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DVD box art for the flim Some movie.


{{Non-free DVD cover}}

Fair use rationale for Some movie article[edit]

This copyrighted image is used in the English-language Wikipedia article "Some movie." The manner of said use constitutes a "fair use" under United States copyright law. Specifically:

  1. The English-language Wikipedia is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization.
  2. The article for which this use occurs is purely educational in nature and, thus, is non-commercial.
  3. The sole purpose of this use of the copyrighted image is to illustrate the DVD in question.
  4. Said image is the primary means of visual identification of the main topic of the article; that is, the work that is distributed via the DVD media.
  5. The image is used only once in the article, and is used in a section or "information box" that is neutral in tone.
  6. The cover of the media is not the "content" specifically being sold by the publisher of the media.
  7. The market for the original DVD product will not be diminished by this use of the image. In fact, this use is likely to encourage the increased legitimate sales of said DVD's.
  8. Because the image is provided at a low resolution inappropriate for re-printing the DVD cover, its usage on Wikipedia does not pose a problem of aiding media piracy (the re-printing of covers to accompany pirated discs), or make it so that the copyright holder could not in the future successfully re-sell the image as a print or poster on its own.
  9. Since it is copyrighted DVD keep case box art, the image is not replaceable with a "free content" image.
  10. Digital versions of this image have been previously published on numerous websites, so this use on Wikipedia does not make the image significantly more accessible.
  11. The image is not used in such a way that a reader would be confused into believing that the article is produced, sponsored, or authorized by the owner of the image.