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Hi there! I've been lurking Wikipedia for quite some time, fixing some minor spelling errors (this is the earliest edit I've been able to track down), but mainly just looking around. It wasn't until May 2002 that I fancied myself to make some more extensive contributions, edged on at first to fix and expand the article on Maastricht, my home town. Since then I've been more active and I hope I'll have the time to continue contributing to Wikipedia. My contributions will primarily be on the history and geography of the Netherlands, but we'll see on what other subjects I can be of assistance... ;)

My contributions so far (those worth mentioning that is):

Articles with new content:

Articles I have contributed significantly to:

Some maps I've made for use in Wikipedia articles:

Beyond these there are several redirection pages that bear my name and various small contributions to articles, small enough to not be worth mentioning here, but you can see them on my User Contributions page.