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Who I Am[edit]

The name's Scarlett Lee. I hail from Southern California, born and raised. I am a thirty-something Jack (or would that be Jill?) of all trades. Name a job, and I have probably done it. At this point in my life, I am a mother, first and foremost. Newly divorced, with a little time on my hands, I decided to revisit an old love affair I once had- with writing. I am currently a social networking maniac trying to carve out my own little piece of infamy on the web. I am a ghost writer, with many writing projects in the planning stages with some VERY talented and imaginative people, who simply do not have the time to write masterpieces on their own. I also dabble in public relations work, writing content for personal and business websites.

What I Am Doing Here[edit]

I am trying to write relevant articles about people and subjects I find interesting.

[[1]]My first article- on TNN's Alternative Lunch.


Goth culture, music of all kinds- including Industrial, 80's New Wave, Alternative, Hard Rock, Electronica, Rockabilly, and Goth, just to name a few. I am also into science fiction, horror movies, zombies, psychology, cooking, reading, and many, many other subjects.