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Saviourmachine is my avatar personality.

My professional expertise is in robotics, machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence.

Currently CEO of Crownstone, a company that combines home automation with artificial intelligence. One of the key differences with existing products is that we use machine learning to position someone in a room (and we're open source).

I worked in a research center, Almende, based in the Netherlands, performing research in national and European projects. I've worked on (and supervised master students with) echo state networks, partial observable Markov decision processes, Kohonen nets / self-organizing maps, adaptive resonance theory, global workspace theory, particle filters, Bayesian model selection, homeokinesis, polychronization, self-organized criticality, expectation-maximization, belief propagation, particle swarm optimization, graph grammars, Hough transform, Dirichlet processes.

Understandably, I don't have the level of in-depth knowledge on these topics than someone in these specific fields, but most of them I have implemented in code, and explained to layman, something that is less necessary in academic circles.

Anne C. van Rossum.