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There are two ongoing activities that need occasional WikiFairy attention. The first is review of articles newly placed in LGBT categories. The bot runs every three days to create this list. The second is a re-review of articles that are unsourced.

This list is generated by SatyrBot from the list of categories at Wikipedia:WikiProject LGBT studies/Categories 4 Bot

Review of new articles[edit]

The list at the bottom of this page has been compiled by reviewing the category tree starting with Category:LGBT. Articles have been listed here if they have been added to those categories, but currently do not have the {{LGBTProject}} banner.

Often it's easy to tell if an article needs the project banner. For instance, if someone created an article LGBT rights in Zimbabwe, but didn't know to add the project banner, then we can add it without any problems. Simply add the {{LGBTProject}} banner to the talk page (and include a class level), then remove it from this list.

It's also often easy to tell if an article has been placed in one of the LGBT categories incorrectly - often through vandalism, sometimes for other reasons. In these cases, simply remove the item from this list.

Sometimes, though, an article may or may not fall within our project. Let's take as an example a stub article created about, say, a particular florist. The article has few or no sources, but the creator added Category:LGBT people from the United States. It's possible, maybe even likely, that the person in question really is an LGBT person from the US. But without sources, we don't necessarily know that. In this case, add the following template:

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject LGBT studies/Category unsourced|LGBT category here}}

It's best to add this right above the categories, so very near the bottom of an article. Replace the "LGBT category here" with the category in question — "LGBT people from the United States" in our example. Next, move the article to the "Unreferenced" section of this page and add the date.

Re-review of unsourced articles[edit]

Please note, per Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons any contentious material about living people must be removed immediately. The following advise does not apply to living people.

After a suitable amount of time has past (say a week), articles that need re-review should be visited again. I'm going to use our fictional florist from above to describe what needs to be done.

A week has passed, so someone from the LGBT project is reviewing the article. In the best possible scenario, an editor has noticed our "Category unsourced" banner and taken it upon themselves to do some research. There are two possible outcomes here. If the florist really isn't LGBT, the editor may have removed the Category:LGBT people from the United States. In that case, the article can be removed from the list here and we're done. If the editor found a source that confirms our florist was a flaming queen, then we can remove the "Category unsourced" banner, and add the {{LGBTProject}} banner to the talk page (with a class level indicated). The article should then be removed from the review list here.

If no editor has done anything about the "Category unsourced" banner, it's probably best (especially in the case of living persons) to remove the banner, remove the category, and remove them from our review list.

Unsourced & Awaiting Review[edit]

See Category:LGBT articles with unsourced categories for 4 articles that await sourcing, some for over three months. Thanks to Allstarecho there's only one left. Who can source Wieland Speck?

Articles in LGBT cats but without "Template:LGBTProject"[edit]