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Hey, I have one of these? Cool. After years of membership I finally figured out I could write here. But then again if you know me, I tend to just kinda edit without ever signing in, or just delete random pages of BS.

Things I hate: articles written outside of Wikipedia standards, especially ones with bias towards any one side. Example: an article on the Chevrolet Corvette is written from a viewpoint that the Corvette is as good as a Bugatti. One, thats obviously biased: as good how? On what basis? What expert opinion? And by what measure would we call a Bugatti a good car in the first place?

See? Don't write things like this that tout how American cars (or Japanese, or German... or Yugoslavian) are better than other makes of cars. If you want to post reviews from Automotive Publications than fine, but if you step outside the NPOV rules, the mighty hammer of me will come crashing down.

But then again, you could just write it and hope that in my endless reading of Wikipedia, I never come across it. Somehow I feel the TVR article will be very full by tomorrow....

Things I like: When you do not waste anyones time with crap. Honestly, if you are going to take the time to edit Wikipedia, do it according to the rules and do it NPOV. Otherwise I will bend those very rules taunting you (most likely) and then delete the BS.

Scryer_360 (talk) 02:33, 8 February 2008 (UTC)