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About me[edit]

I've been a registered Wikipedian since 2003, but I'm not active anymore.

Committed identify[edit]

Committed identity: 6261fc92f71a681b954ba0832734e5d31851f604ec60e6c67a988f25e9f272b866fc3c06ea802c7672765ff42cc3d9cf9b4f9f60d580ec5288aac60bb8b12a91 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

Committed identity: if my account is compromised, I will supply a piece of secret data to a trusted user (e.g. a developer or a steward) who will then run it through the specified hash function and confirm that it does indeed match the hashed data given above, thus establishing that I am the rightful holder of this account even if an attacker locks me out of it after compromising it.