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A little about myself[edit]

I realized that, although I have been here since June 26, 2009, I have not personalized my user page.

First, I generally enjoy and do content generation. I have generated several articles, and I have added material to other pages. I am currently active in WikiProject Television and WikiProject Florida; that is, I have contributed to articles in those projects. I may take a bit of time in content generation as I generally prefer to research and type the article or section in my word processor first. That way, I can catch my spelling and grammar mistakes before I post; usually, that leaves coding errors for me to correct after posting. (I will type in the edit box either if I feel like it or if someone mentions something that needs to be edited.)

On a quasi-personal note, I am a full-time, stay-at-home caregiver to my parents. As a result, I might take sudden wikibreaks. If that happens, please be patient with me; I will get around to the tasks when I have time.

Personal Sandbox[edit]