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Carrie M. Drew ancestry[edit]

Edwin Drew[edit]


THOMAS DREW (c.1672-c.1765)[edit]

HUGH ADAMS (1676-1748)[edit]

SUSANNA WINBORN (born c.1675)[edit]

DAVID WOOD (1677-1744)[edit]

MARY SPOFFORD (born 1680)[edit]

THOMAS REDINGTON (1693-1755)[edit]

HEPZIBAH PERLEY (born 1699)[edit]

AMOS PERLEY (1699-1747/8)[edit]


FRANCIS PERLEY (1705/6-1765)[edit]

HULDAH PUTNAM (b. 1716)[edit]

Family Sketches[edit]

(9g) William Drew[edit]

This William Drew, said to be the son of Thomas Drew of Broadhambury, Devonshire, England, was born say 1600 and died in 1657. He was a fisherman at the Isles of Shoals, and administration of his estate was given to Capt Brian Pendleton in July 1657. There is no record of children, but the following are all possibly his children:

  • William, b. c. 1625, m. Elizabeth MATTHEWS
  • Samuel, b. say 1628
  • Bartholomew, b. say 1630
  • Thomas, b. 1632, was a brother of William
  • James, b. 1634, was a brother of Samuel

(8g) William Drew[edit]

William Drew, likely the son of an earlier William Drew who was a fisherman at the Isle of Shoals, was born in Devonshire, England about 1625, died in April 1669, and married c. 1647 Elizabeth MATTHEWS, b. 1628, living on 7 Aug 1705, the daughter of Francis Matthews and Thomasine Channon. William was a fisherman at the Isle of Shoals and had a house at Oyster River (now Durham) built by Thomas Beard in 1648. William lived on the south side of Oyster River at what became known as Drew's Point. His brother, Thomas, b. 1632, was killed on 18 July 1694 during the Oyster River massacre. Following William's death, his widow married 20 July 1671 William Follet. Children: [23] [24]

  • Francis, b. c. 1648, m. c. 1672 Lydia BICKFORD (see below).
  • John, called Sergt John, b. c. 1650, d. 27 Oct 1723, and m. (1) c. 1675 Sarah FIELD, daughter of Darby Field, who was the first white man to climb Mount Washington. John m. (2) 31 March 1720 Rebecca COOK, daughter of John Cooke and Mary Downes. Following his death, his widow Rebecca married Samuel Starboard. John was a cooper, and settled about 1675 on the west side of Dover Neck. By 1709 he was supporting two families, one by his wife Sarah, and one by his concubine, Rebecca Cook, who he later married. John had specifically delineated his progeny on the town book, stating which children were with his wife Sarah, which were with his concubine, Rebecca, and which were with his wife, Rebecca. He was buried in the Drew Burial Ground, Durham. [25]
  • Elizabeth, b. say 1655, was possibly the first wife of Abraham CLARKE, or the wife of Thomas PHILLIPS of Ipswich, Mass.
  • Hannah, b. say 1660, m. (1) Godfrey BROOKING; m. (2) Nicholas FOLLETT, son of Nicholas Follett; and m. (3) Abraham HESELTINE.
  • Thomas, b. c. 1665, d. shortly after 1744, m. Mary BUNKER, b. say 1670, d. c. 1738, the daughter of James Bunker and Sarah Nute. He settled at Black River, Dover, NH, and was a carpenter and cooper. The births of his children are found in the Friends' records.
  • James Drew and William Drew may also be sons of William and Elizabeth.

(7g) Francis Drew[edit]

Francis, b. c. 1648, d. about 18 July 1694 during the Oyster River Massacre, was the son of William Drew and Elizabeth Matthews. He was married about 1672 to Lydia BICKFORD, b. c. 1652, d. July 1694, the daughter of John and Temperance Bickford. They were residents of Oyster River (now Durham), NH, where Francis appears on the "provision rate" list for 1675. Francis was slain during the 1694 massacre and his wife was captured, but because of her feebleness, she was left to die in the woods. Francis's brother, John, was initially appointed as administrator of his estate on 16 Nov 1694, but this responsibility was later claimed by Francis's oldest son, Thomas, after Thomas returned from captivity by the Indians in 1696. Children, born in Oyster River (Durham): [26]

  • Thomas, b. c. 1673, d. c. 1766, m. Tamsen _______ (see below).
  • Elizabeth, b. say 1675, m. Thomas FOOTMAN, b. c. 1663, living in 1737, son of Thomas Footman and Catherine Matthews. They had three children, who with their parents were all baptized on 22 Nov 1719. A web source says Thomas died 30 Oct 1752.
  • John, b. say 1677, married about 1702 (wife's name not discovered) and had two daughters. He escaped when "put out of a window" during the Oyster River massacre of July 1694, but was later killed by Indians, likely with his wife, on 27 April 1706. He lived on his father's homestead, and his daughters had it after him. His children were: Mary, m. 11 Feb 1724/5 Joseph Wheeler; and Joanna, m. 11 Mary 1727 Zachariah Edgerly. [27]
  • Mary, b. say 1680, perhaps m. Samuel GREEN of Stratham, who died there 31 Dec 1743. This is very difficult. The Gen Dict of Maine & NH (p 287) says if this is the Samuel Green who married Mary Drew, then she was NOT his wife Mary from 1718 to 1726, and she was NOT his widow Mary named in his 1743 will, this Mary dying 16 May 1753. So, what this is saying, if Mary Drew was his wife, then she was likely the first of two Marys, or the second of three Marys to whom he was married. To really muck up things further, this Samuel Green of Stratham had a daughter named Mary Drew and a granddaughter named Mary Drew. There is an explanation for all of this mess, but who knows what it might be?
  • Benjamin, b. c. 1685, d. 1694, aged about nine years. He was captured during the Oyster River massacre of July 1694, and taken to Winnipesaukee, where he was killed by tomahawks and hatchets when forced to "run the gauntlet." [28]

(6g) Thomas Drew[edit]

Thomas Drew, the son of Francis Drew and Lydia Bickford, was born about 1673, d. c. 1766 (aged 93) and married about January 1694 Tamsen _______, b. c. 1677, d. c. 1766, aged 89. They lived near the shore on the west side of Little Bay, north of Branson's Creek, then a part of the Oyster River Plantation, and now a part of Durham, New Hampshire. On 18 July 1694 they became victims of the Oyster River Massacre, during King Williams' War. Both of their lives were spared, but they were both captured, and Thomas was taken to Canada, while Tamsen was taken to Norridgewock, Maine. Both returned from captivity, Thomas after two years, and Tamsen after four. Shortly after Thomas' return, on 16 November 1696, he took administration of his father's estate. On 23 May 1698, shortly after her return from captivity, Tamsen gave a deposition in Boston, telling how she tried to escape, and eventually was carried off into the woods during the raid four years earlier. She was pregnant at the time, and later gave birth to her child out in the open during a snow storm. Likely due to her own starvation, she was not able to feed the child, and her captors then killed it. Following her reunion with her husband, it was ten years after they were taken captive that they had their next surviving child, and they ultimately raised a very large family. Thomas is likely the Thomas Drew who was an Indian scout in 1710. Thomas and Tamsen were both baptized as adults by Rev. Hugh Adams on 12 August 1722, having been "profanely and idolatrously" baptized by a "Popish priest or friar" during their captivity. (NEHGR 30:62 [1876]) Thomas was about 87 years old, and Tamsen about 82 years old in May 1760 when they made depositions. They died within two days of each other, and were buried in one grave. The burial ground was still visible in 1892 when Mary K. Thompson published Ancient Landmarks of Dover. Stackpole, in 1913, described the location as being "in the middle of the field west of a gully" with many of their descendants being buried there as well. Thomas and Tamsen had eleven known children, with the eight youngest all baptized in 1727. Children: [29] [30] [31] [32] [33]

  • infant, b. and d. winter 1694-1695; was killed during mother's captivity.
  • Joseph, b. c. 1704, living in 1790, m. Elizabeth ADAMS, b. Chatham, Mass. 1713, living 1790, daughter of Rev. Hugh Adams and Susanna Winborn. Joseph's deposition on the Oyster River Massacre was apparently published in 1794, but it is unclear if he was still alive at the time. [34] [35]
  • Francis, b. c. 1708, m. the much younger (?) Phebe ADAMS, b. say 1726, bapt. 31 Aug 1728, daughter of Samuel Adams and Phebe Chesley. It is possible, and maybe even likely, that Francis was born much later than given here, and therefore not significantly older than his wife. In 1773, Francis was a shoemaker in Newington when he quitclaimed the estate of his brother John, of Durham. (GDMeNH:207) [36]
  • Thomas, b. 1711, baptized 5 April 1727, d. Rochester, NH 1806, aged 95, and m. Judith (?). He was called Thomas 3d in the train band in 1732. He moved to Rochester before 1734, and was admitted to the church there on 6 Dec 1741. He had six known children who were baptized.
  • Elijah, b. say 1713, baptized 5 April 1727, received in 1738 all right in the estates of his grandfather Francis Drew and great grandfather, William Drew. Apparently he did this fraudulently, but the outcome is not clear. (GDMeNH:207) He is mentioned in Durham town records in 1749.
  • Martha, b. say 1716, baptized 5 April 1727. She had land in Rochester in 1744.
  • Tamsen, b. c. 1718, baptized 5 April 1727, m. (1) c. 1737 (first child b. 1738) her second cousin Joseph DREW, b. 8 April 1717, d. 1757, son of Francis-3 Drew (John-2, William-1); she m. (2) Paul HAYES, Sr., of Barrington, NH. She was living in Barrington in 1789. She had five children with her first husband. (Stackpole, p 145)
  • Abigail, b. say 1720, baptized 5 April 1727. She had land in Rochester in 1744.
  • Mary, b. say 1722, baptized 5 April 1727. She had land in Rochester in 1744.
  • John, b. say 1724, baptized 6 August 1727. He had a deed from his father in 1744, and was apparently living with him in 1746. He appears to have died by 1773 when his brother Francis quitclaimed his estate, he being called then of Durham. (GDMeNH:207)
  • Ruth, b. say 1726, baptized 6 Aug 1727.

(5g) Joseph Drew[edit]

Joseph, the son of Thomas and Tamsen Drew, was b. c. 1704, living in 1790, m. c. 1737 Elizabeth ADAMS, b. Chatham, Mass. 1713, living 1790, daughter of Rev. Hugh Adams and Susanna Winborn. Joseph's deposition on the Oyster River Massacre was apparently published in 1794, but it is unclear if he was still alive at the time. Known children, all born in Durham, NH: [37] [38]

  • Joseph, b. 26 Oct 1738, d. Durham 18 March 1776, m. 1769 Elizabeth (DAVIS) Crommett, the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Davis, and widow of Ebenezer Crommett. Joseph's widow was given administration of his estate on 12 March 1777. They had three known children. [39]
  • John, b. Aug 1740, m. Jane SCRUTON. John and Jane are buried in the Drew Cemetery in Alton, NH. [40]
  • Elijah, b. 13 or 14 July 1747 (Stackpole gives both dates in his history of Durham), d. Newfield, Maine 18 Nov 1841, m. (1) Lucy CHESLEY, d. Sep 1786, the daughter of Col. Samuel Chesley and Sarah Hicks; m. 92) Abigail CLARAGE of Kittery, Maine, b. 20 Sep 1753, d. Dover, NH 20 Oct 1843. Elijah moved from Durham, NH to Washington Plantation, later named Newfield, ME in 1789, living at what has since been called Drew's Corner. He was moderator of the first town meeting in Washington in 1791. Elijah and Abigail are buried in the Drew Cemetery at Drew's Corner, Newfield, ME. [41] [42]
  • Samuel, b. c. 1752, d. Durham, NH March 1800. His will named mother Elizabeth, children of brother John, and sister Sally. [43]
  • Sally, b. 23 Nov 1757, d. Newfield, ME 13 Oct 1851, m. 15 July 1776 Thomas DAVIS, b. 1748, d. Newfield 3 Feb 1832, the son of Daniel and Elizabeth Davis. They are buried in the Thomas Davis Cemetery in Newfields. [44]

(4g) John Drew[edit]

John Drew, b. Durham, NH Aug 1740, d. Alton, NH 25 June 1825, was the son of Joseph Drew and Elizabeth Adams of Durham, and the grandson of Thomas and Tamsen Drew who were captured during the Oyster River massacre in 1694, and released years later. John was married on 12 February 1773 to Jane SCRUTON, b. Portsmouth, NH 18 Nov 1747, d. Alton 29 July 1819, the daughter of Michael and Anne Scruton of Portsmouth and Barrington, NH. Family tradition relates that her parents arrived in America about 1738. Jane was baptized in Portsmouth on 24 March 1748. John Drew and his family lived primarily in Loudon, NH where he appears on the 1776, 1790, and 1800 censuses. Shortly after 1800 he purchased 1900 acres in Alton and Barnstead and gave a farm to each of his children. John's birthdate comes from a family record that appears to be more reliable than the approximate birth year that is calculated from the age given on his tombstone. In general, the older a person gets, the less reliable is their age, so the family record is considered closer to his actual date of birth. John has two different tombstones with identical information on them. They appear to be placed too far apart for one to be a headstone and the other a footstone, but this appears to be the intent of the placement. John and Jane are buried in the John Drew Cemetery, a small family plot, in Alton, NH; they had twelve children, all born in Loudon, NH: [45]

  • Lydia, b. Loudon, NH 12 Dec 1773, d. New Durham, NH 2 Nov 1827, m. Loudon 16 July 1797 George DURGIN, b. New Durham 7 Dec 1772, d. there Dec 1816, the son of Trueworthy Durgin and Elizabeth Drew of New Durham, NH. The couple had seven children together, most, if not all, of whom are mentioned in George's will, dated 29 November 1816, and probated likely the following January (though the date erroneously reads January 1816). There are three Durgin cemeteries listed in the NHOCA data base in New Durham, but the coordinates were only good for one of them when I did a search in April 2016, and that cemetery did not have George and Lydia. Their children: (1) Charles Grandison, b. 1798, mentioned in father's 1816 will; (2) Louisa, b. 17 Dec 1799, d. June 1834; (3) Sophronia, b. 5 Oct 1802, d. 13 July 1840, m. James B. Edgerly; (4) Julia, b. 7 Sep 1804, d. 21 Mar 1837; (5) Jane S., b. 1808; (6) Eveline A., b. 12 Feb 1811; (7) Maria, b. 25 Sep 1814. [46]
  • Ebenezer, b. Loudon 12 Aug 1775, d. Alton 7 Dec 1810, did not marry. He is buried in the family plot in Alton, with his parents. [47]
  • Joseph, b. Loudon 2 Nov 1776, d. Alton 1846, and m. Strafford Co. by Rev. Joseph Haven on 24 Jan 1805 to Leah JONES of Farmington, b. May 1784, d. Alton 13 March 1853. Joseph's will, dated 4 March 1846 and proved 21 April 1846, left his entire estate to his wife, Leah, and following her decease was to be divided equally among his seven daughters. Joseph and Leah both have surviving grave markers in his parents' family plot in Alton. [48]
  • Betsey, b. Loudon, NH 12 July 1778, d. Starksboro, VT 12 July 1778, m. 1803 Lemuel HILL, b. Barrington, NH 10 April 1777, d. Starksboro, VT 17 Aug 1859. Betsey and Lemuel are buried in the Hillsboro Cemetery, Starksboro, VT. [49]
  • Anna "Nancy", b. Loudon 7 Feb 1780, d. Gilmanton, NH 22 March 1849, m. Belmont, NH 27 Nov 1806 Joseph EDGERLY, b. Gilmanton 24 May 1780, d. there 29 May 1849, the son of David Edgerly and Dorothy Hoyt. Anna and Joseph both have grave markers in the David Edgerly Cemetery in Gilmanton. Note that the engraving of the death year on both grave markers is so weak that they certainly appear to read 1819. However, the spacing of the digits, plus family records, confirm that the death year is 1849 for both Anna and Joseph. They had six known children. [50]
  • Thomas, b. 1781, d. 1854, m. Sophronia WOOD.
  • Martha, b. 25 July 1784, d. Barnstead,NH 15 Oct 1825, m. Thomas PROCTOR, b. 12 June 1783, d. Barnstead 25 June 1856, aged 73 years and 13 days. Following Martha's death, Thomas married Comfort ________, b. 1781, d. 1847. Thomas and both wives have extant grave markers in the Proctor Cemetery in Barnstead. [51]
  • John, b. Loudon, NH 27 April 1786, d. Alton, NH 3 July 1867, and married in Alton on 4 January 1810 Charlotte DAVIS, b. Penobscot Co., ME 21 Dec 1790, d. Alton 15 Oct 1870, the daughter of Eleazer Davis. John and Charlotte appear on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Alton with a large family of children and grandchildren. Following John's death, Charlotte is found on the 1870 census in Alton with much of the same family. John was originally buried in the family plot in Loudon, but was later moved to Pine Grove Cemetery in Farmington where he and Charlotte both have extant markers. [52]
  • Elijah, b. Loudon 12 Feb 1788, d. Barnstead 4 Nov 1826, apparently never married. The Drew family record (in the possession of Stanley W. Arnold, Jr.) says that Elijah died on 9 November, but the tombstone clearly reads 4 November. Find-a-grave contributor Carol adds yet another date: "New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette" - 13 Nov 1826: Deaths: “In Barnstead, Nov. 5, Mr. Elijah Drew.” I think we can safely say that he died in early November 1826. Elijah has an extant grave marker in his parents' family plot in Alton, NH. [53]
  • Samuel, b. Loudon 13 Mar 1790, d. Loudon 2 Oct 1814. [54]
  • Susan, b. Loudon 13 April 1792, d. Barnstead 12 Oct 1866, m. Madbury, NH 30 Jan 1828 James LANGLEY, b. Barrington, NH 13 June 1790, d. Barnstead 19 April 1848, aged "47y 9m 11d", the son of Joseph and Mary Langley. His birth date calculated from his grave marker puts his birth in 1800, which is plausible, but not as realistic as a birth year of 1790 found in a family record. Susan and James are buried in the Langley Cemetery in Barnstead. [55]
  • James Horace, b. Loudon 18 June 1795, d. Gilmanton, NH 29 June 1874, married three times: (1) 22 December 1817 Hannah CLARK, b. 29 March 1799, d. Barnstead 12 Oct 1842, aged 43 years and 7 months; m. (2) Manchester, NH 17 August 1845 Lucy CLARK, b. 23 July 1792, d. Barnstead 28 Feb 1859; m. (3) Gilmanton, NH 8 May 1860 Sally B. (LAMPREY) Plummer, b. 1805, d. 4 Feb 1880, aged 74, the widow of Joseph Plummer (1800-1846) whom she married 19 Feb 1824. In 1850 James was living in Pittsfield, NH with his second wife. James and his first two wives have extant grave markers in the Langley Cemetery, Barnstead, NH, and his third wife has a marker in the Plummer Cemetery in Gilmanton. [56]

(3g) Thomas Drew[edit]

Thomas, b. Loudon, NH 25 June 1781, d. Bangor, Maine 5 Oct 1854, was the son of John Drew and Jane Scruton of Loudon, Barnstead, and Alton, New Hampshire. He was married 26 Jan 1821 to Sophronia WOOD, b. Loudon, NH 5 Sep 1796, d. Bangor 26 Aug 1862, the daughter of Enoch Wood and Olive Perley of Hallowell, Maine. The family resided mostly in Bangor, Maine. They appeared on the 1850 census for Bangor with a large household, including Thomas and Sophronia, their children John, Charles, Frederick and Maria; John's wife Harriette, and a Charles Drew, aged 12, who may be the son of John and Harriette. Also, Sophronia's mother, Olive Wood, aged 81, is living in the household, and a probable servant, Elisabeth McAvery, age 23 and born in Ireland, is also present. The will of Thomas Drew, dated 13 Sep 1854, probated Oct 1854, mentions an unnamed daughter, wife Sophronia, sons John Usher, Edwin, Frederick, and Charles (a minor over 14), with executors Moses Savery and Albert Walkefield. Thomas and Sophronia are buried in the Drew-Draper plot in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, ME. Children: [57]

  • John Usher, b. Bangor, ME 26 Nov 1821, d. Norwalk, OH 14 Jan 1897, m. Harriette _______, b. Rhode Island 1820, d. Norwalk, OH 24 April 1898. In 1850 John was aged 30 and living with his wife, Harriette, aged 30, in the household of his parents in Bangor. In 1880 John and Harriett were living in Cleveland, Ohio, with their daughter Ella, aged 27. No occupation was given for him; his wife was keeping house and his daughter was a music teacher. An obituary for John U. Drew appeared in the "Clyde [Ohio] Enterprise" of 21 January 1897: "John U. Drew, aged 75 years, died at Norwalk on Thursday afternoon. For Several years Mr. Drew was a citizen of Clyde during the balcyon days of the Clyde Organ Manufacturing Company, for which institution he worked as tuner. When that concern went to the wall Mr. Drew moved to Norwalk, where he was employed as tuner for the A. B. Chase Co. until about a year ago, when advancing years and illness compelled him to retire. He leaves a widow and one daughter, both of whom are well known here. Mr. Drew was an excellent man, and a follower of the faith of Swedenborg." Another obituary in the "Norwalk Daily Reflector" reveals that he worked for the Chase company for 14 years before his retirement. John and Harriette, and their daughter Ella, are all buried in the same plot in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, Ohio. [58]
  • Edward Bowman, b. Bangor, ME 21 April 1823, d. Bangor 23 March 1825, has marker in parents' plot in Mount Hope Cemetery.
  • Thomas, b. Bangor 31 Oct 1824, d. Bangor 18 Jan 1829, has marker in parents' plot in Mount Hope Cemetery.
  • Samuel Adams, b. Bangor 14 Dec 1826, d. Bangor 14 Nov 1827, has marker in parents' plot in Mount Hope Cemetery.
  • Frederic, b. Bangor 28 Oct 1828, d. Bangor 6 Aug 1870, m. Abigail ESTES, b. Hampden, ME 1 May 1837, d. Boston, Mass. 14 Dec 1907, daughter of Zacheus Estes of Hampden, ME. In 1850 Frederic was 22 years old and living at home with his parents. In 1860 he was a merchant living in the 5th Ward of Bangor, ME. In the same household with his wife, two older children, and with Archibald Owen, aged 60, born in Maine; and Kate Donavan, aged 26, born in Ireland. Following Frederic's death, Abigail married Horace S. Sands. Frederic and Abigail share a monument in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor. [59]
  • Edwin, b. Bangor 20 May 1831, d. Newton, Mass. 10 April 1910, m. Phebe Almanza SHEPARD (see below).
  • Maria Wood, b. 5 Jan 1834, appears on the 1860 census for Bangor, ME with her mother, and is named in her mother's Dec 1861 will.
  • Charles, b. 5 Jan 1839, appears on the 1860 census for Bangor, ME with his mother, and is named in his mother's Dec 1861 will. It is not known whether he is the same as the Charles Drew who lived in Mayport, Florida and was still living in 1920.

(2g) Edwin Drew[edit]

Edwin, b. Bangor, ME 20 May 1831, d. Newton, Mass. 10 April 1910, was the son of Thomas Drew and Sophronia Wood of Bangor, ME. He was married to Phebe Almanza SHEPARD, the daughter of Rev Moses Shepard and Phebe Dow, of Bangor. In the 1860 census, Edwin was called a farmer, living with his wife and three older children in Ward 4 of Bangor, next to Phebe's parents. Living with the family then was a Keziah Drew, aged 19, born in Maine and working as a domestic [she may be the daughter of Clark and Judith (Knowles) Drew]. In 1870 Edwin was still in Bangor, still called a farmer, and living with wife and all four children. He is found in the Bangor city directory through 1873, so one can infer that shortly thereafter he moved with his family to Massachusetts. In 1880, Edwin was living with his family in Somerville (Middlesex Co.), Mass. His daughter Minnie had died by then, but his wife and three other children were listed in his household. Edwin's occupation in 1880 was given as grocer/retail. Edwin's last residence was Newton, Mass., and his daughter Carrie Draper was the informant for his death certificate. Edwin and Phebe are buried in his parents' plot in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Maine. They had four children: [60]

  • Fred Leslie, b. Bangor, ME 5 Feb 1855, d. Waltham, Mass. 21 May 1948, m. Waltham 18 Oct 1886 Mary Eliza BOLTON, the daughter of Oliver Bolton and Eliza A. Eldridge. In 1880 Fred was living with his parents in Somerville, Mass. Apparently Fred and Mary lived in Florida shortly after their marriage, as their infant son died and was buried there in 1887. In 1892 Fred, aged 37, appears on the Washington State and Territorial Censuses, living in Pierce (locality Tacoma) with wife Mary E., aged 32. In 1900 he was in Boston, Mass., Ward 12, single and living in a boarding house with Alice Knowles as the proprietress, but his wife is not there, so perhaps he was away working during that census year. By 1910 he was living in Waltham, Mass. with wife Mary. In 1930 he was still living in Waltham, Mass. with wife Mary E., and in 1940 Fred and wife Mary E., aged 80, were living at 49 Myrtle Street in Waltham. Fred and Mary are buried in her parents' plot in the Mount Feake Cemetery in Waltham, MA. [61]
  • Carrie Marie, b. Bangor 3 Oct 1856, d. Newton, Mass. 8 Feb 1924, m. Somerville, Mass. 5 Sep 1882 William Burgess DRAPER, the son of Daniel Fisher Draper and Mary Ann Collins. Her husband was a businessman who made some fortunate investments, allowing the family to become financially independent. Carrie managed the family finances. The family lived in Cambridge, MA in the 1880s and 1890s, where the two children were born, but by 1910 they were living at 160 Lincoln Street in Newton. They later moved to 17 Meredith Avenue in Newton, where both Carrie and William were living when they died. Carrie and William are buried in the Drew plot with her parents and grandparents in Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor.
  • Minnie L., b. Bangor 1858, d. Bangor 14 Sep 1872, buried with parents in Mount Hope Cem., Bangor.
  • Wilbert Shepard, b. Bangor 25 Nov 1866, d. San Bernardino Co., California 25 April 1921, m. Hartland, Vermont 15 June 1904 Maria Alice KNEEN, b. Vermont November 1869, d. Los Angeles, Cal. 23 Nov 1931, daughter of John J. Kneen and Alice J. Capron of Hartland, Vermont. Maria was enumerated in the household of her parents in Hartland on both the 1870 and 1880 federal census. In 1900 Maria was single, and living in Santa Ana, Dewitt County, Illinois, as a boarder in the house of William P. Gardner. She was a school teacher who had not been employed for the previous three and a half months. As a young child Wilbert lived in Maine, but in the 1880 census, he, aged 15, was living with his parents and two surviving siblings in Somerville, Mass. Wilbert became a school teacher, and in 1900 was working in Chicago, where he was a boarder in the household of the Fournier family. His future wife, Maria A. Kneen, was also a school teacher, and living in Santa Ana, Dewitt County, Illinois in 1900. These two teachers from New England eventually met, and were married in Hartland, Vermont, Maria's home town. By 1907 they were living in Virginia where their first two children were born, but were only there for a few years. On 20 April 1910 when the census taker visited him, Wilbert lived in Manhattan, New York City, with his wife and children Arthur W., age 3, Alice, aged 1 and 6/12, and Richard, aged 4/12 of a year. On 22 July 1910 he was manifested as a passenger aboard the SS Virginian, sailing from Liverpool, England to Quebec [city?] in Canada, and his occupation is given as professor, with his final destination as Logan, Utah. Wilbert soon returned to the east, and was back in New York by 1914 when his youngest child was born. In 1915 he appears on the New York state census, living in Olean, Cattaraugus Co. He also appears in the 1916 city directory for Olean, living at 1013 West Henley St. His occupation was given as a high school teacher. Wilbert kept in touch with his family in New England, and he sent pictures of his children to his sister, Carrie Draper, who was living in Massachusetts. Sometime before 1920 Wilbert had given up his mobile life style as a teacher, and settled on a farm in California. In 1920 the family was living in Rialto, San Bernadino County, California, and he is on the census with wife and children Arthur W., aged 12, Alice A., aged 11, and Marion S., aged 6. His occupation is given as poultryman. Wilbert did not get to enjoy his new occupation for long, as he died in 1921. He is buried in Rialto Park Cemetery, Rialto, CA. Following his death, Wilbert's widow and children moved to Pomona, CA, but were in Pasadena by 1928, and appear on the 1930 census there. In 1932 Alice was enrolled in Pasadena Junior College. In 1935 Wilbert's widow was living in Tyron, Polk Co., NC, but by 1940 had returned to California, living alone in San Jose. The 1940 census says she completed two years of college. The children of Wilbert and Maria were: (1) Arthur Wellesley, b. 2 November 1907, m. Lucille M. _______; (2) Alice Alden, b. October 1908; (3) Richard, b. January 1910, died before April 1915 (NY State census); (4) Marion Shepard, b. 10 August 1913. Wilbert is buried, without a grave marker, in the Rialto Park Cemetery, San Bernardino Co., Cal. Maria is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Cal., and has a small flat marker. [62]

(5g) Michael Scruton[edit]

Michael Scruton was born roughly 1710, d. Barrington, NH 1755, and m. Anne _______, b. say 1710, d. Loudon, NH 7 Jan 1798, "about 97 years", at the home of her daughter, Jane Drew. Her age at death is likely quite exaggerated, as she had a child born about 1752. Family tradition says that Michael and Anne immigrated to New England about 1738, settling in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Michael was a flax comber, and after leaving Portsmouth, briefly lived in the town of Barrington, New Hampshire before his death. On 19 Nov 1755, administration of his estate was given to widow Ann. The inventory, attested 21 Feb 1756, amounted to 792 pounds, 4s. Known children: [63]

  • Thomas, b. c. 1738, d. 17 Dec 1813, married Mary "Molly" HUTCHINS.
  • Anne, b. Portsmouth, NH 27 April 1740
  • Margaret, bapt. Portsmouth, NH 10 Feb 1744
  • Jane, b. 18 Nov 1747, bapt Portsmouth, NH 24 March 1748, d. 23 July 1812, m. 12 Feb 1773 John Drew, b. Durham, NH Aug 1740, d. Alton, NH 25 Jan 1825, son of Joseph Drew and Elizabeth Adams. They are buried in the private Drew Cemetery in Alton, NH. [64]
  • Elizabeth "Betsy", bapt. Portsmouth, NH 5 July 1752, d. N. Berwick, Maine 17 Aug 1845, and m. Berwick, ME 27 Dec 1770 Stephen ABBOTT, b. Lebanon, ME May 1747, d. Berwick 29 March 1838, the son of Thomas Abbot and Mary LeGrow. Stephen appears on the 1790, 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses for Berwick, ME. He was supposedly a solider of the Revolution, but I find no record that I can definitely connect to him. Betsy and Stephen are buried in the Abbott Cemetery #73 in Berwick. [65]

(7g) John Adams[edit]

John Adams, b. say 1645, d. by 1699 (but probably c. 1697 before his son, Hugh, moved to South Carolina with his widow), m. c. 1670 Avis _______, b. say 1650, d. Charleston, SC 6 Oct 1699. On 20 November 1684, John Adams was one of a group of men for whom a surety was provided, this implying that they were recent immigrants. Some of the men in the group were from Scotland, and perhaps the remainder were from there as well. Thus, it is possible that the older children were born in Scotland. He was called a shoemaker when he witnessed a marriage bond in 1687, and called a cordwainer when he bought a house, presumably in Boston, in 1688. He is found on a number of deeds in the year 1693, being called John Adams, Sr. (thus his son was likely 21 by then). He preceded his wife in death, as she was called a widow upon her own death. Following his death, his wife went to live in South Carolina with her son Hugh, who was preaching there. While nursing the Rev. John Cotton in Charleston, suffering with yellow fever, she contracted the disease herself, and they both died in 1699. Children: [66] [67] [68]

  • John, b. c. 1672, d. Boston, Mass. c. 1745. While his wife's name was Hannah, he apparently is NOT the John Adams who married in 1694 Hannah CHECKLEY; by several accounts that was a Capt John Adams, 1661-1702. Because there were two contemporary John Adams with wife Hannah in Boston, the births of their children need to be untangled. The following children were born in Boston of John and Hannah Adams: Abigail, b. 6 Oct 1691; John, b. 4 Nov 1693; Avis, b. 6 Feb 1694; Joseph, b. 26 Dec 1695; and Bethiah, b. 20 Aug 1697. Of these, based on name alone, one could justifiably assume that Avis was the daughter of the subject John. The subject John was a merchant, member of the Executive Council of Nova Scotia, and briefly the Lieutenant-Governor of that place. A wikipedia article has been created for him.
  • Hugh, b. 7 May 1676, d. Oct 1748, m. Susanna WINBORN. [69]
  • Matthew, b. c. 1684, d. Boston 2 March 1747/8, m. (1) Boston 17 Nov 1715 Katherine BRIGDON, b. Charlestown, Mass. 22 May 1696, d. Boston c. 1733, daughter of Nathaniel Brigdon and Elizabeth Whaff; m. (2) Boston 10 Jan 1734/5 (intention 19 Dec 1734) Meriel COTTON, b. Sandwich, Mass. 19 July 1700, d. 19 Aug 1746, daughter of Roland Cotton and Elizabeth Saltonstall. Matthew was an older friend and mentor of Benjamin Franklin, and in his autobiography Franklin remembers Matthew thusly: "a merchant, an ingenious, sensible man, who had a pretty collection of books, frequented our printing office, took notice of me, and invited me to see his library, and very kindly lent me books to read." Matthew had five known children with his first wife, born c. 1716 to 1732, and a daughter, Meriel, with his second wife. [70] [71]
  • Jane, b. Boston 21 Feb 1686 [/7?], d. c. 1715, m. (Chatham, Mass?). 23 July 1713 Joseph HARDING, b. say 1680, d. by 1720, son of Joseph Harding and Dinah Hedges of Chatham. Following Jane's death, Joseph m. (2) Mary Stewart, the widow of Michael Stewart.
  • Ann, b. Boston 16 Feb 1688 [/9?], m. (1) Boston 13 Feb 1706 [/7?] William PLAY, b. say 1685, d. c. 1712; m. (2) Boston 23 Sep 1714 William INGS/ENGS. The Engs family appeared to be largely centered around Newport, RI by 1750.
  • William, bp Boston 8 March 1690 [/1?], d. c. 1691
  • William, bp Boston 12 Feb 1692 [/3?]. Either he or his younger brother was living in 1701, when brother Hugh Adams mentioned his four orphaned younger siblings, following the death of their mother.
  • Ebenezer, bp Boston 23 Dec 1694. Either he or his brother William was living in 1701, when brother Hugh Adams mentioned his four orphaned younger siblings, following the death of their mother.

(6g) Hugh Adams[edit]

Hugh, the son of John and Avis Adams of Boston, Mass., was born 7 May 1676, possibly in Scotland, d. Oct 1748, and m. 1701 Susanna WINBORN, b. c. 1680, living in 1766, daughter of John Winborn and Elizabeth Hart. Hugh graduated from Harvard College in 1697, and a year later went to South Carolina where he preached until 1706. In 1701 he married Susanna Winborn, a native of New Hampshire. After returning from the South, Hugh preached in Chatham, Mass., and then became the pastor of the church in Durham, New Hampshire, where he preached from 1718 to 1739. Thomas C. Amory, in his Life of James Sullivan (1859), said that Hugh Adams was a "celebrated and very eccentric clergyman, long settled at Durham over the Oyster Bay Parish, and a brother of Matthew Adams, the early friend of Dr. Franklin. In the New Hampshire Historical Collections may be found many amusing particulars of...Adams, who possessed great wit and learning, but often provoked the animadversions of his brother clergymen, as also some of the graver and more simple members of his parish, by an independence of opinion which occasionally somewhat scandalized their orthodoxy." He died in October 1748, and is very likely buried in the cemetery that was on his property, then passed to his son Samuel, and then bought in 1763 by the Sullivan family of Revolutionary War fame. Susanna was the daughter of Rev. John Winborn and Elizabeth Hart, and was born say 1680, and still living in 1766. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Hart, was imprisoned, but not executed, during the Salem witch trials. Children: [72] [73] [74] [75]

  • son, born and died Ashley River, SC, 1702
  • Samuel, b. South Edisto River, SC, June 1705, d. 1762, and m. (1) c. 1727 Phebe CHESLEY, b. c.1705, d. 1743, the daughter of Lt. Philip Chesley and Hannah Sawyer. He m. (2) by 1747 Rebecca Hall, the daughter of Joseph Hall, Jr. and Mary. Samuel's will was dated 22 June 1762, and proved the following month on 28 July. He had four known children with his first wife, and four more with his second. Phebe has, or had, an inscribed grave marker in the Sullivan Cemetery in Durham, and it is highly likely that Samuel is buried there as well. [76]
  • Elizabeth, b. Chatham (Barnstable Co.), Mass. 5 May 1713, m. Joseph DREW, b. 1704. They were both living in 1790 when they made depositions. They are likely buried on their property, the Drew Farm, off of Durham Point Road in Durham, NH.
  • Winborn, b. Boston, Mass. 19 April 1715, d. Durham, NH 1736 of a "pestilential fever and Quincey." He was a schoolmaster in Durham.
  • John, b. Oyster River (now Durham), NH 13 Jan 1718, m. Boston 23 Dec 1741 Anna PARKER.
  • Avis, b. 11 April 1723, likely in Durham, NH, m. as his second wife, William ODIORNE, b. 1710, d. winter of 1798-9, son of Jotham Odiorne and Sarah Bassum. [77]
  • Joseph, b. 22 April 1725, probably died a youngster.

(8g) William Winborn[edit]

(7g) John Winborn[edit]

John, b. Boston 21:7mo:1638 (21 Sep 1638), supposedly d. in South Carolina c. 1707, was the son of William Winborn and Elizabeth Wen of Boston. He m. Malden, Mass. 11 April 1667 Elizabeth HART, b. Reading, Mass. 11 Dec 1651, d. by 1745, the daughter of Isaac Hart and Elizabeth Hutchinson. Elizabeth's mother was one of the accused during the Salem Witch Trials, but was not executed. John was the pastor of the church in Manchester, Mass. from 1667 to 1686, and then left that place in the early 1690s. He supposedly went south, perhaps stopping in Virginia, and then staying in South Carolina where his daughter, Susanna, married in 1701. A web account says he died in Colleton Co., SC in 1707, but I've seen no documentary evidence. There appear to be more Winborn records in South Carolina than in New England. Children, almost certainly born in Manchester, MA: [78]

  • perhaps John, b. c. 1668, living in 1751, and m. c. 1695 Phebe SANDERS, b. Nansemond Co., VA c. 1675, living in 1751, the daughter of John-4 Sanders (John-3-2, Richard-1) and Phoebe (Thomas?). John was co-executor to the will of Robert Sanders in 1731, and signed the appraisal of his estate in Isle of Wight Co., VA on 22 May 1732. On 1 May 1751, John and Phoebe Winborn of Nansemond sold land, presumably in Nansemond Co. They had a daughter Phoebe, and likely other children.
  • Ebenezer, b. say 1675, m. (1) Boston 11 May 1706 Lydia PRINCE, b. Hull, Mass. 11 July 1685, daughter of Joseph Prince and Joanna Morton. He may be the one who then later m. (2) Boston 24 Oct 1744 Elizabeth Gwinn. He had several children, one of whom was Prince Winborn.
  • Susanna, b. say 1680, living in 1766, m. South Carolina 1701 Rev. Hugh ADAMS.

(8g) Daniel Wood, Sr.[edit]

(7g) Daniel Wood, Jr.[edit]

Daniel, b. c. 1648, d. by 1715, was the son of Daniel Wood, Sr. and Mary Foster. He m. (1) c. 1674 Sarah ANDREWS, b. 1658, d. Boxford 27 Sep 1714, the daughter of Robert Andrews and Grace Milburn. Daniel m. (2) in Rowley 15 Nov 1715 Elizabeth (PEARSON) Hopkinson, the widow of John Hopkinson whom she had married in Rowley 8 June 1670. Based on the births of the children, the family lived in Topsfield from 1675 to 1684, then probably in early 1685 moved to Boxford, where they remained. Sarah has an extant, but broken, grave marker in the Ancient Cemetery in Boxford. Children: [79]

  • Daniel, b. Topsfield 17 July 1675, d. c. 1690
  • David, b. Topsfield, Mass. 18 Feb 1677 [/8?], d. Boxford 30 Aug 1744, in 67th year, m. Mary SPOFFORD. [80]
  • John, b. Topsfield 25 March [1680?], d. Boxford 5 April 1759, m. Boxford (no dates given in VR) Ruth PEABODY, b. Boxford 13 Nov 1684, d. Boxford 29 (or 28) May 1759, daughter of Capt John Peabody and Hannah Andrews. The birthdate of John (son of Daniel and Sarah) in the Topsfield vital record is given as 25 March 1780, and in the Boxford vital record the birth of a John Wood is simply given as 1681.
  • Abigail, b. Topsfield 3 Oct 1684, d. Boxford 25 July 1[685]. The death year is illegible in the vital record, but given in a family record as 1685.
  • Huldah, b. Boxford 23 May 1687, m. Boxford 19 Jan 1709/10 John BRIDGES, b. say 1685. No records have been found for this couple. An online source says he was the son of Josiah Bridges and Ruth Greenslade, and though this is plausible, there is no evidence that this is the case.
  • Mercy, b. Boxford 21 Sep 1689, baptized in Topsfield 27 Oct 1689. The Boxford vital record gives her birth date as "Sept 31" [1689-90?], so it is not certain if the 21 Sep date is valid (pulled from a website), or if the date should be 30 Sep.
  • Jacob, b. Boxford 22 Aug 1691, m. (int. Ipswich 6 Dec 1713) Hannah BRADSTREET, b. Rowley 21 April 1694 (or 1695), daughter of Moses Bradstreet and Hannah Pickard.
  • Sarah, b. Boxford 16 April 1698, d. Newbury, Mass. 1 July 1771, in 73d year, m. Newbury, Mass. 13 Feb 1716/7 (int Newbury 29 Sep 1716) Jedediah PEARSON, bapt. Rowley 8 April 1694, d. Newbury 16 Nov 1761, aged 68, son of Benjamin Pearson and Hannah Thurston. In her death record, Sarah is called "midwife." They had one or more children born in Rowley.

(6g) David Wood[edit]

David was b. Topsfield, Mass. 18 Feb 1677[/8?], d. Boxford, Mass. 30 Aug 1744, the son of Daniel Wood and Sarah Andrews of Topsfield. He married (intention in Rowley, MA 15 Feb 1701/2) to Mary SPOFFORD, b. Rowley 4 May 1680, baptized there 27 June 1680, the daughter of John Spofford and Sarah Wheeler. The printed Boxford Vital Record gives the date of the marriage intention as 5 Feb, but the original handwritten record gives the date as 15 Feb. Following David's death, Mary married in Boxford on 22 June 1749 Rev. Jacob Bacon of Plymouth. This Jacob Bacon left few if any records, other than his likely birth recorded in both Newton and Cambridge as being on 2mo:9:1680 (9 April 1680), son of Jacob and Elizabeth Bacon. David has an existing grave marker in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. David and Mary had seven known children, all of whose births were recorded in Boxford:[81]

  • Mary, b. 23 Sep 1702, d. Boxford 11 May 1712
  • Daniel, b. 22 Jan 1705/6, d. Boxford 31 Mar 1746, and m. Boxford 8 March 1730/1 Sarah PEABODY, b. Boxford 26 Sep 1709, d. Boxford 18 May 1788. Daniel has an existing grave marker in the Mount Vernon Cemetery, Boxford. [82]
  • Sarah, b. 10 Oct 1707, m. (intention in Boxford 13 May 1733) Aaron KIMBALL, b. Boxford 17 Jan 1705, son of Richard Kimball and Hannah Dorman. An online account gives Sarah's death as 1767 in Boxford and Aaron's as 7 May 1782 in Boxford, but neither death is in the published record of the town.
  • David, b. 19 Nov 1709, d. Boxford 1 March 1785. A David Wood married in Boxford Mercy Peabody, but no dates were given.
  • Hannah, b. 21 Nov 1711, died by 1771, m. (intention Boxford 27 Nov 1735) Josiah JOHNSON, b. 1709, d. Woburn, Mass. 24 Dec 1784, aged 75. He m. (2) 5 Aug 1771 Susanna Kendall.
  • Jonathan, b. 6 Dec 1713, m. (1) Sarah REDDINGTON; m. (2) Sarah Colburn. [83]
  • Samuel, b. 4 June 1724, d. 1777, and m. in Union City, CT 11 Jan 1749/50 Lydia RIPLEY, b. Windham, CT 20 Feb 1724, d. CT 18 Apr 1761, the daughter of David Ripley and Lydia Carey. Samuel was a congregational clergyman who served as the chaplain of the 5th Connecticut Regiment during the Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner at the capture of Fort Washington on 16 Nov 1776, and later died on the British prison ship Asia. [84]

(5g) Jonathan Wood[edit]

Jonathan, b. Boxford, Mass. 6 Dec 1713, d. there 19 June 1781, was the son of Dr. David Wood and Mary Spofford of Boxford. He was married first in Boxford on 2 February 1748 to Sarah REDDINGTON, the daughter of Thomas Redington and Hepzibah Perley. He was married second at Rowley, MA on 24 November 1778 to Mrs. Sarah (COLMAN) Spofford, b. Newbury, MA 10 Mar 1715, d. Rindge, NH 4 Oct 1790, the daughter of Thomas Colman and Phebe Pearson, and widow of Deacon Abner Spofford, b. 21 Aug 1705, d. 12 Sep 1777. Both Jonathan and first wife Sarah Redington Wood are buried in Harmony Cemetery in Boxford, His second wife is buried in Meeting House Cemetery, Rindge, NH. Children, all with first wife, b. Boxford, MA: [85]

  • David, b. 13 Nov 1748, d. Boxford 14 Jan 1821, unmarried. David appears alone on the 1790 census for Boxford, and on the 1820 census he is with a female aged 45+, perhaps a sister. David's will was dated 10 Jan 1821, and proved the first Tuesday of March, 1821, with Jonathan Foster, Aaron Spofford, and Pamela Carlton as witnesses. In his will David stated that he wanted "to be decently interred in my tomb which I caused to be built in the burying ground in the first parish in said Boxford." David may have been a Revolutionary War soldier, but there are so many of his name who served from Massachusetts, that he cannot be definitely selected from the list, and none in the roster is specifically called from Boxford. [86]
  • Jonathan, b. 14 Sep 1751, d. Boxford 3 Jan 1797, aged 45, from an accidental fall. He was married in Brookfield, MA 1 Feb 1787 to Abigail HALE, b. Brookfield 20 Marh 1760, d. Boxford 5 Oct 1837, the daughter of Thomas Hale and Mary Kimball of Brookfield. Jonathan was almost certainly the one of his name who served as a private from Boxford during the American Revolutionary War. He lived on the family homestead, was a deacon in the First Church, and a captain of the local militia. He appears on the 1790 census in Boxford with 2 males under 16, one male 16 and over, and 3 females. Jonathan and Abigail had six known children, born 1789 to 1797, and they were mentioned, but not by name, as "children of my brother Jonathan Wood, deceased" in the 1821 will of Jonathan's brother David. Following Jonathan's death, his widow married Deacon Parker Spofford, the widower of Jonathan's sister, Mary. [87]
  • Eliphalet, b. 3 Jun 1754, baptized, 9 Jun 1754, d. Loudon, NH 1 Aug 1833, and m. 12 Jun 1788 (marriage recorded in both Belmont and Loudon, NH) Elizabeth TILTON, b. E. Kingston, NH 7 May 1761, d. NH 20 Feb 1835, daughter of Timothy Tilton (1718-1785) and Martha Boynton (1728-1822). He entered Dartmouth College with plans to pursue the ministry, but the Revolutionary War changed those plans, and he served extensively from 1775 to 1780. He was in the Battles of Bunker Hill and Stillwater, at the capture of Burgoyne, and at the Battle of Trenton. After the war he went to Gilmanton, NH where he was a school teacher, and records of his payment in 1784 and 1786 survived. He was in Rindge, NH by 1788 when he was married, and living there in 1790 with wife and son. By 1800 he was living in Loudon, NH, next door to his brother Enoch that year, and lived there the remainder of his life, appearing on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses with wife and family. He and his wife had seven known children. [88]
  • son, b. 19 Mar 1756
  • Sarah, b. 27 Aug 1757, d. Boxford 9 Oct 1837, m. Boxford 18 Jul 1780 Gideon Bixby, b. Boxford 15 Jun 1752, d. Boxford 15 Feb 1830, son of Gideon Bixby (1699-1755) and Rebekah Foster (1720-1795). Sarah and Gideon are buried in the Village Cem., Boxford. [89]
  • Enoch, b. 21 Oct 1759, called of "London" [should read Loudon] when he m. in Boxford on 16 Apr 1794 Olive Perley. They are almost certainly buried in the Hallowell Village Cemetery in Kennebec Co., Maine. [90]
  • Abner, b. 12 Dec 1761, d. Newburyport, MA 28 Apr 1836, m. Exeter, NH 18 June 1792 Dolly PEARSON, b. 1768, d. Newburyport 19 Jan 1836, aged 67. Abner was resident of Loudon, NH when he was married in 1792, but was soon living with family in Newburyport, Mass., where he appears on the 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses with a large family. Abner was a soldier of the Revolution, and had four tours of duty in 1778, 1779, and 1781, serving about ten months total. A marked "china gravy tureen" belonging to Abner and Dolly Pearson Wood of Newburyport appears in a "Catalogue of a loan collection of ancient and historic articles, exhibited by the Daughtesr of the Revolution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Abner and Dolly are buried in the Old Hill Burying Ground, Newburyport. [91]
  • Mary, b. 29 Sep 1764, d. Boxford 1 Feb 1795, aged 31, m. Boxford 9 Dec 1787 Parker SPOFFORD, b. Boxford 15 Sep 1755, d. Boxford 25 May 1837, aged 81 years, the son of Samuel Spofford and Mary Poor of Boxford. Following Mary's death, Parker married Mary's sister-in-law, Abigail (Hale) Wood, the widow of Mary's brother Jonathan. Parker was a deacon and a representative from Boxford in the Massachusetts legislature. He was also a justice of the peace and postmaster. He and his first wife joined the First Church in Boxford on 2 Dec 1794; two months later his wife died, and it was almost three years before he remarried. He had three known children with his first wife, and one more with the second. He and both wives are almost certainly interred in the Wood-Spofford tomb, erected by his brother-in-law, David Wood, in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [92]
  • Lucy, b. 30 May 1766, d. Canton, MA 19 Sep 1826, married Canterbury, NH 23 Dec 1792 Rev. Jedediah Tucker, b. Canton 19 Mar 1761, d. Loudon, NH 18 Apr 1818, son of Samuel Tucker (1719-1796) and Abigail Shepard (1729-1792, dau of John Shepard, b. 1700, and Rebecca Fenno, b. 1700). They had five known children, born 1794-1807. Lucy and Jedediah are buried in the Loudon Center Cemetery. [93]

(4g) Enoch Wood[edit]

Enoch Wood, b. Boxford, Mass. 21 Oct 1759, d. Hallowell, ME 15 Nov 1837, was the son of Jonathan Wood and Sarah Redington of Boxford. He was married in Boxford on 16 April 1794 to Olive Perley, the daughter of Nathaniel and Mehitable (Perley) Perley. Enoch served during the American Revolutionary War, and has a fairly extensive service record from which the following summary of service comes: "Enoch Wood served as a private in Capt Nathaniel Page's Company in a Regiment of Guards commanded by Col Jacob Gerish at Winter Hill from the 23d day of December 1777 to the 3d day of April 1778 & was paid for three months and 12 days service including time to go home; and that the name of Enoch Wood is borne on a pay roll of Capt. John Davis company in Col. Jonathan Cogswell's regiment of militia detached for the purpose of guarding & fortifying the fort in & near Boston as having been paid for service from Sept 27th to December 31st 1778 for three months & 7 days including time to go home."

Following his marriage in Boxford in 1794, Enoch and his wife moved to Loudon, New Hampshire, where all three of their children were born between 1795 and 1800. In 1799 he was granted property in Hallowell, Kennebec Co., Maine. The following material about their family during this time frame comes from the Illustrated History of Kennebec County, Maine; 1625-1799-1892 (published 1892), page 520: "lot No. 11, and the east half of back lot No. 26, were conveyed September 19, 1799, to Esquire Enoch Wood, or as he was called, "Squire Wood," who was a gentleman of culture and prominence. He had one son and two daughters. The son, Perley Wood, and the daughters, Maria and Saphronia, became teachers, giving a notable record to the family for that period. The cellar of their house still remains on the farm of Captain A. Rich, on the hill south of the great gully, and on the westerly bank of the road."

Enoch and Olive lived in Hallowell for most of their time in Maine until a few years before Enoch's death. They were enumerated on the 1820 and 1830 censuses there. However, they lived in Bangor, Maine, the last few years of Enoch's life, and his final years were summarized by his son-in-law, Phineas Sweetser, in an 1849 affidavit that was part of Enoch's military pension file: "I Phineas Sweetser of Hallowell declare and say that I was well acquainted with Enoch Wood who was a pensioner of the United States -- I married his daughter -- for some time before his death he had resided at the house of his son in law Thomas Drew in Bangor -- In the month of November A.D. 1837 he came to Hallowell on a visit to my family -- He was taken sick soon after his arrival and died at my house on the fifteenth day of November 1837 -- His funeral solemnities were at my house -- I was present in the house when he died & attended the funeral -- He left a widow Olive Wood who now resides in Bangor [illegible word concludes statement]." Phineas Sweetser (dated 15 June 1849) The records for Mount Hope Cemetery from 1836 to 1861 were lost by fire, and therefore it cannot be confirmed that he is actually buried in the same plot as his descendants. The children of Enoch and Olive (Perley) Wood, all born in Loudon, NH, were: [94]

  • Maria, b. 12 May 1795, d. Hallowell, ME 28 Feb 1872, m. Hallowell 31 Aug 1830 Phineas Sweetser, b. Reading, Mass. 6 March 1799, d. Chelsea, Mass. 15 Nov 1876. Their family was living in Hallowell in 1837 when her father died, and the funeral was held in their home. He and Maria are found on the 1860 census for Hallowell with daughter Maria, and they were there in 1870 with no children in the family. Phineas was a wool dealer and wool fuller. They had four known children, two of whom died as infants and are buried beside them. Maria and Phineas are buried in the Hallowell Village Cemetery, but neither has an extant grave marker. [95]
  • Sophronia, b. 5 September 1796, m. Thomas Drew
  • Enoch Perly, b. 25 April 1798. He was mentioned by name in the 1821 will of his uncle David Wood of Boxford, Mass. He was married about 1844 to Esther Spaulding, the daughter of Seth and Judith Spaulding of Reed Plantation, Aroostook Co., Maine. In 1850 Enoch and Esther were living in Township 7, Range 4, Penobscot Co., ME with their three young children and a Thomas Crosby, aged 65. In 1860 they were in the same place. E. P. Wood appears on a tax assessment in 1865, but Mrs. E. P. Wood appears in 1866, so Enoch likely died in one of those two years. They are not found in 1870, and by 1880 Enoch's widow was living with her brother in Drew, Penobscot Co., Maine. Esther is buried in the Wytopitlock Cemetery on Reed Plantation, in Arrostook County, but this is not far from Drew, which in turn is not far from Prentiss, which was the Post Office of the Drew family in 1860, when they lived in Township 7, Range 4. Enoch P. is likely buried with his wife, but they do not have grave markers. [96]

(8g) John Spofford, Sr.[edit]

(7g) John Spofford, Jr.[edit]

John, the son of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott, was b. Rowley, Mass. 24:10mo:1648 (24 Dec 1648; birth also recorded in Georgetown), d. Rowley 22 April 1696 (1697 per tombstone in Bradford), and m. Rowley 9 March 1675 Sarah WHEELER, b. 1652, d. Bradford 24 Oct 1732, aged 80, the daughter of David Wheeler and Sarah Wise. John was called a husbandman in the administration of his estate, dated 6 July 1696. Following John's death, Sarah m. (2) Bradford 12 June 1701 (Int Rowley 25 April 1701) Caleb Hopkinson, b. 1648, d. Bradford 17 April 1721. John and Sarah lived with family in the part of Rowley that became Georgetown in 1838. They are ancestors of US President James Garfield. John and Caleb are both buried in the Ancient Cemetery, Bradford, Mass. (now a part of Haverhill) with extant grave markers; Sarah has a marker in the Riverview Cemetery in Groveland, Mass. (Groveland was created from Bradford in 1850). Children of John and Sarah, all born in Rowley, with births recorded there, but births also recorded in Georgetown, sometimes with slightly different dates: [97]

  • John, b. Rowley 24 June 1678, d. there 11 Oct 1735, aged 57, m. (1) Rowley 15 Feb 1699/1700 Dorcas HOPKINSON, b. Rowley 18 Dec 1676, d. c. 1717, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hopkinson. He m. (2) (int Rowley 20 Dec 1717) Sarah POORE, b. Newbury 18 Jan 1693/4, daughter of Henry and Abigail Poore. The deaths for Dorcas and Sarah are not found in the published vital records, nor are there extant grave markers for them. John has a grave marker in the Union Cemetery in Georgetown. [98]
  • Mary, b. Rowley 4 May 1680, m. (1) Rowley 5 Feb 1701/2 David WOOD; m. (2) Plymouth 5 May 1748 (later recorded in Boxford as 22 June 1749) Rev. Jacob BACON of Plymouth. An early genealogy of the Spofford family gives Mary's husband as John Hartshorn, whom she married in either 1707 or 1709 (two records differ). However, this John was an older man, b. c. 1650, who married as his third wife Mary Spofford. This Mary Spofford may have been Mary Liton, the widow of Thomas Spofford who d. Rowley 20 July 1706.
  • David, b. Rowley 23 Nov 1681, d. Bradford 8 Aug 1717 in 36th year, apparently did not marry. He has an extant grave marker in the Ancient Burying Ground in Bradford. [99]
  • Jonathan, b. Rowley 28 May 1684, d. Rowley 16 Jan 1772, m. (int Rowley 13 May 1707) Jemima FREETHE of York, ME. He has a grave marker in the Union Cemetery, Georgetown. [100]
  • Martha, b. Rowley 16 May 1687, d. Bradford 9 Nov 1735, m. (1) Bradford 19 Dec 1705 Caleb HOPKINSON, b. Bradford 7 Jan 1681, d. there 9 Nov 1730, the son of Caleb and Sarah Hopkinson. She m. (2) Ebenezer KIMBALL. Martha and Caleb have extant grave markers in the Riverview Cemetery in Groveland, Mass. [101]
  • Sarah? The Rowley birth of Sarah Spofford on 16 May 1687 may have been a clerical error, since the date matches that of Martha, unless they were actually twins, and Sarah died young.
  • Ebenezer, b. Rowley 15 June 1690 (recorded as 14 June in the Georgetown records), baptized at Rowley 22 Jun 1690, and d. Rowley 29 June 1690.
  • Nathaniel, b. Rowley 13 Sep 1691 (recorded as 10 Sep in the Georgetown vital record), was baptized at Bradford 24:2:1692 (24 April 1692). He likely died young. The Nathaniel Spofford who married in Boxford 31 Oct 1734 was likely the son of Jonathan and Jemima Spofford, above.
  • Sarah, b. Rowley 20 Dec 1693, baptized Bradford 25:12mo:1693/4 (25 Feb 1693/4), m. Bradford 1 Jan 1712/3 Samuel KIMBALL, perhaps the son of Richard Kimball and Sarah Spofford (this Sarah's aunt).

(8g) Abraham Reddington[edit]

(7g) Thomas Reddington, Sr.[edit]

Thomas, b. Topsfield, Mass. 25 July 1649, d. Boxford, Mass. 7 Jan 1702/3, was the son of Abraham Redington and Margaret Gould. He m. Boxford 22 March 1682/3 Mary KIMBALL, b. c. 1663, d. Boxford 7 June 1704, the daughter of Thomas Kimball and Mary Smith. FAG memorials have been created for Thomas and Mary. Children, born Boxford: [102]

  • Mary, b. 9 Jan 1683, d. 1 Sep 1693
  • Sarah, b. 19 May 1686, m. Samuel FISK, b. 1685, the son of Samuel Fisk and Phebe (Reddington) Bragg. Some sources given Samuel's death date as 6 Oct 1748, but it is not found in the vital records, so the source is unclear.
  • Rebecca, b. 15 July 1688, d. Rowley 24 July 1743, aged 55y 9d, m. Boxford 4 Dec 1711 (int Rowley 24 Oct) Dea. William FISK, b. Wenham 10 June 1687, d. Rowley 22 Jan 1764/5, son of Samuel Fisk and Phebe (Reddington) Bragg. William m. (2) Rowley 6 Jan 1743/4 Lydia (Spofford) Thurston, b. Rowley 25 April 1700, d. Rowley 25 July 1753, aged about 54, widow of Jonathan Thurston and daughter of Samuel Spofford and Sarah Burpee. He m. (3) Rowley 19 Dec 1753 the widow Bethia Goodrich. William and his first two wives are buried in the Union Cemetery in Georgetown, Mass., and the inscriptions were recorded from all three of their markers, but only William's has a photo in Find-a-grave. [103]
  • Hannah, b. 16 April 16[ ] (probably 1690 or 1691), d. Boxford 15 July 1763, aged 74 (though that age would make her birth in April 1689 which would be a bit too close to previous child), m. Boxford 6 July 1713 Ephraim PEABODY, b. Boxford 23 April 1689, d. 1 June 1740 (not in Boxford VR), the son of William Peabody and Hannah Hale. They had seven children born 1715 to 1731. [104]
  • Thomas, b. 1 April 1693, d. 1755, m. Hepzibah PERLEY
  • Margaret, b. 3 May 1697, unmarried. She moved with her brother Thomas to Lunenburg in 1752. She is not the Margaret Redington who had a probate record in Boxford in 1771; that was a minor.

(6g) Thomas Reddington, Jr.[edit]

Thomas was born in Boxford, Mass. 1 April 1693 (NEHGR 109:52, 1955), d. Lunenburg, Mass. 10 Aug 1755 (VR:349), the son of Thomas Reddington and Mary Kimball. He was married in Boxford on 8 Nov 1723 to Hepzibah PERLEY, b. Rowley, MA 14 Aug 1699, d. Lunenburg, MA 13 Nov 1790, the daughter of Thomas Perley and Sarah Osgood. A Hepzibah Perley, daughter of Thomas, was baptized in Rowley on 14 April 1678, but this was likely a sister of our Hepzibah who died young. Thomas and Hepzibah are buried in the Lunenburg South Cemetery; they had the following children, all births recorded in Boxford: [105]

  • Mary, b. 16 Aug 1724, likely died in Westminster, VT about 1814, aged 90, m. Boxford 24 June 1746 Benjamin GOODRIDGE, b. Boxford 15 Mar 1721, d. (Westminster, Windham, VT 29 Apr 1805 per website, but I cannot confirm), the son of Samuel Goodridge and Hannah Frazer. Their son, Benjamin Jr., is buried in the Westminster Cemetery, Windham Co., VT. [106] [107]
  • Sarah, b. 14 Oct 1725, m. Boxford (1747 per online; no date is given in vital record) Jonathan WOOD, see above. The birth date for Sarah given in an article in the NEHGR is 1 October, so this article should be perused (NEHGR 109:53, 1955)
  • Thomas, b. 27 May 1727, died young.
  • Abraham, b. 10 Feb 1728/9, drowned when shipwrecked off the coast of Gloucester, Mass. in Dec 1769, m. Boxford 9 Aug 1757 Sarah KIMBALL, b. Boxford 3 Dec 1736, daughter of Aaron Kimball and Sarah Wood. Following his shipwreck, his family was left destitute, and his many children were farmed out to friends and neighbors for upbringing. Sarah was living in Hawke, NH in 1786.
  • Benjamin, b. 29 Aug 1730, d. Walpole, NH 23 Aug 1811, m. by his father-in-law in Lunenburg, Mass. 24 Mar 1757 Ruth STEARNS, b. Lunenburg 3 Jan 1737, d. Langdon, NH 1 Nov 1798, daughter of Rev. David Stearns and Ruth Hubbard. They are both buried in the Walpole Cemetery, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire. [108]
  • Isaac, b. 3 June 1732, d. Brentwood, NH 15 May 1808, m. Methuen, Mass. 27 Dec 1759 Ruth BODWELL, b. Methuen 1 Apr 1728, d. Brentwood, NH autumn 1814, daughter of Daniel Bodwell and Elizabeth Parker. The obituary for Isaac appeared on 21 May 1808 in the Columbia Centinel newspaper.
  • Elijah, baptized in Boxford April 1734, died in infancy.
  • Thomas, b. 8 May 1736, d. Lunenburg, Mass. April 1758, aged 21.
  • Hepzibah, b. 3 Nov 1737, d. Lunenburg, MA 4 Nov 1826, m. Lunenburg 18 Nov 1757 Barzallai WILLARD, b. Lancaster, Mass. 5 June 1728, d. Lunenburg 22 Aug 1779, the son of Jonathan Willard and Keziah White. Hepzibah and Barzallai are buried in the Lunenburg South Cemetery. [109]

(9g) Allen Perley (see other line)[edit]

(8g) Thomas Perley, Sr.[edit]

Thomas, the son of Allen Perley and Susanna [Bokeson in several accounts, but not recognized by Anderson in Great Migration series][13], was b. Ipswich 1641, d. Boxford 24 Sep 1709, and m. Rowley 8 July 1668 Lydia (PEABODY) Howlett, baptized Hampton, New Hampshire 30 Aug 1640,[14] d. Boxford 30 April 1715, the daughter of Francis Peabody and Lydia _______. Thomas's birth year comes from three different depositions that he made, all being consistent with the year given.[15] The date of marriage in the published vital record of Rowley gives the year as 1667, which conflicts with the following death date of Lydia's first husband. Therefore, the year of 1668, given by genealogist Donald Lines Jacobus in his treatment of the Granberry family, and reflected in the Great Migration study (vol. V, pp. 407 and 441) is accepted as being accurate.[16] The mother of Lydia was not Mary Foster, as stated in many accounts of the family. Mary Foster was the second wife of Francis Peabody, but Lydia, the oldest child, was born of Francis's first wife, Lydia. Thomas's wife, Lydia, had married first c. 1662 Thomas Howlett, b. c. 1638, d. Ipswich 22 Dec 1667, the son of Thomas Howlett and Alice French. Lydia had two children with Thomas.

After his marriage, Thomas Perley settled in Rowley, Mass., and in 1676 purchased 170 acres in Rowley of Richard Dole, of Newbury. In 1684 Thomas and his brother John bought land in Boxford, and settled there. That's the year he likely built his house, which remained in the family for several generations, and which was characterized by a large elm tree that he planted. He was representative to the General Court in 1689, and several times after that. He was selectman for six years from 1690 to 1709, a constable in 1688 and moderator during six years between 1698 and 1709, inclusive. Thomas was quartermaster of the Boxford militia in 1688, and lieutenant in 1691. He served on the committees for settling the boundary between Topsfield and Boxford, for erecting the first church, for organizing the first religious Society, and for assigning pews and building galleries. In January, 1701, he was one of the committee to receive the deed of the town of Boxford from the Indians, Samuel and Joseph English and John Umpee, grandsons of the old Sagamore Masconnomet. They all assembled at his house to make the transfer and seal it.

His will, dated 9 May 1704 and proved 10 Oct 1709, bequeathed all of his lands to son Thomas, not otherwise given by deed to his son Jacob, and all personal estate to his wife Lydia during her lifetime. It also required his son Thomas to furnish his mother "a horse to ride upon and a suitable person to ride before her as often as she wishes to go abroad” His [step] daughter Mary Hazen and [step] granddaughter Alice Cummings were also mentioned in the will. [110]

Children of Thomas Howlett and Lydia Peabody:

  • Mary, b. c. 1664, d. Norwich, CT 24 Oct 1727, aged 63, m. Rowley 1 Jan 1682/3 Thomas HAZEN, b. Rowley 29 Jan 1657/8, d. Norwich, CT 12 April 1735, son of Edward Hazen and Hannah Grant. Mary and Thomas had ten children born 1683 to 1702. They are buried near Norwich, but only she has a surviving grave marker, in Great Pine Swamp Cemetery, Franklin, CT. [111]
  • Alice, b. c. 1666, d. late 1695 or early 1696, m. Topsfield 25 Dec 1688 Isaac CUMMINGS, b. Topsfield 15 Sep 1664, d. Topsfield 7 Aug 1746, the son of Deacon Isaac Cummings and Mary Andrews. Alice had been called of Boxford in the 1677 will of her grandfather Howlett. Alice certainly died very shortly after the birth of her third child on 10 Dec 1695. Isaac then m. (2) Topsfield 23 Nov 1696 Frances Sherwin. Alice and Isaac had three children, born 1690 to 1695, after which Isaac had four more children with his second wife.

Children of Thomas Perley and Lydia Peabody:

  • Thomas, b. Rowley 27 Sep 1669, baptized Rowley 27 Feb 1675, d. Nov 1745, m. (1) Sarah OSGOOD; m. (2) Elizabeth (PORTER) Putnam (see entry below)
  • Lydia, b. Rowley 25 July 1672, d. Boxford 31 Aug 1689
  • Jacob, b. Rowley c. 1674, baptized there 27 Feb 1675 (same day as brother Thomas), d. Bradford April 1751, m. (1) Lydia PEABODY and m. (2) Mehitabel (SAFFORD) Brown (see entry further below)
  • Mary, b. c. 1676
  • Hepsibah, baptized Rowley 14 April 1678, d. Boxford 2 March 1694
  • Sarah, b. c. 1683, d. Bradford 17 June 1769, aged about 86

bio of Thomas Perley, Sr.[edit]

From M. V. B. Perley: THOMAS PERLEY was born in Ipswich in 1641, and died in Boxford 24 Sept., 1709, aged sixty-eight years. He married 8 July, 1667, Lydia Peabody, who was born in 1644 and died 30 April, 1716. She was a daughter of Lt. Francis and Mary-Foster Peabody, of Topsfield. Mary was a daughter of Reginald Foster, or Forster, whose family is honorably mentioned in "Lay of the Last Minstrel,” and in "Marmion." Her father came over from St. St. (great St.) Albans, in England, in the same vessel and at the same time, 2d Aprilis, 1635, that Allan Perley did. Lydia was a member of the church at Rowley, and by a letter of dismission was admitted to the Boxford church 21 Feb., 1702-3. By her father's will she received five pounds besides what she had already had. Mr. Perley settled in Rowley. In 1676, Dec. 12, Richard Dole of Newbury, for £75 sold him 170 acres, "one half of that parcel of land which he bought of Mr. Anthony Crosbie, lying in Rowley.” The 8th of January, 1677, he and his wife confirmed to her brother William Peabody, then of Topsfield, later of Boxford, for £82, land lying on the south side of the Andover road in Boxford. Before his removal to Boxford with his brother John, in 1684, he deeded, 31 March of that year,. for £20, eighteen acres of upland lying in Boxford, which they bought of Zaccheus Gould. In 1687, he was assessed on the following property, besides three "heads" or polls: 1 house, 25 a. land, 4 oxen, 2 horses, 10 cows, 7 young cattle, 22 sheep, 8 swine. This year he paid the largest tax of any in the town except his brother-in-law, John Peabody, who paid four pence more. His residence was on the site of the residence of the late Isaac Hale, marked of late years by the umbrageous elm pictured in family-70, and earlier by its proximity to the apple tree and stone bound which then marked the bound between Ipswich, Topsfield and Boxford, but now, by a change in the line, the salient angle of Topsfield. He was one of the most prominent and influential citizens of the town, and in an enlarged sense was one of "the fathers of the town." He was made freeman 28 May, 1677. He and John Peabody were chosen, 8 June, 1689, representative to the General Court, "teell government shall be seated, only they bee to sarve but one at a time." They were again chosen 11 March, 1689-90, but Peabody "sarved" both times. They served together at the quarterly session beginning 8 June, 1692. He was chosen a representative 31 Oct., 1698, and 8 May, 1700, he and John Peabody were chosen, only one to serve at a time. He was again chosen for 1702. He was a selectman, 1690, 1694, 1699, 1701, 1704, 1709; a constable 1688; a grand juror 1695; trial juror 1692, 1698, 1707; moderator of town meetings 1698, 1701, 1704, 1706, 1707 and 1709; he was made quarter master of the Boxford militia company about 1688, and lieutenant in 1691. He served in the committees on settling the boundary between Topsfield and Boxford, on erecting the first church, on organizing the first religious Society, on assigning pews and building galleries. In January, 1701, he was one of the committee to receive the deed of the town of Boxford from the Indians, Samuel and Joseph English and John Umpee, grandsons of the old Sagamore Masconnomet. They all assembled at his house to make the transfer and seal it. His name is found on numerous committees, all of peculiar importance. He was extensively interested in promoting iron-smelting, which was begun in the town in 1669. He sold to Mr. John Ruck of Salem, one-sixteenth of the works, 7: 10, 1671, for £60 sterling. He was one of those who composed the jury that condemned Elizabeth Howe of Linebrook Parish, et al., of witchcraft, and who afterwards signed a recantation. He was deacon in the First Church till his death. His will is dated 9 May, 1704, and, without the usual verbiage, says: "I bequeath my soul to God and my body to a decent interment in the earth." He devised to his son Thomas all his land not already disposed of by deed to his son Jacob, and to his beloved wife Lydia all the personal estate during her life-time, and after her death in equal portions to his two sons Jacob and Thomas, requiring his son Thomas to furnish his mother a horse to ride upon and a suitable person to ride before her as often as she wishes to go abroad”—which manner of riding is illustrated on the opposite page. He mentions in his will his daughter Mary Hazen and granddaughter Alice Cummings.

(7g) Thomas Perley, Jr.[edit]

Thomas, b. Rowley 27 Sep 1669, d. Boxford Nov 1745, was the son of Lt. Thomas Perley and Lydia Peabody. He m. (1) c. 1695 Sarah OSGOOD, b. Andover 4 Nov 1675, d. Boxford 23 Sep 1724, the daughter of John Osgood and Mary Clement. Thomas m. (2) Boxford 15 May 1727 Elizabeth (PORTER) Putnam, b. 18 Feb 1672/3, d. Oct 1746 (source?), the widow of Joseph Putnam and daughter of Israel Porter and Elizabeth Hathorne. Thomas was a Captain in the local militia, and was titled that in several records. He lived in the house that his father built around 1684, and when his father died in 1709, the house was bequeathed to him. He held several positions of public responsibility, and was a Boxford representative in the colonial legislature on many occasions from 1702 to 1719. Thomas's will was dated 1 Sep 1745 and proved 25 Nov 1745, leaving most property to his two surviving sons, Thomas and Asa. Thomas was given the property known later as the Cleaveland farm, and Asa received the homestead. A private account gives Thomas's death date as 13 Nov 1745, which is reasonable based on his will dates, but his death is recorded in Boxford without a date. Children of Thomas and Sarah, all born Boxford: [112]

  • Lydia, b. 21 June 1696
  • Mary, b. 16 May 1697, bapt Topsfield 5 Sep 1697, d. Ipswich 26 March 1738, m. Boston 13 Dec 1717 John BAKER, b. Topsfield 6 Jan 1690/1, d. Ipswich 1 Aug 1734, son of Thomas Baker and Priscilla Symonds. Mary and Thomas both have surviving grave markers in the Old Burying Ground in Ipswich. [113]
  • Hepzibah, born 1699, m. Boxford, Mass. 8 Nov 1723 Thomas REDINGTON, Jr., b. Boxford, Mass. 1 April 1693, d. 1755, the son of Thomas Redington and Mary Kimball of Boxford. Hepzibah and Thomas are buried in the Lunenburg South Cemetery.
  • Moses, b. Boxford 11 Dec 1701 (the Boxford vital record does not give his name), d. there 9 Nov [year lost, but it's either 1702 or 1703].
  • Sarah, bapt. Boxford 19 Sep 1703, living in 1745, m. (int Andover 17 April 1725) Dane ROBINSON, Jr., b. Andover (date lost, but c. 1702 based on d. record), d. Boxford 2 May 1779, aged 77, son of Dane Robinson and Mercy Chadwick of Andover and Boxford. Sarah was presumed living close to the time that her daughter Susanna was baptized in Boxford on 23 Feb 1745/6.
  • Thomas, b. 22 Feb 1704/5, d. Boxford 28 Sep 1795, m. Boxford 20 Sep 1731 Eunice PUTNAM, b. Salem 13 April 1710, d. Boxford 2 Feb 1787, daughter of Joseph Putnam and Elizabeth Porter. They had eight known children b. 1732 to 1755. Eunice has a surviving grave marker in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [114]
  • Mehetable, b. 26 June 1708, baptized Topsfield "20 June 1708" (???), d. Boxford 14 Oct 1723.
  • Rebecca, b. 29 Oct 1710, d. 1790, per some private accounts, but I find no evidence. She was living in 1767 when named in her husband's will. She m. Ipswich 14 Feb 1728/9 (also recorded in Salem and Boxford) David PUTNAM, b. Salem 25 Oct 1707, d. Danvers 1769, son of Joseph Putnam and Elizabeth Porter. They had ten children born 1730 to 1754. In several accounts, David has been given the title/rank of "Col.", but I find no record of military service for him. He was apparently the brother of the famed Revolutionary War general, Israel Putnam. David called himself of Danvers in his will, dated 16 Nov 1767 and proved 5 June 1769. Private accounts give his death as being in March 1768, but based on the probate of his will, March 1769 would make more sense. Rebecca was only 58 years of age when her husband died, but I find no records of a possible remarriage, nor any record of her death.
  • Allen, b. 14 April 1714
  • Asa, b. 10 Oct 1716, d. Boxford 10 April 1806, aged 89, m. (1) Boxford 31 Jan 1737/8 Susanna LOW, b. c. 1718, d. 15 Jan 1762 (per History of Boxford). She may have been the Susannah Low, daughter of Daniel and Susanna Low, baptized at Ipswich 1:7m:1717 (1 Sep 1717). Asa m. (2) Danvers 12 Aug 1762 (but recorded in Boxford VR) Apphia (PUTNAM) Porter, b. Salem 8 July 1716, d. 28 Dec 1780 (per History of Boxford), daughter of Dea. Eleazer Putnam and Hannah Boardman. She had married first (int 27 Oct 1733) John Porter, b. 1712, d. 1759, the son of Benjamin Porter and Hannah Endicott, and with him had nine children (see Putnam Gen). Asa m. (3) Bradford 8 Dec 1781 Mrs. Ruth Kimball of Bradford (Boxford VR). It is possible that Ruth was the Ruth Head who m. Bradford 22 Oct 1741 Thomas Kimball, the son of Thomas Kimball and Elizabeth Chadwick. Deacon Thomas Kimball died in Bradford 26 Sep 1780 in his 62d year, which fits nicely with the 2 Dec 1781 marriage of Ruth Kimball to Asa Perley. Asa lived with his large family in his father's house, and upon his father's death in 1745 the property became his. Sometime about 1760, he took down the old house and erected a mansion. He served as a selectman for the town, and in the years 1771, 1772, 1780, and 1781 he represented Boxford in the General Court. He was also a member of the Provincial Congress in 1775. Asa had eleven children, all with his first wife, and born from 1738 to 1760. Seven of his sons served during the American Revolutionary War. Asa and his third wife, Ruth, are known to be buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. His first wife is likely buried there as well, but his second wife may be buried with her first husband, with whom she had many children. Asa has an extant grave marker; it is uncertain if Ruth's is still standing. Upon Asa's death, the family homestead was passed to his son, Samuel. [115]
  • Margaret, b. 23 Nov 1719

(9g) Allen Perley[edit]

Allen Perley, b. c. 1608, d. Ipswich 28 Dec 1675, m. c. 1636 Susanna _______, b. say 1615, d. 11 Feb 1691[/2?]. Allen was from St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, England, and aged 27 when he was enrolled as a passenger aboard the ship Planter on 2 April 1635. He was a husbandman, and settled in Ipswich where he was admitted to the church, and became a freeman on 18 May 1642. His will, dated 23 Jun 1670 and 16 Nov 1671, was proved 3 Feb 1675/6. In it he names his three older sons, John, Thomas and Samuel, daughters Sarah (no surname given) and Martha Perley, and younger son Timothy. Children:

  • John, b. c. 1636, m. Mary HOWLETT
  • Samuel, b. say 1639, m. Ipswich 15 July 1664 Ruth TRUMBULL.
  • Thomas, b. c. 1641, m. Lydia (PEABODY) Howlett
  • Nathaniel, b. c. 1643, d. 1668, apparently had not married. On 30 June 1668 Allen Pearly was appointed administrator of Nathaniel Pearly and ordered to bring in an inventory.
  • Sarah, b. c. 1648, m. Ipswich 15 Jan 1670 [/1?] William WATSON.
  • Timothy, b. c. 1654, d. Ipswich 25 Jan 1718[/9?] in his 65th year, m. c. 1681 Deborah ________. His first child was born Ipswich 28 March 1682.
  • Martha, b. c. 1658, m. Newbury 31 May 1678 Benjamin COKER, b. 30 June 1650, son of Robert and Catherine Coker of Newbury.[17]

(8g) John Perley[edit]

John, b. Ipswich 1636, d. Boxford 15 Dec 1729, in his 94th year, was the son of Allen and Susanna Perley of Ipswich. He m. c. 1661 Mary HOWLETT, b. 1642, d. Boxford 21 Oct 1718, aged 76, the daughter of Thomas Howlett and Alice French. While born in Ipswich, John moved about as a young man, residing at various times in Topsfield, Ipswich, Rowley, and possibly Newbury as well. In 1683 he settled in Boxford, where he spent the remainder of his life with his family. He became a freeman of Boxford in March 1689/90, and about the same time was elected ensign of his militia. He served as a representative to the General Court in 1690 and 1691, and was a Selectman in 1691, 1695, and 1700. He and his wife remained members of the Topsfield church until 1702 after which time they transferred their membership to Boxford. Of interest is that John and Mary are ancestors of US President Calvin Collidge, through their son Isaac. John and Mary both have extant grave stones in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. Children: [116]

  • Samuel, b. c. 1663/4, d. Rowley 24 Oct 1746, aged 82. Nothing more known.
  • Sarah, b. 1664/5, d. Boxford 28 March 1743, aged 78, unmarried.
  • John, b. c. 1667, living in 1729; John son of Samuel was born about the same time, so records might be confused.
  • Thomas, b. 1669, m. (1) Abigail TOWNE; m. (2) Hannah GOODHUE
  • Nathaniel, b. c. 1671, d. c. 1727/8, m. Lydia (PERLEY?). Nathaniel was called deceased in a July 1728 deed executed by his brother-in-law, Samson Howe.
  • Mary, b. c. 1673, d. Boxford 6 March 169[8] (last digit of year lost; I'm not sure where the 8 came from).
  • Martha, b. c. 1675, d. Boxford 27 June [year lost; 1702-1704 per published vital record]
  • Jeremiah, b. Boxford 10 July 1677, d. 16 June 1758, m. (1) 16 April 1702 Ruth FOSTER who d. 23 Aug 1709; m. (2) 20 Dec 1710 Alice HAZEN, b. 1686, d. Boxford 17 oct 1740 in her 55th year; m. (3) 10 Nov 1741 Sarah (POOR) Hale, daughter of Henry Poor. Sarah had m. (1) John Spafford and (2) Ezekiel Hale.
  • Isaac, b. c. 1681, d. Boxford 22 Nov 1711 (Perley Gen), m. c. 1705 Frances _______, b. c. 1685, d. Boxford 17 June 1710. Isaac wrote his will in 1711, assigning guardians to his three children. The will was never probated, and his brother Jeremiah instead served as administrator.
  • Alice, b. c. 1685, d. Killingly, CT 19 July 1746, m. Boxford 8 June 1710 Samson HOWE, b. Ipswich 1 Nov 1683 (Cutter), d. Killingly 3 Sep 1736, son of Abraham Howe and Sarah Pabody. Samson has a surviving grave marker in the West Thompson Cemetery in Thompson, CT. [117]

(7g) Thomas Perley[edit]

Thomas, the son of John Perley and Mary Howlett, was b. 1669, d. Boxford 24 Oct 1740 in 72nd year, and m. Topsfield 14 Jan 1695/6 Abigail (TOWNE) Peabody, b. Topsfield 6 Aug 1664, d. Boxford 14 Feb 1712 [1711/2 or 1712/3?]; it should be the latter], the daughter of Edmund Towne and Mary Browning, and widow of Jacob Peabody, b. Topsfield 28 July 1664, d. Topsfield 24 Nov 1689, the son of Francis Peabody and Mary Foster. Following Abigail's death, Thomas m. (2) c. 1713 Hannah (GOODHUE) Cogswell, b. Ipswich 4 July 1673, d. Boxford 25 Dec 1742, the widow of John Cogswell (1665-1710) and daughter of Dea. William Goodhue and Hannah Dane. Thomas and second wife Hannah have surviving grave markers in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [118]

Children of Abigail Towne with first husband, Jacob Peabody, surname PEABODY, b. Topsfield:

  • Kezia (twin), b. 15 Jan 1687/8, m. Topsfield 28 June 1704 Joseph KENNEY, b. Salem, Mass. 7 Sep 1680, d. Preston, CT 12 July 1745, the son of Thomas Kenney and Elizabeth Knight. Kezia and Joseph had nine known children, born 1705 to 1730, and are buried in the Old Kinne Burying Ground, Griswold, CT, both with extant, but barely legible, grave markers. [119]
  • Mercy/Marcy (twin), b. 15 Jan 1687/8, d. Oxford, Mass. 16 May 1744, m. Topsfield 29 June 1708 Richard DRESSER of Woodstock, CT, b. Rowley 24 Jun 1679, d. Thompson, CT 31 July 1728, son of John Dresser Jr. and Martha Thorley. Mercy and Richard were admitted to the church at Putnam, CT in 1715. They had ten children, all b. Woodstock from 1709 to 1727. Richard has an extant grave stone in the West Thompson Cemetery, Thompson, CT. There is no public record for the death of Mercy in Oxford, but her likely sons, John and Richard, had many children with births recorded there in the 1740s and 1750s, so she was likely living with one of them. [120]
  • Jacob, b. Topsfield 9 Nov 1689, d. Topsfield 24 July 1749, m. Topsfield 30 April 1712 Rebecca BAKER, b. Topsfield 16 Nov 1685, d. Topsfield 12 March 1780, daughter of Capt Thomas Baker and Priscilla Symonds. Jacob and Rebecca had eight known children, born 1713 to 1728. Memorials have been created for Jacob and Rebecca in FAG, without known burial location. [121]

Children of Thomas Perley and Abigial Towne, all born in Topsfield:

  • John, b. 13 Feb 1696/7, d. Topsfield 23 June 1700
  • Amos, b. 3 May 1699, m. Margery COGSWELL.
  • Lois, b. 3 April 1702, m. Boxford 24 Aug 1727 Thomas PIKE, b. Newbury 25 Sep 1700, d. there 24 Dec 1761, "aged 61y 8m" (which is close but off by several months from the published birth and death dates), the son of Joseph Pike and Hannah Smith. Private records suggest that Lois died in Boxford in 1748, but if so, she was likely only visiting, because she and her husband lived in Newbury where the births of seven children are recorded from 1728 to 1744. Thomas's will was dated 7 Oct 1761 and proved March 1762, in Newbury.
  • Asa, b. 9 May 1704, d. Topsfield 17 April 1706
  • Abigail, b. 26 April 1708, m. Boxford 12 Dec 1728 Samuel MORSE, b. Newbury 7 Dec 1688, d. there May/June 1753 (probably May), the son of Benjamin Morse and Ruth Sawyer of Newbury. Samuel m. (1) 23 May 1712 Elizabeth March, b. 1692, d. 20 April 1723, daughter of Capt Hugh March and Sarah Moody, with whom he had six children. He m. (2) in 1724 Hannah Ordway, and m. (3) 24 Sep 1725 Bethia (Bridges) Dalton, b. 1697, d. 23 Jan 1726, with whom he had a child. He m. (4) Abigail, with whom he had four known children. Samuel's will, dated 5 May 1753, was proved in Newbury 11 June 1753. A private record suggests Abigail died in 1800, but the big question is whether or not she remarried, as she was only in her 40s when her husband died.

Children of Thomas Perley with second wife, Hannah Goodhue, all born in Boxford:

  • Mary, b. 7 June 1714, d. Grafton, Mass. 21 June 1773 (gravestone), m. Boxford 31 Jan 1737/8 Joseph BATCHELDER/BATCHELLER, b. Wenham 15 Sep 1713, d. Grafton 6 Dec 1797, son of David Batcheller and Susanna Whipple of Wenham. Following Mary's death, Joseph m. (2) E. Sudbury 8 Sep 1780 Sarah Tilton. Mary and Joseph had seven known children. They both have exxtant grave markers in Old Oak Street Burial Ground in Grafton, Mass. [122]
  • Sarah, b. 12 May 1716, m. Salem 2 Dec 1736 Jonathan PUTNAM, b. Salem Village (later Danvers) 13 July 1715, d. Danvers Dec 1762, the son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Putnam) Putnam of Salem Village. Sarah and Jonathan had ten children. Jonathan left a will which was presented for probate on 10 Jan 1763. No further record has been found for Sarah, but because she was only 46 when her husband died, it seems likely that she would have remarried. There are several Sarah Putnams who married in Danvers between 1763 and 1780.
  • Jeremiah, b. 30 June 1719, d. Boxford 28 Nov 1737, in 19th year, buried in Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. [123]

(6g) Amos Perley[edit]

Amos Perley, b. Topsfield, MA 3 May 1699, d. March 1747/8, the son of Thomas Perley and Abigail Towne. He m. Boxford, Mass. 1 Mar 1721/2 Margery (sometimes Margaret) COGSWELL, b. c. 1705, the daughter of John Coggswell and Hannah Goodhue of Ipswich, Mass. Following Amos' death, Margery m. Boxford 11 Oct 1759 Lt. Mark HOWE as his second of three wives. Margery, "the wife of Deacon Mark How" d. Ipswich 1 Sep 1762, and Lt. Mark How d. Ipswich 17 Feb 1770. From The Cogswells of America: Amos Perley, with his wife Margaret, was a member of the First Church in Boxford. Mr. Perley was surveyor of highways, overseer of the poor, constable, selectman, and for many years clerk of the First Parish. His will was dated Jan. 14, 1748, and proved April 11, 1748. In his will he gives all his household furniture to Margaret, his wife, and orders his son Amos to provide her a horse to ride on. He mentions an "old negro, valued œ80, and young negro, valued œ15." One of these was "Jane," who was baptized April 7, 1745. Margery is buried in the Leslie Road Burial Ground, Ipswich, with her second husband. Children, all births except for Nathaniel recorded in Boxford: [124]

  • Stephen, b. c. 1725, baptized Boxford 3 May 1727, died soon thereafter.
  • Amos, b. 18 May 1727, (d. 19 Nov 1750 per internet account), was still living on 14 Jan 1748 when directed in his father's will to provide his mother with a horse to ride on.
  • Abigail, b. 7 Dec 1729, died young.
  • Hannah, b. 8 Jan 1730/1, d. New Ipswich, NH 13 Dec 1810, and m. Boxford 1 Feb 1749 Paul PRICHARD, b. Falmouth, Maine 5 Sep 1721, d. New Ipswich 29 Sep 1785, the son of John Prichard and Sarah Harris. They are buried in the Hill Cemetery in New Ipswich, NH. [125]
  • Abigail, b. 28 Dec 1732, d. c. 1807, m. (1) Boxford 1 Nov 1750 William SPAFFORD, b. Rowley, MA 18 Nov 1730, death recorded there 15 Sep 1754, the son of John Spafford and Sarah Poor. William was a soldier in the French and Indian War, enlisting on 3 May 1754, and dying while in service. Abigail m. (2) in Rowley 16 Nov 1761 Jacob HAZEN. She is buried with her son, Jacob Hazen, in the Ridge Cemetery, Bridgton, Maine. [126]
  • Nathaniel, b. Boxford 13 Feb 1733/4, d. Boxford 18 July 1810. He was married first in Boxford on 30 October 1758 to Mehitable Perley, b. Boxford 26 Nov 1738, d. Boxford 19 Feb 1776, the daughter of Francis Perley and Huldah Putnam. Following the death of his first wife, he was married in Haverhill, Mass. on 10 September 1776 to Lydia (Ayer) Haynes, b. 26 December 1737, the daughter of Peter Ayer and Lydia Peaslee. Nathaniel built a house in Boxford in 1759, and following his death it was occupied by his youngest son, Artemus, until it burned down in 1832. Nathaniel had nine known children, all with his first wife, and all born in Boxford. Nathaniel and his first wife are buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. [127]
  • Enoch, b. 26 May 1737, apparently died young.
  • Eunice, b. 29 May 1739, d. Georgetown, MA 19 June 1822, m. Boxford 9 Aug 1759 Daniel NOURSE, b. Salem, Mass. 9 Jan 1732, d. Ipswich, MA 27 Jan 1820, the son of Benjamin Nourse. They are buried in the Nourse Cemetery, Ipswich, Mass. [128] [129]
  • Sarah, b. 21 Oct 1741, apparently died young.

(5g) Nathaniel Perley[edit]

Nathaniel, b. Boxford 13 Feb 1733/4, d. Boxford 18 July 1810, was the son of Amos Perley and Margary Cogswell. He was married first in Boxford on 30 October 1758 to Mehitable PERLEY, b. Boxford 26 Nov 1738, d. Boxford 19 Feb 1776, the daughter of Francis Perley and Huldah Putnam. Following the death of his first wife, he was married in Haverhill, Mass. on 10 September 1776 to Lydia (Ayer) Haynes, b. 26 December 1737, the daughter of Peter Ayer and Lydia Peaslee. Nathaniel built a house in Boxford in 1759, and following his death it was occupied by his youngest son, Artemus, until it burned down in 1832. Nathaniel had nine known children, all with his first wife, and all born in Boxford. Nathaniel and his first wife are buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. Children, all with first wife and all born in Boxford: [130]

  • Amos, b. 20 Jul 1759, d. Boxford 3 May 1829 (per tombstone; 3 Aug by another record) m. Hannah Proctor, b. 1768, d. Boxford 14 Aug 1809. Amos was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving as a corporal in Capt Jacob Gould's company of militia, Col Samuel Johnson's regiment. This unit marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, and he had six days' service. Amos appears on the 1800, 1810, and 1820 censuses of Boxford. He may be the Amos who m. Boxford 24 April 1823 Mrs. Abigail Ranlet. Amos and Hannah are buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [131]
  • Jesse, b. 23 Jun 1761, d. Boxford 18 April 1846, m. Boxford 10 June 1788 the widow Elizabeth (_______) Moulton, b. 1752, d. Boxford 12 March 1840, aged 88. Jesse was supposedly a soldier of the Revolution, but I find no record of his service. He appears on the 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses for Boxford. Jesse and Elizabeth are buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. [132]
  • Nathaniel, b. 22 Mar 1763, d. Hallowell, Maine 25 Jul 1824, m. 1795 or 1796 Mary Dummer, b. Byfield Parish, Newbury, Mass. 1 June 1768, d. Hallowell, ME 7 Jan 1838, the daughter of Richard Dummer and Judith Greenleaf. The marriage of this couple is given in various records as 7 Nov 1795 in Newbury, MA,; Feb 1796 in Newburyport; and is also recorded in Hallowell, ME. Nathaniel graduated from Dartmouth College in 1791 and became a lawyer in Hallowell, Maine, and a distinguished member of the bar. He was known for his wit, and the levity which he could bring to the courtroom. He appears on the 1800, 1810, and 1820 censuses for Hallowell, ME, and following his death, his widow appears on the 1830 census there. They had seven known children, born 1797 to 1811. They are buried in the Hallowell Village Cemetery with several of their children. [133] [134]
  • Francis, b. 15 Apr 1765, drowned in Hood's Pond, Topsfield, Mass. on 23 May 1792, aged 27. [135]
  • Mehitable, b. 9 Apr 1767, d. Boxford 23 Oct 1837, was married in Boxford on 27 June 1793 to Ancill Stickney, b. Boxford 3 June 1762, d. there 27 March 1835, the son of Jedediah Stickney and Peggy Tyler. Ancill was a Revolutionary War soldier with a fairly extensive service record as a member of the Continental Army from Essex County, Mass. Mehitalbe and Ancill lived their entire lives in Boxford, and appear on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses. The name Ancill is unusual enough that it is frequently mis-transcribed, and appears as "Amill" on the 1830 census, and as "Aneill" in the volume of Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the Revolution. They are buried in the Village Cemetery in Boxford. [136]
  • Olive, b. 16 Apr 1769, m. Enoch Wood, a soldier of the Revolution. [137]
  • Louisa "Lois", b. 9 Apr 1771, d. Georgetown, Mass. 22 Jan 1842 of consumption, m. in Boxford (but also rec Rowley) 17 May 1798 Benjamin ADAMS, b. Rowley, MA 14 June 1773, d. Georgetown 2 Jan 1852, the son of Benjamin Adams and Sarah Spofford. The commonness of the name makes Benj. Adams difficult to pinpoint on census records, coupled with the fact that he seems to have moved around a lot. He may be the one of the name in Newburyport in 1800, in Newbury in 1810, in Rowley in 1820, in Middleton in 1830 (though his age is understated if this is he), and in Topsfield in 1840. He was certainly the Benjamin Adam in Georgetown in 1850, aged 76, living with presumed son George W., aged 33, and an Irene Smith, aged 42, all b. Mass. Louisa and Benjamin are buried in the Union Cemetery, Georgetown, Mass. [138]
  • Israel, b. 4 Dec 1773, may have died young. The only records of a person this name seem to pertain to an Israel Perley, b. 1790, son of Aaron Perley, who m. 1815 Asenath Gould. Administration of the estate of an Israel Perley, trader, was given to Ezra Smith, mariner, in Salem, Mass. on 3 Oct 1826.
  • Artemus Ward, b. 29 Jan 1776, d. Topsfield, Mass. 6 Jan 1862, m. (1) Danvers, Mass. 20 March 1803 Eleanor PUTNAM, b. 1784, d. 1821; m. (2) Topsfield, 20 May 1823 Elizabeth (Gould) Boardman, d. c. 1832; m. (3) Topsfield 20 Feb 1833 Huldah GOULD, b. Topsfield 6 Nov 1787, d. Groveland, Mass. 27 Nov 1874, daughter of Zacheus Gould Jr. and Anna Brown. Artemus lived primarily in Boxford, where he appears on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 censuses. Hi is not found in 1840, but in 1850 he was living only with his third wife in Hampstead, New Hapshire. Following his death, his widow was living alone in Topsfield in 1870, aged 82. Artemus had nine known children, born 1804-1821, all with his first wife. The first wife of Artemus is buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford, and Artemus was likely interred there as well. [139]

(8g) William Cogswell[edit]

(7g) John Cogswell[edit]

Note: None of the Cogswell birth dates is found in published Ipswich vital records. They must have come from various published and unpublished sources on the family.

John, the son of William Cogswell and Susanna Hawkes, was b. Ipswich 12 May 1665, d. there 13 May 1710, and m. Hannah GOODHUE, b. Ipswich 4 July 1673, d. Boxford 25 Dec 1742, the daughter of William Goodhue and Hannah Dane. Following John's death, his widow Hannah m. 1713 Thomas Perley, and lived with him in Boxford. John has an extant grave marker in the Old Graveyard, Essex, Mass. while Hannah has a marker with her second husband in Harmony Cem., Boxford. Children: [140]

  • Hannah, b. Ipswich 27 March 1693, m. Ipswich 22 Nov 1712 Thomas BURNHAM, b. c. 1686, d. Ipswich 31 March 1742, aged 56, the son of John and Sarah Burnham. I have yet to find a valid death record for Hannah. Many sources give her death as being 2 Oct 1782 in Ipswich, but this is not from the Ipswich vital record. Another just as plausible source gives her death as June 1746. A record would be nice. Thomas has an extant grave marker in the Old Graveyard in Essex, Mass. [141]
  • William, b. Ipswich probably early in 1694, if Hannah's birth date is accurate (24 Sep per some accounts, but not in vital record), d. Ipswich 19 Feb 1762, aged 68, m. (1) 24 Sep 1719 Mary COGSWELL, b. 1699, d. Ipswich 16 June 1734, aged 35, daughter of Jonathan Cogswell and Elizabeth Wainwright; m. (2) 13 March 1735 Elizabeth (WADE) Appleton, b. 1702, d. 13 Dec 1782 in her 82nd year, the widow of Benjamin Appleton, and the daughter of Thomas Wade and Elizabeth Thornton. William and Mary had nine children, born 1720 to 1733. William and both wives have surviving grave markers in the Old Graveyard in Essex. [142]
  • Susanna, b. Ipswich 10 March 1695/6 (1696 in Goodhue Gen; a birth year of 1691 is given in the FAG memorial), d. 1723, m. Ipswich 11 Dec 1718 Samuel LOW, b. Ipswich April 1676, d. there 6 June 1723 in his 48th year, the son of Thomas Low and Martha Boreman. Susanna must have died late in 1723, becuase she was named as the principle in the administration of her husband's estate, dated 5 Aug 1723. Samuel has a surviving grave marker in the Old Graveyard in Essex, Mass., while Susanna has only a surviving foot stone, which gives her name and death year only. [143]
  • Elizabeth, c. 1698, d. 1792, m. (int Ipswich 20:8m:1717 (20 Oct 1717)) Col. Joseph BLANEY, b. Hingham 4 March 1694/5, d. Marblehead Jan 1762, son of Joseph Blaney and Abigail Andrews. Administration of Joseph's estate was dated 29 July 1762. He and Elizabeth had nine children, b. Marblehead 1721 to 1739.
  • John, b. Ipswich 2 Dec 1699, d. Haverhill 18 Dec 1780, in 82nd year, m. Hingham, Mass. 7 Oct 1720 (VR) Susanna LOW, b. Hingham 12 Jan 1697/8 (VR), d. Haverhill 14 Jan 1784 in 87th year, the daughter of Ambrose Low and Ruth Andrews of Hingham. John was a sadler and storekeeper, and lived with family in Marblehead and Haverhill. He and Susanna had three children. John and Susanna both have surviving grave markers in the Pentucket Cemetery in Haverhill. [144]
  • Francis, b. Ipswich 26 March 1701, d. there 28 Oct 1774, in 74th year. Some accounts give as many as four wives to Francis, but there were multiple persons with his name in Essex Co., and he likely only married twice. He m. (1) Beverly 12 May 1726 Hannah WOODBURY, b. Beverly 22 April 1707, d. Ipswich 1766, daughter of Robert Woodbury and Mary West. He m. (2) Ipswich 19 Nov 1767 Elizabeth (WILLIAMS) Crocker. Francis has an extant grave marker in the Old Burying Ground in Ipswich with wife Hannah, who has only a footmarker there, giving only her name. [145]
  • Margaret "Margery", b. c. 1703, m. (1) Boxford 1 March 1721/2 Amos PERLEY, son of Thomas Perley and Abigail Towne; m. (2) Mark HOW(E). Margery is buried with her second husband in the defunct Leslie Road Cemetery in Ipswich. [146]
  • Nathaniel, b. Ipswich 19 Jan 1707, d. Atkinson, NH 23 March 1783, m. Haverhill, Mass. 31 Jan 1740 Judith BADGER, b. Haverhill 3 Feb 1723/4, d. Atkinson, NH 7 May 1810, daughter of Joseph Badger and Hannah Peaslee of Haverhill. Nathaniel and Judith had as many as 19 children, born 1741 to 1767, including eight sons who served in the American Revolutionary War. Nathaniel's will was dated 4 April 1782, and proved in Atkinson 15 April 1783.
  • Bethia, b. c. 1708, m. Marblehead, Mass. 15 Jan 1729/30 Jedediah BLANEY, b. Lynn, Mass. 21 Nov 1701, d. Marblehead 1783, the son of Joseph Blaney and Abigail Andrews. Bethia and Jedediah had ten children baptized in Marblhead 1729 to 1751. The administration of Jedediah's estate was dated 1 Sep 1783. By some accounts Bethia died in 1801, but I see no documentation to support this.
  • Joseph, b. Ipswich 5 June 1710, d. there c. 1728

(7g) Jacob Perley[edit]

for (8g) Thomas Perley, see earlier entry

Jacob, b. Rowley, Mass., c.1674, baptized there 27 Feb 1675 [4/5? or 5/6?] (the same day as his older brother Thomas), d. Bradford, Mass. April 1751, the son of Lt. Thomas Perley and Lydia (PEABODY) Howlett of Rowley and Boxford, Mass. Jacob m. (1) Topsfield, Mass. 6 Dec 1696 his first cousin, Lydia PEABODY, b. Topsfield 9 Mar 1673[/4], d. Boxford 30 April 1732, the daughter of Capt John Peabody and Hannah Andrews; m. (2) (intention Boxford 24 June 1733) Mehitable (Safford) Brown, the widow of both John Hovey and Ebenezer Brown. His first wife has an existing grave marker in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. A letter of administration on the estate of Jacob Pearley of Bradford was dated 29 April 1751. CAUTION: William R. Cutter in his Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts (vol. IV, p 2016), writes that Jacob Pearley had three wives, and the first two were both named Lydia Peabody. He states the second one was a daughter of Joseph Peabody and Bethia Bridges. This is incorrect. This latter Lydia Peabody was the wife of Joseph Bixby. Jacob Pearley only had two wives, and his first wife, Lidia, was the mother of all of his children. Children, all with first wife: [147] [148]

  • Lydia, b. Boxford 5 Oct 1697, d. Haverhill 29 Sep 1750, m. Boxford 17 Jan 1720/1 Peter AYER. She is bur. West Parish Cem., Haverhill. [149]
  • Jacob, b. Boxford 19 Sep 1699 or 1700, d.Nov 1750, m. Newbury 28 May 1729 Sarah MORSE, b. Newbury 7 Mary 1709 [/10?], living in 1763, daughter of Benjamin Morse 3d. Five Children.
  • Nathan, b. Boxford 17 Nov 1703 (d. 1738?). A Nathan Perley m. Boxford 20 Mar 1732/3 Lydia HALE.
  • Francis, b. Boxford 28 Jan 1705/6, see below
  • Moses, b. 1709, d. 23 Oct 1793, aged 84, m. Andover 7 Feb 1739/40 (in Boxford VR) Hannah FRYE, b. 1723, d. Boxford 1 Nov 1793, aged 70 y. Moses has (or had) a grave marker in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [150]

(6g) Francis Perley[edit]

Capt Francis Perley, the son of Jacob Perley and Lydia Peabody, was b. Boxford 28 Jan 1705/6, d. Boxford 5 Mar 1765, and m. in Boxford 8 Nov 1734 Huldah PUTNAM, b. Salem 29 Nov 1716, d. Westord, MA 21 Aug 1777, the daughter of Joseph Putnam and Elizabeth Porter. Following Francis' death, Huldah married in Boxford on 2 June 1774 Timothy Fletcher, Jr., b. Chelmsford 12 April 1719, d. Westford 15 April 1786. Francis is buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford; Huldah is buried with her second husband in the Fairvew Cem., Westford. Children: [151] [152] [153] [154]

  • William, b. Boxford 11 Feb 1735/6, d. Boxford 29 Mar 1812, m. Topsfield 26 Mar 1761 Sarah CLARK, b. Topsfield, 15 Mar 1737, d. Boxford 23 Nov 1791. He m. (2) in Boxford 22 Jan 1793 the widow Anna (Porter) Hale, b. Topsfield 14 April 1746, d. Boxford 15 Sep 1800. He was the captain of a company of minute-men in Col James Frye's regiment that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, with 7 days service. He was also engaged on 26 April 1775 with service for 3 moths and 13 days. William and both wives are buried in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [155]
  • Mehitable, b. Nov 1737, d. Boxford 19 Feb 1776, m. Boxford 30 Oct 1758 Nathaniel PERLEY; see above.
  • Huldah, baptized Boxford 28 Mar 1742, d. Westford 5 Aug 1812, m. Boxford 27 Nov 1764 Col. John ROBINSON, b. Topsfield 4 July 1735, d. Westford 13 June 1805, the son of Jacob Robinson and Mary Gould. They are buried in the Westlawn Cem., Westford, with fine grave markers. [156]
  • Francis, baptized in Boxford 13 Jan 1744/5, d. Rowley 17 July 1810, m. (1) Danvers 28 Nov 1771 (in Boxford VRs) Ruth PUTNAM, baptized Salem 12 Jan 1751/2, d. in Danvers 6 Apr 1784 (Boxford VR), the daughter of Archelaus-5 Putnam (James-4-3, John-2-1) and Ruth Flint. Ruth is buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. Francis m. (2) in Rowley, 31 Oct 1786 Hannah PAYSON, b. Rowley 28 July 1760, d. Rowley 22 Jan 1814, the daughter of Edward Payson and Hannah Smith. Franics and Hannah are buried in the Rowley Burial Ground. While his tombstone gives him the title of Captain, which he probably earned later in life, he is likely the Sgt Francis Perley who served in Capt Jacob Gould's company of militia, Cl. Samuel Johnson's regiment, which marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, with service for 4 days. It is likely that his two younger brothers, Amos and Jacob, were corporals in the same company. [157] [158] [159]
  • Amos, b. Boxford 28 Jan 1748/9, d. 6 Dec 1830, m. (1) Boxford 6 June 1775 Rebecca HOVEY, b. Boxford 15 Dec 1754, d. Boxford 10 April 1776, daughter of Joseph Hovey and Rebecca Stickney. Amos m. (2) Boxford 4 Feb 1779 Sarah Smith, b. Newbury 16 Mar 1757, d. Vasalboro, ME 29 Sep 1842. An Amos and Jacob Perley both served as corporals in Capt Jacob Gould's company, Col. Samuel Johnson's regiment that marched on the alarm of 19 April 1775, with service for 6 days. It seems probable that these records are for this Amos and his brother Jacob. Rebecca is buried in the Harmony Cemetery, Boxford. [160]
  • Jacob, b. Boxford 16 Mar 1750/1, d. Newbury, Mass. 5 Jan 1832, m. Boxford 14 June 1775 Dolly WOOD, b. Boxford 14 Oct 1752, d. Newbury 30 Jan 1825, daughter of Nathan and Elisabeth Wood. See Amos, above, for Jacob's probabe military record. Jacob and Dolly are buried in the Byfield Cemetery, Essex Co., Mass. Byfield was at one time a part of Newbury. [161] [162]

(8g) Thomas Putnam[edit]

(7g) Joseph Putnam[edit]

Putnam Gen [163]

Joseph, b. Salem 14 Sep 1669, d. 1723, was the son of Thomas Putnam and Mary Veren of Salem. He m. Salem 21 April 1690 Elizabeth PORTER, b. Salem 2:8m:1673 (2 Oct 1673), the daughter of Israel Porter and Elizabeth Hawthorne. Following Joseph's death, Elizabeth m. (2) Boxford 15 May 1727 Thomas PERLEY Jr., the son of Thomas Perley and Lydia Peabody of Boxford. Accounts give Elizabeth's death as 1746, but I have seen no evidence. Find-a-grave memorials have been created for Joseph and Elizabeth, though their burial locations remain unknown. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth, all born in Salem Village (now Danvers), with all 12 births recorded in the Salem vital records: [164]

  • Mary, b. 2 Feb 1690/1, m. 6 July 1710 Bartholomew PUTNAM, bapt Salem Oct 1688, d. at sea 23 May 1723, the son of James Putnam and Sarah Brocklebank. They had four known children, 1712-1719. The demise of Bartholomew, captain of a cargo ship, is documented in a "protest' filed by one of his mates (and brother?) Nathan Putnam on 8 July 1723. Bartholomew sailed with his crew for New England from the island of Saltateodos on 10 March 1722/3 with a leaky vessel, laden with salt. They were forced to get repairs, and headed to Jamaica, where they landed on 24 March. They had the mast refitted, and were forced to sell some of their cargo at a low rate to effect the transaction. They once again set sail for New England on 24 April 1723, only to be intercepted by two pirate sloops on 8 May, when they were boarded. Their vessel was ransacked, and Bartholomew was beat with a cuttlash. They were released on 9 May, and headed for Salem once again. On 23 May Bartholomew died, having been ill since leaving Jamaica. On 5 July the ship arrived in Salem with about 20 tons of salt. On 8 July Nathan Putnam filed his statement ("protest") before a notary public in Salem. Administration of Bartholomew's estate, initiated 20 July 1723, was given to his father, James Putnam, and his brother-in-law, Israel Porter. FAG memorials have been created for Mary and Bartholomew, without a cemetery. [165]
  • Elizabeth, b. 12 April 1695, m. 12 Feb 1714/5 Jonathan PUTNAM, Jr., b. Salem 8 May 1691, d. Salem 17 Jan 1732, son of Capt Jonathan Putnam and Lydia. Following Jonathan's death, Elizabeth m. (2) 25 Nov 1736 Capt Benjamin HOULTON Jr., b. 14 Jan 1689, d. 1744, the son of Benjamin Houlton and Sarah. Elizabeth m. (3) 7 Nov 1745 Edward CARLTON of Haverhill. Elizabeth had 7 children with her first husband, b. 1715 to 1728. Jonathan is buried in the Wadsworth Cemetery in Danvers. [166]
  • Sarah, b. 26 Sep 1697, d. March 1750, m 7 Dec 1716 Eleazer BROWNE, b. Salisbury 18 Feb 1690 [/1?], d. 1751, the son of Henry Browne. Eleazer was called of Salem in the administration of his estate dated 4 March 1751. He and Sarah had ten children, baptized 1719 to 1741.
  • William, b. 8 Feb 1699/1700, d. Salem 19 May 1729 in 30th year, m. Salem 30 Jan 1723/4 Elizabeth PUTNAM, b. 4 Aug 1700, d. 4 Feb 1764, daughter of James Putnam. Following Williams's death, his widow m. (2) 26 March 1730 Capt John Gardiner, who d. 15 Jan 1784, the son of John Gardiner and Elizabeth Weld. William and Elizabeth had two children, born 1726 and 1728. He is buried in the Wadsworth Cemetery in Danvers, and has a surviving grave marker. [167]
  • Rachel, b. 7 Aug 1702, d. salem 16 Feb 1774, m. (1) John TRASK; m. (2) by 1730 John LEACH, b. 8 Nov 1702, d. 1774, son of Samuel and Ginger Leach.
  • Anna, b. 26 April 1705, d. living in 1751, m. Salem 14 April 1726 Jethro PUTNAM, b. Salem 2 May 1702, d. Jan or Feb 1750/1, the son of James Putnam and Sarah Brocklebank. Anna and Jethro had four children born 1727 to 1739. Jethro's will was dated on 24 Jan and proved on 18 Feb 1750/1.
  • David, b. 25 Oct 1707, d. Danvers 1769, m. Ipswich 14 Feb 1728/9 (in Boxford VR) Rebecca PERLEY, b. Boxford 28 Oct 1710, living in 1767, the daughter of Thomas Perley Jr. and Sarah Osgood of Boxford. David's will, dated 16 Nov 1767, was proven at Danvers 5 June 1769, naming wife Rebecca. David and Rebecca had ten known children, born c. 1729 to 1754.
  • Eunice, b. 13 April 1710, d. Boxford 2 Feb 1787, and m. Boxford 20 Sep 1731 Thomas PERLEY III, b. Boxford 22 Feb 1704/5, d. there 28 Sep 1795, the son of Thomas Perley Jr and Sarah Osgood. Eunice and Thomas had eight known children, born 1732 to 1755. Eunice has a surviving grave stone in the Harmony Cemetery in Boxford. [168]
  • son, b. and d. Salem 14 April 1713, per vital record, though Putnam genealogy says it was a twin boy and girl
  • Huldah, b. Salem 29 Nov 1716, m. (1) Francis PERLEY, son of Jacob Perley and Lydia Peabody of Boxford, and m. (2) Timothy FLETCHER of Chelmsford. She is buried with her second husband in the Fairview Cemetery, Westford, Mass. [169]
  • Israel, b. 7 Jan 1717/8, d. Brooklyn, CT 29 May 1790, m. (1) Salem 19 July 1739 Hannah POPE, b. Salem 3 Sep 1721, d. Brooklyn, CT 6 Sep 1765, daughter of Joseph Pope and Mehitable Putnam; m. (2) 3 June 1767 Deborah LOTHROP Avery Gardner, b. 1720, d. Fishkill on the Hudson, NY 14 Oct 1777, the daughter of Samuel Lothrop and Deborah Crow of Norwich, CT. Deborah was the widow of both Rev. Ephraim Avery of Pomfret, CT, and of John Gardner who d. 19 May 1764. Israel was a Major General during the American Revolutionary War, and a leader of American forces at the Battle of Bunker Hill. His second wife, Deborah, died while at his headquarters in New York. He is interred in the Putnam monument in Brooklyn, CT, while his first wife is buried in the South Cemetery in Brooklyn. His second wife is buried "in Beverly Robinson's family vault" according to the Putnam genealogy. [170]
  • Mehitable, b. 13 Jan 1720/1, d. 2 Sep 1801, m. 24 March 1740/1 Richard DEXTER, b. 15 June 1713, d. Topsfield 25 Nov 1783, son of John Dexter and Winifred Sprague.


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