 1775, d. Canton 8 Oct 1817, m. (1) (int. Stoughton 30 April 1796) Nathaniel PETTINGILL, b. c. 1765, d. 1800, son of Nathaniel Pettingill (and possibly his first wife Ruth Copeland). Grace m. (2) Canton 21 Nov 1802 Spencer WENTWORTH, b. 1781, d. Canton 15 Oct 1857, the son of Seth Wentworth and Jane Warren. Following Grace's death, Spencer m. (2) Canton 24 June 1825 Joanna Belcher, b. 1778, d. 1840, and m. (3) Canton 25 Jan 1843 Caroline _______, b. 1801, d. 1900. Grace had one son with her first husband, William Pettingill, b. 1797. She had six more children with her second husband, born 1803 to 1814. Grace has a grave stone in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [182]
  • Comfort, b. March 1777; no further record found.

(5g) James Fadden[edit]

James, b. Stoughton, Mass. 1752, d. Canton, Mass. 16 April 1795, was the son of John Fadden and Grace Liscom of Stoughton. His father was a mariner. James was married in 1772 to Mehitable WENTWORTH, b. Stoughton 31 Dec 1753, d. Canton 7 Oct 1824, the daughter of Samuel Wentworth and Sarah Puffer. James' Revolutionary War service record is extensive. He was a private in Capt James Endecott's company of militia, Col Lemuel Robinson's regiment which marched on the alarm of 19 Apr 1775, and served for nine days. Later, he was a Drummer, Capt William Bent's company, Col John Greaton's regiment on a muster roll dated 1 Aug 1775 with enlistment date of 27 Apr 1775 and service for 3mos and 12 days. He also served in Capt Bent's company, 36th regiment where his name appears on a company return dated at Fort No. 2, 5 Oct 1775. On 27 Dec 1775 his name appears on an order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money for service in Capt William Bent's company, Col John Greaton's regiment. He was a drummer in Capt Theophilus Lyon's company, Col Benjamin Gill's regiment with two days' service, when the company marched from Stoughton to Braintree 22 Mar 1776. He was also on a list of men mustered by Col Nathaniel Barber, the Suffolk Co., MA Muster Master, dated Boston 16 Mar 1777, and was placed in Capt Patrick's company, Col Alden's regiment. On a return of men raised to serve in the Continental Army from Capt Endicott's company, Col Benjamin Gill's regiment, dated 27 Jun 1777, he gave his residence as Stoughton, and enlisted for that town for a period of three years, joining Capt Patrick's company, Col Alden's regiment. He was a Sergeant in Major's company, Col John Brooks' (late Alden's) regiment, and appears on Continental Army pay accounts for service from 1 Mar 1777 to 31 Dec 1779. He appears on various returns with Patrick's company, Alden's (6th) regiment, including one dated at Albany 12 Jan 1778, and one certified at Cherry Valley 24 Feb 1779. He also was on a muster roll for March and April 1779 in Capt Luke Day's company, Alden's regiment, and from 1 Jan to 1 Mar 1780 he was a Sergeant in Capt Day's company, Col Brooks' regiment, per Continental Army pay accounts. I don't know if he is the same James Fadden who was a Private, Capt Thomas Cushing's company, who enlisted 15 Aug 1783 and served till 24 Oct 1785, 26 mos, 10 days, at Castle and Governor's Islands, and appearing on pay rolls for service at the Castle from 25 Oct 1785 to 25 Apr 1786. James and his wife both have grave markers at the Canton Corner Cemetery, Canton, Mass. Children: [183]

  • James, b. Stoughton, Mass. 1774, d. Canton, Mass. 11 Aug 1849, was the son of James Fadden and Mehitable Wentworth of Canton, Mass. He was married in Dedham, Mass. on 23 July 1803 to Polly Pond, whose parentage has not been determined. A Polly Pond, daughter of Abijah and Molly Pond, was born in Wrentham, Mass. 19 Oct 1781. James appears on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses for Canton. His death record called him a farmer, born in Canton, and died of consumption. While a burial record or grave marker has not been found for him, since he lived his entire life in Canton, and since his parents and son are buried here, he is without doubt buried here as well. [184]
  • Mehitable, the daughter of James Fadden and Mehitable Wentworth, was born Stoughton, Mass. 1781, d. Canton, Mass. 1 June 1808, and m. Elijah FISHER of Stoughton as his second wife. They had two girls who soon became orphans following the deaths of Mehitable and Elijah. She is buried in the family plot with her parents and brother Andrew. [185]
  • Rachel, b. Stoughton, Mass. 28 Aug 1783, d. Canton, Mass. 25 Jan 1856 was the daughter of James Fadden and Mehitable Wentworth of Stoughton, Mass. She was married in Canton on 16 December 1810 to Jabez COBB. On 5 May 1840, Rachel Cobb, wife of Jabez Cobb of Canton, was allotted a portion of the estate of her brother Andrew Fadden, deceased. Rachel died of consumption, and her husband died of the same disease five months later. Jabez and Rachel appear on the 1820, 1830, and 1850 censuses in Canton, and in the latter living with them was Clarissa Cobb, aged 39. While burial records for the Canton Cemetery don't begin until about 1911, Rachel is almost certainly buried in the same plot as her husband and daughter in the Canton Cemetery, though for some reason her name is not on the family monument, nor does she have a separate grave marker. [186]
  • Andrew, born 1790 in Brookline, Mass., d. Canton, Mass. 1 April 1839 in his 50th year, was "non compos mentis." On 25 March 1817, Abigail Blackman and Elijah Endicott, two "relations" requested guardianship for him. On 1 April 1817, the bond of guardianship was signed by Jabez Cobb, cordwainer, Thomas French Jr., and Ezra Tilden. On 5 April 1825, Nathaniel Wentworth, a "near relation" [Andrew's uncle] was appointed guardian. On 7 May 1839, Martin Draper of Dedham was appointed administrator of the estate of Andrew, signing the bond with Jabez Cobb and Horace Guild, both of Canton. Abel Wentworth, John Gay, and Benjamin Gill appraised his inventory on 2 July 1839, and the distribution of his estate, dated 5 May 1840, went to James Fadden of Canton, Rachel Cobb, wife of Jabez Cobb of Canton; Amelia Guild, wife of Horace Guild of Canton; and Sally Draper, wife of Martin Draper of Dedham. Andrew is buried in the same plot with his parents and sister Mehitable Fisher. [187]

(8g) Philip Liscom[edit]

Philip Liscom, b. say 1675, d. Stoughton, Mass. 27 June 1743 (church record), m. (1) Milton, Mass. 24 Dec 1701 Charity JORDAN, b. 3 March 1678, d. 28 March 1742 (church record), the daughter of John Jordan of Milton, Dorchester South Precinct, and Stoughton, Mass. Based on research published in the New England Historical Genealogical Register in 2008, Charity's mother was either Esther or Naomi Sylvester, daughters of Richard Silvester of Weymouth and Marshfield. Following Charity's death, Philip m. (2) Braintree 6 April 1743 Elizabeth Neal, less than three months before his own death. The provenance of Philip isn't known, but two New England couples were of an age that could have been his parents: John Liscomb and Hannah Hazard of Boston, and William and Susanna Liscomb of Salem, Mass. and Saco, Maine. Philip was a resident of Milton from the time of his first marriage to about 1708 or 1709. At a Milton meeting of selectmen on 12 Dec 1707 an "Ernest request and desire of Abigal the daughter of dina Tomson" was registered to go with her cousin, "Philep Liscom", he being about to remove to a new plantation within the plantation of Punkapaug. Dinah Tomson was a sister of Philip's mother-in-law, who was a daughter of Richard Sylvester. Abigail was inflicted with a condition requiring constant attention, and Philip and his wife Charity would be her caretakers for as long as they lived. The date of the foregoing town meeting suggests that Philip likely moved to Ponkapaug (later Stoughton and now Canton) around 1708, but he may not have moved immediately as his daughter Naomi's birth was recorded in Milton in September 1709.

Philip purchased land from the Fennos on the way to Bear Swamp, now on York Street in Canton. In 1718 he was constable for the southern part of the town. On 18 Sep 1724 Philip Liscum of Dorchester deeded to his siter-in-law, Elizabeth Niles, wife of Benjamin of Braintree, several pieces of land, buildings and livestock. On 22 Dec 1726 the South Precinct of Dorchester was incorporated as the town of Stoughton, and at the first town meeting Philip was chosen a constable. On 25 June 1728, Philip Liscom of Stoughton deeded to Benjamin Silvester Jr. and (persumed wife) Charity 35 acres in Braintree. In his will, dated 20 Jan 1736 and proved 5 July 1743, Philip calls himself of Stoughton, and makes bequests to wife Charity, sons John and Philip, daughter Charity, Elizabeth, and Katherine (no surname), and daughter Grace Keny, deceased, or to son-in-law Jonathan Keny. To son Benjamin, now single, all the rest. Son Noyce was also mentioned in the will, with sons John and Philip named executors. An agreement of heirs names Charity Wentworth, John, Philip, and Benjamin Liscum, Charity Dwelly, Benjamin Sprague, Catherine Phillips, John Noyes, and Samuel Jordan. The division of the estate gives to Catherine Phillips, Elizabeth Silvester, Benj. Liscum, Philip Liscum, Charity Dwelly, Abigail & Naomi Noyce, children of Naomi Noyce, deceased, and Grace Jordan, only child & heir of Grace Keny, deceased Children, first five born in Milton, others born in Dorchester (baptisms from NEHGR 23:16-17): [188]

  • John, b. 2 Dec 1702, m. Joanna LEONARD
  • Philip, b. 15 Feb 1703/4, d. Stoughton 25 Oct 1772 (Bible record in NEHGR 75:79 (1921)), m. Scituate, Mass. 8 Dec 1724 Desire SILVESTER, b. 8 Dec 1706, d. Stoughton 21 May 1790 (Bible rec), the daughter of Richard Sylvester and Desire Stetson of Scituate. Desire's obituary appearing on 27 May 1790 says she "fell dead after breakfast." Philip served in the Crown Point Expedition during the French and Indian War. [189]
  • Grace, b. 26 July 1705, bapt. Milton Church 29 July 1705, d. 1724, and m. Boston 10 Oct 1723 Jonathan KENEY, b. Milton 9 Feb 1702, the son of Jonathan-2 Keney (John-1). Jonathan Keney m. (2) Boston 8 March 1724/5 Jemima Blackman. Grace Jordan was the only child and heir of Grace Keny, named in Philip's estate division, c. 1743. [190]
  • Charity, b. 1 April 1708, bapt Milton 11 April 1708, d. 20 Aug 1741 (Hist of Canton, 1893), m. Boston 24 June 1725 Samuel DWELLY, b. Scituate, Mass. 25 July 1693, the son of Richard Dwelly (and Aime?). Samuel owned a piece of land southwest of Charles Wentworth in 1725. Charity joined the church at Stoughton in 1730. [191] [192]
  • Naomi, b. 5 Sep 1709, bapt Milton 18 Sep 1709, m. (int Abington, Mass. 9 Oct 1726) John NOYES, b. Newbury, Mass. 13 Feb 1706, the son of John-4 Noyes (John-3, Nicholas-2, William-1) and Mary Thurlo. John was a blacksmith, and left Newbury for Abington, Mass. supposedly in 1728, but his marriage intention suggests he was there earlier. On 19 April 1728 he sold his land in Newbury to David Pearson, also a blacksmith. John was named in an agreement of the heirs of Philip Liscom, Sr., c. 1743. Naomi was called Naomi Noyce, deceased, in the division of her father's estate, c. 1743, and her two children Abigail and Naomi were named. On 3 Sep 1755 John bought the thirds or rights of dower of his mother, Mary (Noyes) Fitts of his siblings. The death date for Naomi has not been found, but she was likely living in 1729 when her second child would have been born, but dead by 1743. [193]
  • Elizabeth, b. 14 Aug 1711, bapt Milton 19 Aug 1711, d. c. 1754, m. (int. Stoughton 18 May 1728) Benjamin SYLVESTER, b. Scituate, Mass. 17 Feb 1698/9, son of Benjamin-2 Sylvester (Richard-1). The name of Benjamin's mother has been given variously as Lydia Standley, Lydia Standlake, and Mary Standlake. Following Elizabeth's death, Benjamin m. (2) Braintree 9 Oct 1755 Sarah Marquand. Elizabeth and Benjamin had nine children born in Braintree from 1729 to 1744.
  • Katherine, b. 30 March 1718, d. Ashfield, Hampshire, Mass. 5 Feb 1775, m. (int Stoughton 20 Dec 1735) Thomas PHILLIPS, b. Easton, Bristol, Mass. 25 Jan 1711/2, d. Ashfield 11 Aug 1800, the son of Capt John Phillips and Elizabeth Drake of Easton. They had nine children born from 1736 to 1755. Some sources say that Thomas m. (2) 1777 Rachael Wood. Thomas Phillips has a modern memorial marker in the Beldingville Cemetery, Ashfield, Mass., giving a death year of 1791. [194] [195]
  • Benjamin, b. 4 Nov 1720, called single in his father's 1736 will. Benjamin wrote his will in 1745, naming his brother Philip as sole heir and executor. In his will he talked about unspecified dangers that he might face. He was reportedly killed by Indians the following year (dying "in the twentieth year of his majesty's reign, leaving no wife nor child nor any legal heir"), making the language in his will sound somewhat prophetic. The 20th year of the reign of King George II was 1746. [196]
  • Noyes, b. c. 1722, named in father's 1736 will, but received nothing in division of estate.

(7g) John Liscom[edit]

John, the son of Philip Liscom and Charity Jordan of Milton, Dorchester, and Stougton, Mass., was b. Milton 2 Dec 1702, d. c. 1756, and m. Stoughton 11 June 1728 Joanna LEONARD, b. 22 March 1709, daughter of Uriah Leonard and Abigail Stone, of Stoughton. John was bequeathed part of his father's estate on Bear Swamp Road, presumably in Stoughton. He was a private and volunteer in the old French War in 1756 as a sentinel, on the Crown Point Expedition. He was in (Capt?) Nathaniel Blake's company, (Col?) Bagley's regiment; on a roll from July to 11 October, he was reported dead. Children: [197]

  • Joanna, b. Stoughton 10 Jan 1728/9 (VR), appears to have died young
  • John, b. Stoughton 1 Aug 1730 (VR). If he survived childhood, he could be any one of a number of John Liscoms appearing in census records in western Mass. and New York in the early 19th century.
  • Grace, b. 14 Aug 1732, m. (1) John McFADDEN; m. (2) Comfort WHYTON or WHITING (see above)
  • Joanna, b. Stoughton 1 Sep 1734, m. Stoughton 3 April 1755 John HILL.
  • Abigail, b. Stoughton 23 Feb 1738/9
  • Charity, b. Stoughton 9 Feb 1740/1, d. Milton 14 Nov 1798, m. (1) Stoughton 23 Oct 1760 (also recorded in Milton) Thomas HOUGHTON of Milton, b. c. 1737, d. c. 1772, son of Ebenezer-3 Houghton (Joseph-2, Ralph-1) and Sarah Evans. Thomas was taxed in Milton from 1759 to 1772. Charity m. (2) as his second or third wife, 17 Dec 1774, Noah DAMON, b. Milton 28 April 1723, d. Bridgewater, VT 1799, the son of Noah Damon and Sarah Dickerman. Noah had married first in Milton on 2 April 1754 Hannah Merrifield with whom he had four children. An online account says he married second Abigail Blake, but I think it was his father, Noah Sr., who married Blake. Charity had five known children with her first husband.
  • Nathanael, b. Stoughton 11 April 1743, m. Milton 1767 Bridget McMULLEN. Nothing more known of this couple.

(9g) John Jordan[edit]

John Jordan, b. say 1650, d. 1728, m. (1) c. 1672 either Naomi or Esther Sylvester, b. say 1652, d. c. 1698, the daughter of Richard and Naomi Sylvester of Weymouth and Marshfield, Mass. He m. (2) Boston 4 Oct 1699 Mary Frizell, b. 1675, d. 14 Dec 1738, aged 63, the woman named in his will. Widow Mary Jordan married 3 Nov 1730 at Stoughton, Joseph Tucker. On 4 April 1684 the Rev. Peter Thacher wrote in his journal "My dear went to see Goodwife Jordan & Goodwife Crane", the former certainly refering to John Jordan's first wife. The will of John Jordan, yeoman of Dorchester, dated 18 Sep 1723 with codicil 26 Sep 1723, was proved 1 Apr 1728, with Deacon John Wadsworth of Milton and Peter Lyon of Dorchester as executors. Bequests were made to wife Mary and to sons (not named) and four daughters (not named). An accounting on 24 Mar 1728 mentions a legacy to Benjamin Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Joseph Jordan, Elizabeth Niles, John Taylor, Jonathan Jordan and Philip Liscum. Another accounting on 26 July 1731 made payments to widow, to Elizabeth Lee for her share £5/2/3, to Philip Liscom £5/2/3 and to David Sprague & John Fuller the same. Children, all with first wife: [198]

  • Esther, b. 1673, d. 27 Sep 1673
  • Naomi, b. 26 Aug 1675, d. 8 Oct 1675
  • Esther, b. 26 Aug 1676
  • Charity, b. 3 March 1677/8, m. Philip LISCOM (or LISCOMB or LISCUM)
  • Sarah, b. 29 Nov 1678, m. Milton 13 June 1706 David SPRAGUE, b. Hingham, Plymouth Colony, 23 Dec 1683, d. Scituate, RI 6 Dec 1773, the son of John Sprague and Lydia Goffe of Hingham. Sarah and David had seven known children, born from 1707 to about 1720.
  • Naomi, b. 22 July 1679, m. by 1715 John TAYLOR, b. Providence, RI c. 1677. John was of Providence on 24 May 1730 when he bought property of Richard Waterman; his brother-in-law, David Sprague, was a witness. John Taylor is mentioned in the 1728 accounting of the estate of Naomi's father, John Jordan. Naomi and John were married relatively late in life, but they nevertheless had five children born from 1715 to 1722, with the oldest born in Milton, Mass. and the remainder born in Providence, RI.
  • John, b. 31 Oct 1680, m. Dorchester 30 Dec 1715 Elizabeth WENTWORTH
  • Elizabeth, b. c. 1681, m. (1) Braintree 19 May 1698 Benjamin NILES; m. (2) Stoughton 9 July 1729 Thomas LEE. She was called Elizabeth Niles in her father's probate documents in 1728, but Elizabeth Lee in a 1731 accounting.
  • Thomas, b. c. 1683, d. Dorchester 20 April 1750, m. Dorchester 15 May 1706 Olive CORBIN. Thomas was named in father's probate settlement, 1728. Thomas and Olive had seven children born in Dorchester (later Stoughton) from 1713 to 1725.
  • Benjamin, b. c. 1685, named in father's probate settlement, 1728
  • Joseph, b. c. 1687, m. Milton 18 Oct 1716 Abigail PITCHER. Joseph was named in father's probate settlement, 1728
  • Jonathan, b. c. 1690, named in father's probate settlement, 1728

(10g) Richard Sylvester[edit]

Richard Silvester was born c. 1608, d. summer 1663, and m. c. 1632 Naomi _______, b. c. 1612, d. c. 1668. Richard was in New England by 19 October 1630 when he applied to become a freeman, but was not admitted until 1 April 1634 in Dorchester. He lived at Weymouth, from about the time of his arrival in New England until nearly two decades later, but by 1650 he was living in Marshfield in the Plymouth Colony. His will was dated 16 June 1663, and the inventory of his estate was dated [27?] Sep 1663. The date of Naomi's inventory was 26 Nov 1668. Children:

  • Lydia, b. Weymouth 8 Dec 1633, m. (1) Scituate 4 Sep 1652 Nathaniel RAWLINS, son of Thomas Rawlins; m. (2) Scituate 25 May 1664 Edward WRIGHT.
  • John, b. Weymouth 14 March 1634/5, m. c. 1659 Sarah _______.
  • Peter, b. c. 1637, bur. Weymouth 13 Aug 1642, after shooting himself with his father's gun.
  • Joseph, b. Weymouth 12 April 1638, m. c. 1663 Mary BARSTOW
  • Israel, b. c. 1640, m. c. 1673 Martha _______
  • Dinah, b. Weymouth 2 April 1642, m. _______ TOMSON. On 1 Oct 1661 Richard Silvester and his daughter Dinah complained against John Palmer, Jr. for acting fraudulently against Dinah in not performing his engagement to her in point of marriage. Dinah was fined on 3 July 1667 for committing fornication, and on 1 June 1669 Elkanah Johnson was summoned to court "in reference unto a child laid unto him by Dinah Silvester." This child apparently did not survive, but she had an illegitimate daughter, Abigail, born in 1673. Abigail required care during her life, and that care was provided by Philip and Charity Liscom while they were alive, Charity being her first cousin. Abigail mother was a sister of Charity's mother.
  • Elizabeth, b. Weymouth 23 Jan 1643/4, m. Scituate 24 Jan 1658/9 John LOVELL
  • Richard, b. c 1647, d. Hull "about July 1678" and did not marry.
  • Naomi, bapt Scituate 14 April 1650, living in 1666. Either Naomi or Esther was the wife of John Jordan of Milton, but which is not known.
  • Charity, b. c. 1652, m. Boston by 1673 John RICKS, son of William Ricks. They had ten children.
  • Esther (Hester), bapt Scituate 26 March 1654, chose her brother-in-law, John Lovell Sr. of Rehoboth to be her guardian in 1670. Either Esther or her sister Naomi was the wife of John Jordan of Milton, but which is not known.
  • Benjamin, bapt Scituate 17 May 1657, m. c. 1686 Mary STANDLAKE, the daughter of Richard Standlake

(9g) William Wentworth[edit]

(8g) John Wentworth[edit]

John, the son of immigrant William Wentworth, was born about 1645 and died about 1716. John's name first appears on a tax list in 1668, allowing for the approximation of his birth date. His son's name appears in the records as "John, Jr." until 1716, after which the "jr." is no longer found, suggesting that John Sr. died about that year. His wife's name was Martha, and her surname has been given as Miller or as Stewart in different accounts. Martha, b. say 1755, appears on three different instruments dated 1679, 1680, and 1709. John lived in Dover, New Hampshire; York, Maine; Newbury, Mass., and the part of Dorchester, Mass. that became Stoughton (and became Canton after his death), known as Punkapaug. It was in this last place that he had leased land of the Indians as early as 1704. A FAG memorial has been created for John in the Ancient Dorchester Cemetery, but he certainly isn't buried there. He is most likely buried in the Punkapoag or Oldest Canton Cemetery. Known children: [199]

  • John, b. York, ME 1676, d. Stoughton 6 Jan 1772, aged 95, m. Elizabeth BAILEY, b. say 1683, d. Stoughton 14 Jan 1761, the daughter of Henry Bailey of Dorchester. Henry Bailey deeded land to John on 2 July 1710 and again on 23 March 1716. John and Elizabeth had seven known children, born 1705 to 1720.
  • Charles, b. York, ME 1684, m. Bethia FENNO.
  • Shubael, b. c. 1688, d. 1759, m. (1) 11 April 1717 Damaris HAWES, b. c. 1695, d. Stoughton 7 Dec 1739; m. (2) 10 Sep 1741 Hannah Andrew whose will was dated 1 Dec 1759; she was living in 1760. Shubael's inventory was dated 19 April 1759. He and first wife Damaris had eleven known children, born 1718 to 1737.
  • Mary, b. c. 1690, m. Boston 24 Sep 1712 James WRIGHT.
  • Edward, b. Newbury 1692, d. Stoughton 12 Feb 1767, aged 74, m. (1) 1717 Kezia BLACKMAN, baptized 18 June 1693, d. 16 Oct 1745, aged 55, daughter of Dea. Benjamin Blackman of Stoughton; m. (2) 22 Jan 1746 Sarah HAYWARD who d. 23 April 1779, the daughter of John Hayward, Jr., and widow of Josiah Winslow of Freetown. Edward had seven known children with his first wife, born 1718 to 1733.
  • Abigail, b. c. 1694, m. Dorchester 30 Dec 1715 Benjamin JORDAN, b. Dorchester c. 1680, d. either 1768 or d. 22 June 1784 in Stoughton, perhaps the son of John Jordan.
  • Elizabeth, b. say 1700, m. Stoughton 16 May 1728 John KENNEY. Query: could she have been the daughter of John, Jr.

(7g) Charles Wentworth[edit]

Charles, the son of John Wentworth and Martha [Miller?], was b. York, Maine 1684, d. Stoughton, Mass. 8 July 1780, aged 96, and m. Dorchester, Mass. 15 Dec 1713 Bethia FENNO, b. 1690, d. 29 April 1780, aged 89, the daughter of John Fenno and Rachel Newcomb of Stoughton. On 1 Jan 1710 Charles bought 40 acres of land in the west precinct of Dorchester (now in Canton) for 9 pounds. The History of Canton, Mass. tells us that Charles received 280 acres of land, probably in the part of Dorchester that became Stoughton in 1726 and Canton in 1797, bounded by land of Benjamin Blackman, Edward Wentworth (his brother), Samuel Dwelley, Robert Pelton, and Edward Wiatt. This tract was located west of "the Turnpike" and bounded on the south by Pequit Brook. No date was given for the instrument. Charles was prominent in the affairs of Stoughton, serving at times as moderator, and as selectman during the years 1730-1732, 1734-1737, 1739, 1741-1743, and 1746. On 18 June 1744, when he was 60 years old, he was appointed by Governor William Shirley as lieutenant of the 3rd company of the 4th regiment of militia. When Capt John Shepard was promoted in 1746, Charles moved up to become captain of the company. His will was dated 19 May 1780, and his inventory showed a sizeable estate of nearly 9,000 pounds. He once owned slaves. Of note is that Charles and Bethia lived to celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary, and died within two and a half months of each other. Children, probably all born in the part of Dorchester that was incorporated as Stoughton in 1726: [200]

  • Rachel, b. 13 March 1714/5, d. Stoughton 11 Aug 1798, m. 26 Jan 1741 John ATHERTON, b. Dorchester 13 May 1714, d. Stoughton 4 Oct 1785, son of Humphrey-3 Atherton (Consider-2, Humphrey-1) and Elizabeth Worthington. Rachel and John both have extant grave stones in the Pearl Street Cemetery in Stoughton. [201]
  • Amariah, b. 1719, d. Feb 1799, m. Stoughton 22 Oct 1741 Rebecca SHEPARD, b. Stoughton 19 July 1723 (VR), d. Stoughton 15 Sep 1791, the daughter of John Shepard and Rebecca Fenno. The administration of Amariah's estate took place in early 1799. Amariah and Rebecca had six known children born 1742 to 1762.
  • William, b.. 7 Feb 1721/2, d. 29 Oct 1778, m. 24 Dec 1747 Jerusha SHEPARD, b. Stoughton 20 July 1729, d. 1791, the daughter of John Shepard and Rebeca Fenno, and sister of Rebecca Shepard, Amariah's wife. Administration of the estate of Jerusha Wentworth was dated 27 Dec 1791. William and Jerusha had three known children.
  • Seth, b. 29 Sep 1726, d. Dorchester 1 Nov 1726.
  • Samuel, b. 24 April 1728, m. (1) Hannah ENDICOTT; m. (2) Sarah PUFFER
  • Bethia, b. 3 April 1731, d. Canton 22 March 1817, m. Stoughton, Mass. 9 Jan 1752 Benjamin GILL, b. Stoughton 2 June 1730, d. Canton 23 April 1807, Be the son of Benjamin Gill and Abigail Fisher. Benjamin was a Stoughton selectman for many years, and a deacon in the church of which Rev. Samuel Dunbar was pastor. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant of militia in 1766, and Captain in 1773. On 17 Nov 1774 he was elected Lieutenant Colonel of Col. Lemuel Robinson's regiment, the promoted to Colonel shortly after the American Revolutionary War commenced. On 4 March 1776 he led his regiment to Dorchester Heights, then marched to Braintree on 22 March 1776. On 13 June 1776 he marched to Moon Island under the orders of Brigadier General Palmer. He served in the Northern Department from 12 Aug to 12 Dec 1777, and commanded his regiment at the surrender of Burgoyne on 17 Oct 1777. Bethia and Benjamin had nine children born 1752 to 1772. They both have extant grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [202]
  • Jerusha, b. 4 June 1734, d. West Bridgewater, Mass. 1 April 1816, aged 81, m. (1) Stoughton 14 Dec 1752 her first cousin John FENNO, Jr., b. Stoughton 11 Feb 1729/30, d. 1763, the son of John Fenno (the brother of her mother) and Hannah Billings. They had two children, born 1754 and 1757. Jerusha m. (2) 14 Feb 1765 Nathaniel LEONARD, b. Taunton, Mass. 7 March 1717, d. Stoughton 12 Aug 1766, aged 49, the son of Uriah Leonard and Abigail Stone. They had one son, Nathaniel, b. 1767. Nathaniel had married as his first wife Mary Shepard, daughter of John Shepard and Rebecca Fenno. Jerusha m. (3) Stoughton 5 or 25 Dec 1771 Ebenezer CAPEN, b. Dorchester 15 April 1716, d. W. Bridgewater 4 Jan 1787, son of Preserved Capen and Susanna Withington. They had two children together, born 1773 and 1775. Ebenezer had married as his first wife in 1736, Elizabeth Leeds, daughter of Samuel Leeds and Elizabeth Wales, and as his second wife in 1763 Abigail Kingsbury, daughter of Jeremiah Kingsbury and Rest White. Jerusha has, or had, a grave marker in Sharon, but the published vital record does not specify which cemetery. It is likely the West Cemetery where other members of the Capen family are buried. [203]
  • Sarah, b. 26 Jan 1739, d. 20 Sep 1758 in her 19th year, buried in Canton. [204]

(6g) Samuel Wentworth[edit]

Samuel Wentworth, the son of Charles Wentworth and Bethiah Fenno, was b. Stoughton, Mass. 24 April 1728 (Canton VR:20), d. 23 Dec 1783, and m. (1) 19 Oct 1748 Hannah ENDICOTT who d. c. 1752. He m. (2) Stoughton 1 Feb 1753 Sarah PUFFER, b. Dorchester 30 May 1733, daughter of John Puffer and Abigail Vose. Samuel was a drummer in Maj Stephen Miller's company of militia in 1757, and was Captain in a list of officers commissioned for the 4th regiment under Col Nathaniel Hatch in 1763. He served in the American Revolutionary War in 1779, 1780, and 1781. [205] Child with first wife: [206]

  • Mary, b. 7 April 1749, m. Stoughton 13 Oct 1768 Enoch LEONARD, b. Stoughton 19 April 1745, d. Westminster, MA 1808, the son of Walley Leonard and meredith Lyon. They had eight known children.

Children with second wife, all born in the part of Stoughton that became Canton:

  • Mehitable, b. 31 Dec 1753, d. 7 Oct 1824, m. 13 Aug 1772 James FADDEN. They both have surviving grave markers in the Canton Corner Cemetery. [207]
  • Bethia, b. Stoughton (rec. in Canton) 25 July 1755, d. Milton, MA 21 Dec 1843, m. Stoughton 16 Jul 1783 James REED, b. Boston, MA 4 Feb 1762, d. Topsham, Maine 19 Jan 1808, the son of James Reed and Mehitable Fenno of Milton, Mass. James is buried in Topsham, ME. [208] [209]
  • Samuel, b. Stoughton 26 July 1757, d. Canton 4 Sep 1827. His obituary appeared in the Columbian Central newspaper on 12 Sep 1827, stating that he was a Revoutionary War pensioner. He enlisted for duty on 2 May 1781, serving in Captain John Rimick's company of the 1st Regiment of the Massachusetts Continental Line under Colonel Joseph Vose. He served for nearly two and a half years, and was discharged near the Hudson River in the state of New York by General Knox on 22 October 1783. On 28 April 1819 he made a deposition about his Revolutionary War service, requesting a pension. On 20 Sep 1819 a certificate of pension was issued to him in the amount of $8 per month to retroactively commence on the date of his deposition. No record of his being married has been found, and no mention of any family is made in his pension file. [210]
  • Abel, b. Stoughton 22 Sep 1759 (VR), d. 5 Feb 1763
  • Nathaniel, b. Stoughton 11 Nov 1761, d. Canton 9 Jul 1849, m. Stoughton 3 April 1792 Olive CAPEN, b. Stoughton 28 Sep 1772, d. 12 May 1859, the daughter of Samuel Capen and Elizabeth Withington. Nathaniel was a revolutionary war soldier and pensioner. He served from 1 Nov 1776 to 31 March 1777 (5 months) as a private in Captain Stephen Penniman's company, Colonel Ebenezer Francis' regiment, and again in November 1777 for 3 months as a substitute for Eliphalet (Prine? Pirne? Pimm?). On 21 Aug 1832 he, a resident of Stoughton, appeared in court to make application for a pension, which was granted in the amount of $26.66 per annum. On 1 Nov 1850 his widow made application for a widow's pension, which was granted in the amount of $20.00 per annum, and backdated to her husband's death date of 9 July 1849. On 4 June 1855, his widow, aged 82, made application for bounty land. Nathaniel appears on the 1850 Mortality Schedule for Medway, Mass, being called married and aged 88 at time of death due to old age. Olive appears on the 1850 census for Canton, aged 78, living with her son Francis, aged 40, and his presumed wife Lavinia, aged 20 and born in Maine. Nathaniel and Olive are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery in a large Wentowrth plot with mausaleum and several gravestones. Nathaniel and Olive had five known children. [211] [212] [213] [214]
  • Abel, b. Stoughton 21 March 1764 (VR), d. 9 July 1816, m. c. 1789 his half-niece, Esther LEONARD, b. Canton (actually Stoughton) 6 Nov 1770, d. Canton 16 Feb 1862, daughter of Enoch Leonard and Mary Wentworth. Esther appears on both the 1850 and 1860 federal censuses for Canton, living with her son Abel, and others who may have been boarders. They had three known surviving children. They are buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery, Canton. [215]
  • Rachel, b. 19 Jan 1766, d. 23 May 1780.
  • Sarah, b. Stoughton (rec in Canton) 3 Nov 1767, d. Canton 27 Dec 1840, m. Stoughton 22 Feb 1787 John BILLINGS, b. 7 June 1763, the son of Stephen Billings and Betty Kinney. The fate of John has not been discovered, but Sarah is buried in the Canton Corner Cemetery. They had four known children: John, Jabez, Semira, and Eliza. [216]
  • Abigail, b. Stoughton 29 Oct 1769, d. Canton 10 Dec 1847, m. Stoughton 5 Apr 1787 Samuel BLACKMAN, b. Stoughton 18 Oct 1759, d. Canton 25 March 1837, the son of Samuel Blackman and Mary Sergeant. He was a revolutionary war soldier, and his military service is extensive. He first served in late November 1776, in Capt William Babcock's company of Colonel Lovell's Massachusetts Regiment, that marched to Providence, RI, Danbury, CT, to the Hudson River, then to Peekskill, NY, and finally to Morristown, NJ where he was discharged in late March 1777. He had later enlistments in 1777, 1778, and 1780. Under the 1832 pension law, he was allowed a pension of $50.66 per annum, commencing 4 March 1831. Following his death, his widow was issued a certificate of pension in the same amount on 19 Oct 1843. Abigail and Samuel had 13 children. [217]
  • John, b. Stoughton 5 Oct 1771, d. Canton 1825, m. (1) Stoughton 15 April 1792 Polly CRANE, b. Stoughton 16 Feb 1773, d. Canton 24 Dec 1811, the daughter of Thomas Crane and Eunice Stone. John m. (2) Canton, 1816 Elizabeth (WILBUR) Wetherell, b. Raynham, MA 1 Aug 1781, d. Plymouth, MA 3 Dec 1837, the daughter of Ephraim Wilbur and Hannah Field of Newton, MA., and the widow of Samuel Wetherell, b. Norton, MA 26 Aug 1776, who she married in Norton on 14 April 1799, the son of Abijah Wetherell and Mary Ranger. Following John's death in 1825, his widow married Barnabas Holmes of Plymouth, likely the one of that name who died in 1837 and is buried in Burial Hill in Plymouth. John was a soldier in the War of 1812. He had at least eight children with his first wife, and two more with the second. [218] [219]

(3g) Barnard Collins[edit]

Barnard Collins was born Kingston, NH according to the death record of his daughter Sarah, on 5 Feb 1776 (from an internet source?), and died in 1839 (web source). He was married at the Second Congregational Church of Marblehead, Mass. on 17 March 1805 to Hannah MARTIN, baptized in Marblehead 19 Nov 1786, died Dec 1826, as her death notice appeared in the Boston Traveler on the 26th of that month, the daughter of Josiah Martin and Hannah Stiles of Marblehead. Barnard was a cordwainer (shoemaker/ cobbler) and was of Marblehead at least until 1806, but was of Salem by 1809, and remained there until at least the end of 1813. In 1812, he ran the following ad in the Essex Register (Salem, MA) from 14 to 28 November: " BARNARD COLLINS Respectfully informs his friends and the public in general that he continues carrying on the Boot & Shoe Making Business In its various branches and most fashionable manner at his Shop in Union Street. Feeling grateful for past favours, he solicits a continuance. Ladies shoes of various kinds made at the shortest notice. N.B.--Wanted at the above business, two Journeymen--none but the best of Workmen need apply"

Barnard served briefly with the Massachusetts militia during the War of 1812. From 30 June to 18 July 1814 he was in Captain T. Oaks' Company, Lt Col J. White's Regiment undertaking service at Salem for military instruction only. From 14 to 24 September 1814 he was in Captain D. Flander's Company, Lt Col J. Waugh's Regiment in a militia raised at Cornville [Maine]. They were in camp at Waterville, awaiting orders, but apparently did not march (this from "Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in the War of 1812", pp 134-5, 306). Based on the death record of his daughter Sarah, he (or maybe just his wife) was in Camden, Maine (in Lincoln Co. at the time?) in 1819 when Sarah was born, but was back in Salem by 1820 when he was enumerated on the federal census as "Basnerd Callings." A Richard Collins of Kingston, NH, who died in Salem in 1792, aged 27, may have been related to Barnard. Barnard and Hannah had seven known children: [220]

  • Hannah Davis, bapt. at the Second Congr. Church of Marblehead, MA 22 Mar 1807, d. Charlestown, Mass 30 Dec 1836, was married in Boston on 7 November 1828 to John GAMMELL, b. Boston, Mass. 11 May 1797, d. Charlestown, Mass. 1 Oct 1863, the son of John Gammell and Margaret Urann. After Hannah died in 1836, John was married in Charlestown, Mass. on 12 May 1838 to Susan Ware Mayhew Chapman. He had four children with Hannah, and three more with Susan. He appears on the 1850 census in Charlestown with wife Susan and five children. According to his death record, John was a milk dealer and died of heart disease. Under the column reading "Residence and place of death" the town of Lexington is given. This causes great confusion, because there was a contemporary John Gammell who lived in Lexington, but was married to Rhoda Robinson. The following obituary for John appeared in the Boston Recorder, vol. XLVIII, issue 41, p 163 (9 October 1863): "Mr. John Gammell, for many years the city missionary of the Winthrop Church in this city, died at his residence on the 1st. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon and the services were held in the Winthrop Church. There was a very large attendance, as the deceased was well-known and highly esteemed. He was 66 years of age. Mr. Gammell had long acted as a carrier of the Boston Recorder, and we regret his loss as of a most excellent and exemplary man." John has a burial record in the Bunker Hill Cemetery ("New Burial Ground") in Charlestown, and Hannah is assumed to be buried there as well. [221]
  • Mary Ann, ASSUMED daughter of Barnard and Hannah Collins, b. Salem, MA 27 Jan 1817 (Draper Gen.), m. (1) (int. 29 Aug 1840, Portland, ME) Alfred MERRILL, b. 1811, d. 12 Sep 1843, aged 32, son of Ozias Merrill and Esther Lunt. She m. (2) at the Winter Street Church in Boston, Mass. 1 May 1847 Daniel Fisher DRAPER, son of Martin Draper and Sally Fisher, with whom she had four children. Mary Ann was living in Boston in 1855 with her husband and three children, and in Boston in 1860 with family and eleven boarders. In 1870 the family lived in Jacksonville, Florida, and after her husband's death, Mary lived in Cambridge, Mass. in 1880 with her son William and daughter Ella. Alfred is buried in the Eastern Cemetery in Portland, ME; Mary Ann and Daniel are buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. [222]
  • Sarah Ingraham, b. Camden, ME 24 Oct 1819, baptized in Salem 5 Aug 1821, d. Hyde Park (then in Norfolk Co., but now in Boston), MA 19 Jun 1868 and m. 25 Dec 1848 (int Roxbury 8 Dec) Perir (or Perez) Christopher CLAPP (often called "P. C. Clapp"), b. Norton, Mass. 18 March 1822, d. West Bridgwater, Mass. 18 June 1902, the son of George Clapp and Esther Lincoln. In January 1848, before her marriage, Sarah was living in Boston when she came to visit her presumed sister Mary (Collins) Draper. An entry in Daniel Draper's diary on 16 May 1848 reads "P C Clapp & Lady came here." An entry on 16 Aug 1848 reads "Sister Sarah Collins went away & Mr Clapp." The entry on 31 May 1849 reads "Mr Clapp and Sarah came to board with us at N Haven." Sarah appears on the 1855 census in Stoughton, Mass. with her husband and two children. In 1860 and 1865, the same family of parents and two children is living in Dorchester, Mass. In 1860 they were living next door to John B. Collins, who appears to have some familial relation to Sarah. The family soon after moved to Hyde Park, which was then in Norfolk Co., where Sarah died in 1868, and where her husband appears on the 1870 census with the two children. An entry on 26 June 1861 in the Draper diary reads "Sarah I Clapp died". This could possibly be a child of P. C. and Sarah, but the mother Sarah was living when she appeared on the 1865 Mass. census, and her death record gives the above 1868 death date. Sarah had two children, Henry B. and Carrie, and died of cancer at the age of 48. Her death record says her parents were Barnard and Hannah Collins, and that she is buried in Milton. By 1880 Clapp had moved to Kansas, and appeared on the census that year in Kinsley (Edwards County) with his son Henry. He was called a shoe maker and a widower. At some point in time Clapp returned to the East, and died in West Bridgwater, Mass. of paralysis, being buried in Brockton. [223]
  • Julia Ann, b. NH ca 1821, m. _______ FERNALD
  • Josiah Whitefield Martin, bp 1 Sep 1822
  • T. M. (son), b. Sep 1824, d. of hydrocephalus in Salem, MA 11 Jun 1825, aged 9 mos. There is a record of (another?) son, bp 12 Jun 1825. It seems unusual that they would have a son baptized the day after another son died. Also, the presumed birth date of this child is unrealistically close to the birth of the previous child. Looking at the dates, it seems possible that this son is the same as the one that died as an infant, with a slight error in the death or baptism dates.

son of John Collins and Rebecca Green, but tied in with the above family:

  • John B., b. Salem, Mass. 5 April 1809, d. Somerville, Mass. 5 Feb 1882 would fit nicely as the male aged 10 to 16 in the 1820 census under Barnard Collins, but his death record says his father was John Collins. John was married in Portland, Maine on 2 May 1832 to Hannah Hay. John B. was in business with a Stillman Danforth, in a partnership simply called Collins & Danforth. The nature of the enterprise has not been learned, but they filed for bankruptcy in Portland in 1842, and notices appear in various Portland newspapers throughout that year. Collins' family continued to live in Maine until at least 1843, and this is where the first three children were born. By 1845 the family had moved to New Hampshire, and in 1850 they appeared on the census in Portsmouth, NH with six children. He was called a merchant. In 1860 the family was living in Dorchester, Mass. next door to the family of a likely relative, Sarah (Collins) Clapp and her family. John was then called a tailor, and living with him and his wife were their four youngest living children. This would appear to be the "brother John" mentioned in the diary of Daniel F. Draper, being mentioned in the diary as late as Nov 1851, and called J. B. Collins. Following his wife's death in 1877, John lived with his son John Pierpont Collins at 34 Moore Street in Somerville, where he died in 1882. Per their death certificates, Hannah was buried in Wakefield & John in Reading, however those town halls do not show which cemetery they were buried in. He was not the John Collins living with wife Hannah in Grafton, NH in 1880. [224] [225]
  • a "Br Fernald" is mentioned in the diary of Daniel F. Draper, and the death of Clara A. Fernald on 9 Oct 1849 is recorded there. There is a Clara A. Fernald, daughter of Mark J. and Julia (Hanson) Fernald who is buried in a Fernald Cemetery in Kittery, Maine, but she has a death date of 23 Feb 1849. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE, and why are they mentioned in the DFD diary???? [226]

Early Collins[edit]

A Bit about John Collins Posted 22 Nov 2012 by sydgardner: Shortly after marrying Sarah Challis in 1761 at Amesbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts, John & his bride spent a short time in Kingston, New Hampshire, before settling in Salsbury, New Hampshire. They were among the first settlers there, & John soon accumulated a large amount of acreage there & was highly active in town affairs previous to & after its incorporation, as is evident in Dearborn's The History of Salisbury, New Hampshire, 1890: "In accordance with the foregoing call . . ." of the first town meeting ". . . the legal voters of the new town of Salisbury met, on Tuesday, the 7th day of April, 1768, at the house of Andrew Pettengill, who resided at what is now known as the South Road Village on the site occupied by Thomas D. Little, and chose officers and transacted business . . ." Included was the ". . .15thly. . ." item: "Capt. John Webster, John Collins & John Fellows, chosen a Committee to examine & adjust the Selectmen's accompts, for the year ensuing."

In 1776 Deacon John (Collins) was one of the 83 leaders of the town of Salisbury to sign the Articles of Association which upheld the Continental Congress in defending the United American Colonies. John was the first deacon of the Congregational Church in Salisbury, & he also promoted the building of the first two schools in the town.

During the Revolutionary War, Deacon John is known to have served under Capt Ebenezer Webster for Salisbry, & it is possible that he was among the soldiers from Salisbury who composed the companies enlisted for active service at BUnker Hill. [227]

(7g) Abraham Martin[edit]

Abraham, the son of Abraham and Hannah Martin, was b. say 1678, living in 1735, and married (1) a wife whose name is not known; and (2) Sarah _______. He was a blacksmith of Chebacco Parish, Ipswich (later the town of Essex, Mass.), and of the Isles of Shoals, Maine. Abraham's first wife apparently died by 3 March 1722, when Abraham was given guardianship of his son Abraham. On 17 Aug 1724, Abraham conveyed for love, good will, and affection to his two youngest sons Josiah Martin and Isaac Martin, his Ipswich property, including his dwelling house, barn and orchard, and land adjoining them, but not to take possession until after his decease and the decease of his presnt wife, Sarah. On 7 Nov 1726 he conveyed his property at Smuttynose, one of the Isles of Shoals belonging to Kittery, York Co., Maine, to his son Daniel, to include land and smith's shop upon the land. Abraham and wife Sarah were both still living on 14 May 1735 when they conveyed property to Josiah Martin. Children, all likely with first wife:

  • Abraham, b. c. 1702, m. (int Ipswich 15 Oct 1724) Sarah LOW. Abrah Martin, son of Abrah Martin of Ipswich, being a minor upwards of 14 years of age, made choice of his father Abraham Martin to be his lawful guardian, 3 March 1722. This Abraham witnessed the will of his brother, Josiah Martin, dated 6 March 1744/5. He and Sarah had three known children, baptized 1725 to 1736.
  • Daniel, b. c. 1704, was conveyed his father's property on Smuttynose (Isle of Shoals) in 1726. He and his father (or brother Abraham) witnessed a deed at York, Maine on 10 Feb 1728/9. He may be the Daniel Martin who lived in Rowley, Mass., and with wife Rebecca had six children born or baptized there from 1733 to 1743.
  • Josiah, b. c. 1706, d. 1745, m. Mary HIDDEN.
  • Isaac, b. c. 1708, m. Ipswich, Mass. 17 March 1736 the widow Rachel (CHOATE) Rust, b. 8 Nov 1703, d. 15 March 1783, the daughter of Thomas Choate and Mary Varney, and the widow of Joseph-4 Rust, b. 22 March 1696, d. Chebacco 3 Feb 1734[/5?], son of Nathaniel-3 Rust (Nathaniel-2, Henry-1), whom she married on 16 Jan 1723/4. A Rachel Martin, widow, d. Ipswich 15 May 1788, aged about 86. According to the Rust genealogy, Rachel had eight children with Joseph Rust, but it is a real stretch to have that many children between their marriage in early 1724 and his death in 1734[/5?]. Rachel then had four more children with Isaac, baptized at the Chebacco Parish Church in Ipswich, 1739 to 1744. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, b. 1739, d. 29 April 1814, m. (1) _______ Potter, and m. (2) Stephen Choate, Esq., b. 1 Nov 1727, d. 19 Oct 1815, son of Thomas Choate and Elizabeth Burnham.

(6g) Josiah Martin[edit]

Josiah Martin, b. c. 1706, d. 8 Nov 1745 "on his passage from Cape Breton" per the Ipswich, Mass. vital records, was the son of Abraham Martin of Chebacco Parish, Ipswich (later Essex, Mass.). He married in Ipswich on 3 June 1731 Mary HIDDEN, b. Rowley, MA 22 March 1707/8, d. Marblehead, MA 13 Dec 1800, the daughter of Ebenezer Hidden and Elizabeth Story. He was a cordwainer (shoemaker) living in the Ipswich parish of Chebacco, which later became the town of Essex, Mass. Josiah's will, dated 6 March 1744/5, was proved 2 Dec 1745, and left all estate to wife Mary. His widow later married in Ipswich on 25 July 1749, as his second wife, Daniel Giddings, b. c. 1704, d. Ipswich 25 Oct 1771, aged about 67 years, the son of William Giddings and Sarah Hutchins. Daniel was a lieutenant in the fleet sent to Cape Breton in 1744. Daniel had had seven children with his first wife, Mary Butler, and had one additional child, Ruth, with Mary (Hidden) Martin. Mary, the widow of Josiah Martin and Daniel Giddings, died of smallpox at Marblehead, and is buried in the Green Street Cemetery there. She does not have a tombstone, but vital statistics are engraved at the base of the tombstone of her daughter-in-law, Prudence Martin, wife of her son Ebenezer. [228] [229] Children of Josiah and Mary Martin, all baptized at the Chebacco Parish Church in Ipswich:

  • Lucy, bp 16 April 1732, m. (intention at Ipswich 23 Sep 1749) Samuel LORD III. She is likely the Lucy Lord, wife of Samuel Jr., who died at Ipswich 25 April 1808, aged 77. A Samuel Lord 3d died at Ipswich 28 July 1803, and another Samuel Lord died at Ipswich 13 Aug 1813, aged 91, and yet another, known as Tory Lord, d. Ipswich 29 March 1819, aged 90. It is this last Samuel Lord (1729-1819), the son of Samuel Lord (1700-1772) and Mary Browne (d. 1743) who is ascribed as the husband of Lucy Martin in online accounts. On 1 Aug 1761, Samuel Lord the third, of Ipswich, gentleman, and Lucy his wife conveyed to Daniel Giddings of Ipswich, gentleman, all claim to the real estate that fell to said Lucy from her father's estate, being one full seventh part of the estate.
  • Isaac, bp 24 March 1733/4, m. (intention at Ipswich 31 Jan 1761) Mrs. Hannah Brown. [230]
  • Josiah, bp 7 March 1735/6, living in 1790. Guardianship of Josiah and his brother Isaac, minors upward of 14 years, was given to Philip Lord of Ipswich on 30 July 1750. Josiah married in Lynn, Mass. on 20 May 1763 Lydia (BURRAGE) Norwood of Lynn, b. c. 1731 (based on her aged on her tombstone, but b. 25 Nov 1723 per vital records), d. 13 April 1790, aged 58 the daughter of John Burrage and Mehitable Fargin/Largin/Sergeant, and widow of Zacheus Norwood who was b. at Lynn 12 Mar 1716 and d. there 8 Feb 1756, son of Jonathan Norwood and Sarah Hudson. The story of Josiah Martin appropriately begins with another man, Zacheus Norwood, who owned "Norwood's Tavern" in Lynn, Massachusetts. Following an uncertain courtship, Norwood married, but his first wife, Mary, died in 1736. He married a second time to a woman named Susanna, who died in 1747. On 19 April 1750, Norwood married a third time, to Lydia Burrage, who joined him in running his tavern. This lasted for a few years until Norwood died in 1756, after which the widow Lydia continued to operate the tavern in Lynn. As written in the early histories of Lynn, and picked up by Duane Hurd in his history of Essex County, Mass. (1888), the "wayward Josiah Martin" supposedly from England, found himself at the tavern about 1760, and despite being an eccentric fellow, Lydia took a liking to him and they were married in 1763. Josiah became a co-proprietor of the tavern, and Hurd wrote that John Adams, a young lawyer who would later be President of the United States, had written that on 3 November 1766, he and his wife "oated" at Martin's, on the way to court in Salem. In his Essex County history, Hurd includes some stories about Martin, calling him very eccentric and unstable, though also witty and humorous. The early writers of the history of Lynn, Mass. were even less charitable, portraying Josiah Martin as one exhibiting "the characteristics and breeding of a gross villain." In 1775, on the eve of the American Revolutionary War, the Martins sold the tavern to Jacob Newhall, and it subsequently became known as Newhall's Tavern. Martin's loyalty to the American patriotic cause was questioned in May 1775, but Martin promised "with his life and fortune" to defend his country. He followed through on this promise by he enlisted on 10 March 1776 as a private in Captain Abraham Dodge's company, Colonel Moses Little's 12th Regiment, serving until 24 May. He again entered service on 1 July 1780, this time as a lieutenant in Capatin Addison Richardson's company, Colonel Nathaniel Wade's Essex County Regiment, for a period of 3 months and 22 days. What happened next is not written in any histories, but Martin's eccentricities evolved into serious mental illness. One can only imagine the plight of his wife, Lydia, who was likely his caregiver, until she died a middle-aged woman on 13 April 1790. With this source of care now gone, it was necessary to find a guardian for Josiah's affairs. Two weeks after Lydia's death, on 30 April 1790, three brothers of Josiah (Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Isaac Martin) and two of his presumed nephews (Josiah Martin and Josiah Lord) petitioned the court. The petition asked that a suitable guardian be appointed for Josiah Martin who has "for many years past appeared to be non compos and incapable of managing his affairs." Frederick Breed was appointed guardian, rendering an account on 8 April 1791, when an inventory was taken. A second account was rendered on 3 Feb 1795, and this may have been shortly after Josiah died. Where Josiah was buried is not certain, but it may have been by his wife, Lydia, who is buried in the Western Cemetery in Lynn, with a grave marker. Lydia had three children with her Norwood husband; I find no children with Josiah. [231] [232] [233] [234] [235] [236]
  • Jonathan, bp 30 April 1738. Guardianship of Jonathan Martin, upwards of 14 years of age, was granted to his step-father, Daniel Giddings of Ipswich on 25 Dec 1752. A Jonathan Martin m. (intention at Ipswich 20 Mar 1762) Mrs. Elizabeth SARGENT of Gloucester. On 30 April 1790, Jonathan and his brothers Isaac and Ebenezer, petitioned the court to find a suitable guardian for their brother Josiah, who was no longer mentally capable of managing his affairs. Known children of Jonathan and Elizabeth, baptized at the Second Congregational Church of Marblehead: (1) Jonathan, bp 6 Sep 1778; (2) David, bp 29 Oct 1780.
  • Jacob, bp 20 April 1740, m. (intention at Ipswich 12 Feb 1763) Lucy SHATSWELL, bp. Ipswich 12 Sep 1742, d. Ipswich 21 July 1787, the daughter of Richard and Sarah Shatswell (Sarah may have been a second wife of Richard). Guardianship of Jacob Martin, upwards of 14 years of age, was given to his brother Isaac on 1 July 1755. Jacob was a sergeant in the French and Indian War during the campaign of 1761, and also served in the campaign of 1762-3. The wife (unnamed) of Jacob Martin died in Ipswich on 21 July 1787, per a record of the First Congregational Church. Children, b. Ipswich: (1) Jacob, b. 6 Jan 1764; (2) Lucy, b. 17 Nov 1765. A Lucy Martin, wife of Captain Jacob Martin, died 20 July 1787 in her 44th year, is buried in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire. A Jacob Martin, b. c. 1739, died in Boscawen, New Hampshire on 11 July 1809. This Jacob is almost certainly the one of that name who signed a petition, with others, all of Ipswich, asking that he be commissioned as commander of the schooner "Fair Lady", a privateer. On 23 Aug 1776 it was ordered in council that a commission be issued. He is also likely the Jacob Martin who was Master-at-arms of the ship Vengeance commanded by Captain Thomas Thomas. He was "engaged" on 27 June 1779 and discharged on 27 Aug 1779 with two months service, and had sailed in the ill-fated Penobscot Expedition. The vessel was reported lost (actually, all the vessels on the expedition were lost). The roll was "sworn to in Suffolk Co." Jacob, Jr., perhaps Jacob's son or nephew, was also on the same expedition. [237]
  • Ebenezer, bp 13 June 1742, d. Marblehead 10 Jan 1800, m. Marblehead 28 Oct 1766 Prudence MERRITT, b. Marblehead 1739, baptized there 2 March 1739/40, d. Marblehead 10 Nov 1800, the daughter of John Merritt and Jean Hubbart. Guardianship of Ebenezer, a minor upwars of 14 years, was granted to his "father-in-law" (i.e. step-father) Daniel Giddings, on 21 Feb 1757. Though young, Ebenezer served during the French and Indian War at the Montreal expedition in 1760. He was also a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, serving as a private in Captain Gideon Burt's company, Colonel Timothy Danielson's regiment, appearing on a muster roll dated 1 Aug 1775. He enlisted on 28 April 1775, serving for 3 months and 11 days. His name also appears on a company return dated at Roxbury Camp on 6 Oct 1775. and on an "order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money" dated 22 Dec 1775. The following year he enlisted on 20 Feb 1776 as a quarter gunner, Captain Edward Fettyplace's (Marblehead) company, serving until 1 Jan 1777, 10 months and 10 days, in defense of the seacoast. Ebenezer appears on the 1790 census for Marblehead with two males 16 and over and three females in the household. He and his wife are buried in the Green Street Cemetery in Marblehead. Children, baptized at the Second Congregational (Unitarian) Church of Marblehead: (1) Ebenezer, b. c. 1768, m. Marblehead 25 Nov 1792 Jan HITCHENS; (2) Holbrook, bp 31 Jan 1773; (3) Jane, bp 5 Nov 1775; (4) Mary, bp 27 Sep 1778; (5) Prudence, bp 29 April 1781. [238] [239]
  • David, bp 31 Mar 1745, m. (intention at Ipswich 20 July 1765) Elizabeth HOVEY, bp 13 Sep 1741, daughter of Nathaniel Hovey and Hannah Fossee. Guardianship of David Martin, a minor under 14 years of age, was granted to his brother Isaac Martin of Gloucester on 26 April 1757. I suspect that he was the David Martin who served in the French and Indian War during the campaigns of 1761 and 1762-3, since his brothers also served, though he was very young. On 10 Feb 1764, his guardianship was given to step-father Daniel Gidding. The will of Nathaniel Hovey of Ipswich, dated 25 Sep 1775 and proved 1 Jan 1776, mentions his daughter "Elizabeth Martain". During the Revolutionary War, David was a member of the crew of the ship Thorn commanded by Captain Richard Cowell, with crew list sworn to at Marblehead on 14 Sep 1780. David is described as being of light complexion and 6 ft 3 inches tall.(MSS:10:281) Children of David and Elizabeth, baptized at Ipswich: (1) David, bp 28 Sep 1766, may be the David Martin who m. Mary BOWDITCH and had two children baptized in Salem; (2) Mary, bp 6 Nov 1768.

(5g) Isaac Martin[edit]

Isaac was the son of Josiah Martin and Mary Hidden of Ipswich, Mass., and was baptized there on 24 March 1733/4 and d. 1777. He was married (intention recorded at Ipswich 31 Jan 1761) to Mrs. Hannah BROWN who died in Marblehead 8 October 1813. Though the term "Mrs." in a marriage record does not always signify a widow, I believe in this case it does. The only case of a Mr. Brown marrying a woman named Hannah in Ipswich between 1748 and 1761 is the marriage of Bartholomew Brown of Beverly to Hannah Wood of Ipswich, with intention at Ipswich 24 Jun 1749. Bartholomew and Hannah had two known children before he died in 1755. Administration of the estate of Bartholomew Brown was given to widow Hannah on 2 Feb 1756, and the account dated 21 Mar 1757 makes allowance for bringing up two young children. I do not find the birth of a Hannah Wood in the Ipswich records. I conclude from all this that it is likely that the Hannah Brown who married Isaac Martin was the widow of Bartholomew Brown. Isaac served in the French and Indian War, and was a lieutenant during the campaigns of 1755 and 1758, and also served in the Quebec campaign. Isaac was early of Ipswich, where his first four children were born or baptized, but about 1770 moved to Marblehead, Mass. where he had a mansion house, mentioned in several deeds among his heirs long after his death. He was a cordwainer. His will, dated 30 Apr 1777, was proved 4 Aug of the same year, and mentions unnamed children, with all estate to go to wife Hannah, who, with Joshua Prentice, were named executors. Hannah continued to live in Marblehead, and appears there on the 1790 census, next to her son Josiah, and on the 1800 census in Marblehead with an older man (45+) and a female aged 16-25, likely her daughter Hitty. Children, first four born/baptized at Ipswich, last four baptized at the Second Congregational Church (now Unitarian), Marblehead, MA: [240]

  • Josiah, b. 20 Dec 1761, m. Hannah STILES. [241]
  • Isaac, b. 8 Oct 1763, m. Marblehead 5 Mar 1787 Rebecca CLARKE. He may be the Isaac Martin appearing in the 1790 census for Marblehead with three males 16 and over, one male under 16, and two females. He may also be the Isaac Martin on the 1800 census for Essex Co., MA (11101-00101-00).
  • Lucy, bp 1 Dec 1765, buried in Beverly, Mass. 30 October 1793, aged 28. She was married at Beverly on 22 Jul 1787 to John VICKERY Jr., baptized Marblehead 4 Nov 1759, buried at Beverly 23 Apr 1793, the son of John vickery (1738-1808) and Eleanor Martin. They had three children born 1788 to 1793. Both Lucy and John died of "pulmonary consumption." [242]
  • Hannah, bp 2 Oct 1768, d. bef 10 Jun 1807 when she was called late of Marblehead, but I find no d. record for her in Marblehead or Salem. She had been granted one seventh share in the real estate of her father Isaac Martin, deceased, and on the date mentioned Barnard Collins paid other heirs of Isaac Martin for part of the property (Essex Deeds 180:197). Being presumably unmarried, she was likely dead by 1800 when she does not appear on the census with her mother.
  • George Whitefield, bp 5 May 1771, d. Jan 1810 (his obituary appeared on 5 Jan), married at Salem, Mass. 11 Apr 1797 to Sally BULLOCK (VR 4:67), b. ca 1772, buried 24 Oct 1815, apparently in Salem. He worked as a young craftsman in Concord, NH from 1794 to 1796, and then went to Salem, Mass. where he built the house at 102 Federal Street in 1800; it still stands today (2016). He was a cabinet maker in Salem in 1806 when he signed a deed (Essex Deeds 258:136). He appears on the 1800 census in Salem, though he would have to be one of the four males aged 16-25, meaning his age was understated. The other young people are likely workers in his cabinet shop, and his wife and young daughter are included. Administration of his estate began 15 Jan 1810 and his inventory was dated 16 April 1810. He and his wife are undoubtedly buried in the Broad Street Cemetery where their daughter has a tombstone. [243] [244]
  • Thomas, bp 10 Oct 1773, m. Salem, MA 13 Nov 1796 Hannah FREELAND, b. ca 1769, d. Salem, MA 5 May 1836, aged 67. He was a cabinet maker in Salem in 1806 when he signed a deed (Essex Deeds 258:136). I do not find Thomas in 1840. He was very likely the Thomas Martin of Salem who married in Danvers (int 23 Jan 1841) as her third husband, Huldah (SMITH) Deland, b. Danvers 25 Sep 1790, d. Beverly, Mass. 18 June 1860, the daughter of Israel and Margaret Smith. Huldah had m. (1) Danvers 21 Nov 1811 Elijah Fuller, and m. (2) Danvers 20 Sep 1835 Joseph Deland. Thomas and Huldah appear on the 1850 census in Danvers, he 77, a laborer, and she 60, and they are still there in 1855. Following Huldah's death, Thomas was enumerated on the 1860 census in Salem, aged 88, living in the Alms House with numerous other, mostly aged, residents. [245]
  • Hitty, bp 5 May 1776, d. young.
  • Mehitable "Hitty," bp 27 Sep 1778 (born after her father's death), d. Marblehead 30 May 1808. She was married in Marblehead, MA on 17 Jun 1804 to Purchase Jewett SMITH. b. Ipswich 17 Aug 1774, d. Ipswich 10 June 1828, the son of Moses Smith and Ruth Jewett. Hitty was living in Marblehead in 1806 when she and her husband signed a deed (Essex Deeds 258:136). Purchase enlisted for service from Ipswich on 13 May 1812, during the War of 1812. He was 5' 8" tall, with gray eyes, dark hair, light complexion, and was called a 38-year old cabinet maker from Ipswich. He enlisted as a private, but his regiment is illegible. He is not found in either the 1810 or 1820 census. Purchase was "found dead in his Clam hut" in June 1828. A web source gives one child: Hannah, b. marblehead 20 Aug 1806, d. Ipswich 26 May 1893, and m. Ipswich 5 May 1836 Ezra Merrill, b. Norway, Maine 7 March 1809, d. Ipswich 19 May 1903, son of Enoch Merrill and Katy Robinson. [246]

(4g) Josiah Martin[edit]

(8g) Andrew Hidden[edit]

(7g) Ebenezer Hidden[edit]

Ebenezer, the son of Andrew Hidden and Sarah Houstin, was b. Rowley, Mass. 7 March 1675/6, d. Rowley 7 July 1748, and m. Rowley 17 July 1701 Elizabeth STORY, b. c. 1680, d. Rowley 28 Sep 1766 "aged about 85", the daughter of Samuel Story and Elizabeth Burnham of Ipswich. Ebenezer's will was dated 8 July 1747, and proved 8 Aug 1748, naming wife and most children. Following his death, Elizabeth married in Rowley 29 April 1757 Hon. John Hobson, b. 10 Nov 1680, d. 20 March 1770, son of John Hobson and Sarah Varnum. John had m. (1) Dorcas Pearson, with whom he had several children. Elizabeth's death is recorded in the Rowley vital record, but her name is not given; she is simply called the "wife of Esq Hobson." Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth, b. Rowley: [247] [248]

  • Elizabeth, b. 22 March 1701/2, d. c. 1747, m. (int 14 Feb 1718/9 in Rowley) Aaron PLUMER, b. Newbury, Mass. 16 Jan 1692/3, d. Scarboro, Maine 1755, the son of Joseph Plumer and Hannah Jewett. Elizabeth was called deceased in the will of her father, dated 8 July 1747. Her husband married (2) in Scarboro, ME 29 March 1749 Elizabeth Howard. Since men tended not to remain widowed for long, Elizabeth probably died just a short time before the date of her father's will, and perhaps the same year. Aaron Plumer is supposedly buried in Black Point Cemetery in Scarboro, and a memorial has been created for him, but there is no tombstone. [249]
  • Sarah, b. 3 Oct 1703, m. Rowley 12 Sep 1727 William PRICE, b. Wales c. 1703, d. at the Straits of Gibraltar in 1733, the son of Richard Price. William was a mariner and captain of a vessel. Sarah and William had two children, born 1728 and 1730. The Sarah Price "a young woman" who died in 1747 in Rowley may have been their daughter. The fate of subject Sarah has not been learned.
  • Dorothy, b. 9 Sep 1705, m.Rehoboth, Mass. 29 July 1727 James SABIN/SABEN, b. Rehoboth 22 May 1696, d. Rehoboth or Providence, RI Jan 1786, aged 90, the son of James Sabin and Abigail Brazier. James was called of Rehoboth when his death notice appeared in the Povidence Gazette on 28 Jan 1786. The notice also appeared in the Chronicle on 2 Feb 1786. James had married first in Rehoboth on 14 Nov 1720 Hannah Mason, and with her had two children. He appears on the 1774 and 1777 Rhode Island censuses in Providence. James and Dorothy had six known children, born 1729 to 1747.
  • Mary, b. 22 March 1707/8, d. 1800, m. Josiah MARTIN
  • Ebenezer, b. 16 Dec 1710, m. (1) c. 1732 Mehitable NELSON, b. Rowley 13 Jan 1710/1, d. Rowley 15 May 1744, daughter of Ephraim Nelson and Sarah Brocklebank; m. (2) Rowley 13 Aug 1744 Sarah ELLSWORTH, b. Rowley 14 April 1714, daughter of Jeremiah Ellsworth and Hannah Tenney. On 9 Jan 1774 he and Sarah were dismissed from Rowley Church to the church in Boscawen, NH. He had six children with his first wife, 1733 to 1743, and five more with his second wife, 1745 to 1754.
  • Jonathan, b. 19 Jan 1712/3, d. Lake George, NY 6 Jan 1756 as a soldier. Administration of his estate was given to his brother Ebenezer in March 1756. Was he the Rhode Island privateer who captained a schooner that ran aground in 1744? Two of his siblings married into the Sabin family of Rehoboth, which had significant dealings in Rhode Island, so there may be a connection.
  • Edward, b. 22 April 1716, m. Rehoboth, Mass. 18 June 1741 Rachel SABIN/SABEN, b. 21 March 1718/9, daughter of Noah Sabin and Ruth Bliss of of Rehoboth. William Cutter's compilation of New England families claims that Edward died in the Battle of Red Bank (Oct 1777) during the American Revolutionary War. I question this, because he would have been 61 years old at the time, and I do not find any record for the military service of this Edward Hidden. It would be much more likely that a later generation Edward Hidden would have served. Edward and Rachel had six known children, born 1742 to 1757.
  • James, b. 2 June 1718, m. Newbury, Mass. 26 Sep 1748 Jemima MOODY, b. Newbury 15 Nov 1724, d. Newburyport 15 May 1803, the daughter of Oliver Moody and Martha Noyes. He was admonished several times for expressing opinions concerning the church. He was living in Ipswich in 1753. He moved to Newbury about 1760. The death record for Jemima in the Newburyport vital record does not give her name, but just calls her the widow of James. James and Jemima had five known children born 1749 to 1763, one of whom was James, Jr., b. Rowley 1749.
  • Lucy, b. 1 April 1722, d. Amherst, Hillsboro, NH 7 May 1811, m. Rowley 4 Aug 1743 Thomas ELLSWORTH, b. Rowley 26 March 1716, d. there 26 Sep 1775, son of Jeremiah Ellsworth and Hannah Tenney. Thomas served in the French and Indian wars as a private in Captain John Pearson's Troop of Horse. Lucy and Thomas had six known children, born 1744 to 1757.

(7g) Robert Stiles[edit]

Stiles genealogy [250]

Robert Stiles was b. c. 1635, d. Boxford, Mass. 30 July [1690], and m. 4 Oct 1660 Elizabeth FRYE, b. 1637, d. c. 1680, the daughter of John Frye and Anna (Stratton?). The death year for Robert is not given in the Boxford vital record; most web sites give 1690. Robert's marriage is recorded in both Andover and Rowley, but in the Andover record his surname is given as "Stileman." Following Elizabeth's death, Robert married a second wife, also named Elizabeth, who was living in 1702 when called "widow Stiles." Children, first nine with first wife with births recorded in Rowley; last child with second wife: [251]

  • John, b. 30 June 1661, d. Jan or Feb 1732/3, m. Boxford 24 Nov 1684 Deliverance TOWNE, b. Topsfield, Mass. 5 Aug 1664, d. Boxford 16 May [1703-1705], the daughter of Jacob Towne and Catherine Symonds. In the original Rowley vital record (hand-written), John's birth is recorded as being on "June last day." John m. (2) Mary _______, who died a widow in Boxford 13 May 1753. John's will was dated 15 Jan 1733, which should actually read 1732/3, because his widow, Mary, acknowledged his will on 26 Feb 1732/3, calling him late of Boxford, deceased. The date of his inventory was 12 March 1733 [probably 1732/3]. John and Deliverance had seven children born 1685 to 1703.
  • Elizabeth, b. 15 March 1662/3, m. Topsfield 8 July 1700 John BUSWELL, b. Salisbury, Mass. 7:8mo:1659 (7 Oct 1659), d. Topsfield c. 1740 (per Stiles genealogy), the son of Samuel Buswell and Sarah Keyes. The marriage record, found in both Topsfield and Boxford, calls both bride and groom of Boxford. The death of John Buswell in Boxford on 22 Feb 1750/1 certainly refers to the son of this couple. John and Elizabeth had three known children, born 1701 to 1707.
  • Sarah (twin), b. 31 Jan 1664[/5], d. Rowley 7 Feb 1664[/5].
  • Eunice "Unice" (twin), b. 31 Jan 1664[/5], m. Boxford 15 Dec [c. 1693] Robert WILLIS. They had two children born in Boxford: Sara, b. 13 Dec [1694-5?] and Robert, 27 March [1696-7?].
  • Abigail, b. 14 Feb 1666[/7?], d. Canterbury, CT 29 May 1751, appears to have had no children, but had numerous step-children. She m. (1) c. 1700, as his second wife, Zaccheus CURTIS, b. (Gloucester or Salem) c. 1647, d. Boxford 7 Ju