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One of the tasks SatyrBot was created for is to review all the pages in a WikiProject's "full categories"[1] and make sure they have the WikiProject's banner on the article's talk page.

This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. By Report: The bot reports on a WikiProject sub-page any new articles that don't have the project banner. Users in the project can review the articles, and either add the project banner or remove the category that prompted the bot's catching the article.
  2. By Automatic tagging: The bot can automatically tag articles with the project's banner.

The requirements necessary for this are a) a WikiProject banner and b) a list of full categories.

Because this process can take a while (scanning the categories especially), SatyrBot only runs it for a project on a periodical basis - usually once or twice a week.

If you would like SatyrBot to perform this function for your project, please leave a note on this talk page and SatyrTN will contact you regarding specifics.


  1. ^ full categories are those where the project maintains all the articles within the category. As an example, all the articles in Category:Politics of Illinois are maintained by WP:Illinois - that's a "full category". In contrast, while some of the articles in Category:Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad are maintained by WP:CHICAGO, some do not. This is a "partial category".