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Saviourmachine is my avatar personality.

My professional expertise is in robotics and machine learning. I work in a research center, Almende, based in the Netherlands, and perform research in national and European projects. It's fun that I can work on a wide range of topics, which would have probably be harder at a university. I've worked on (and supervised master students with) echo state networks, partial observable Markov decision processes, Kohonen nets / self-organizing maps, adaptive resonance theory, global workspace theory, particle filters, Bayesian model selection, homeokinesis, polychronization, self-organized criticality, expectation-maximization, belief propagation, particle swarm optimization, graph grammars, Hough transform, Dirichlet processes. Understandably, I don't have the level of in-depth knowledge on these topics than someone in these specific fields, but most of them I have implemented in code, and explained to layman, something that is less necessary in academic circles.

Ir. Anne C. van Rossum.